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I want to have a mommy makeover so bad, went...

I want to have a mommy makeover so bad, went trough pregnancy and my baby died, my physical scars that were left behind is not o good reminder for me. I am single, and I find hard to date.... I know you do great nose jobs, who you recommend for the procedure I like to have?
Oh, I also want to know if is it true you can't smoke a month before surgery?
Thanks... I appreciate any suggestions....
( Real self is asking how much approx I want to spend, since I have no idea, I am leaving it zero)

Hi there,

Just checking in! Have you been able to proceed on this mommy makeover journey?


Thanks for starting your story with us on RealSelf! I'm so so sorry about your loss. I can't even imagine how much you must be grieving.

Yes, it's true that you shouldn't smoke a month before surgery. Smoking greatly impedes your healing process. Here's what some doctors have to say about why quitting is important.

Please keep us posted as you progress through your journey.

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