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After much research on Sculptra and the long term...

After much research on Sculptra and the long term benefits of using it, I decided to give it a try. I have had several areas treated, including my jawline, cheeks and temples. I could actually see the results immediately!

My first treatment was back in December, where I had all of the aforementioned areas treated. I went back yesterday for a follow up and had a little bit more added to my face. I took before photos when I went in for my first visit, so it was really exciting to see how accentuated my jawline looked!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. I will be 47 in March and went to dinner with two of my closests friends, who have no idea I have become a devotee of this product. One of them looked at me and said, "I don't know what you're doing, but everytime I see you, you look younger and younger!" She then went on to tell me I look 10 years younger than my age. This is an amazing product!

Los Angeles Dermatologist

She is an expert on the art of injecting Sculptra. She trains plastic surgeons on the use of Sculptra and has been using it in her practice for many years. She is an artist when it comes to the face and balancing the symmetry. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to try Sculptra.

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Hi Christina, its nearly a year since I completed my Sculptra treatments. I couldn't be happier. We've had friends comment to my husband how great I look and how is it that I'm looking younger and younger? I've since had the same surgeon fill my lip lines which obviously Sculptra is not used on, he is so good, I'm absolutely loving it. When I next go back to him to get my lip lines re-done, I'm going to ask him how long the Sculptra will last as I can't remember what he told me but I've a feeling its 2-3 years maybe longer. I will definitely get it re-done when I need to.
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Hi Jules
I think it's supposed to last at least two years. But I bet it can last linger for some people. My sister onlt has to do Botox twice a year and for me it only lasts two months so I think these things vary from one person to the next.
Glad you're happy with the results.
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I am considering cheek implants and Sculptra...think I've found a doctor with a good asthetic eye who will counsel me on both. I have jowls and feel lifting my cheek area will eliminate them. Perhaps filling my jawline will also but I want to be careful not alter my already small structure so much that I do not look like myself. Just trying to avoid the face lift...I don't need to look 20, but getting rid of the jowling would make me extremely happy with myself, wrinkles and all.
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The good thing about Sculptra (if done by someone who really knows how to work with the product) is no one could tell what I did, but they all thought I look so rested and happy.
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Haven't been on here for ages, but have just read your post. Like you was concerned about some of the posts on here. I have had my Sculptra done by a facial plastic surgeon not a dermatologist and I think it does make a difference. I knew about the problems you could have before I had it done. I made sure i massaged really well after every treatment. I had three done to my cheeks, the fourth treatment was specifically for my jawline area. This is the only time I had any lumps come up. I had two of them very small but slightly painful. l literaly massaged them every hour or so throughout the day when I wasn't at work. The days I worked massaged them twice before I went to work with approx an hour interval between them and then as soon as I got home from work every hour till I went to bed. I saw my surgeon approx 1 month later for a check-up and mentioned it to him. You cannot see them just feel them. He told me not to worry and that they would disappear. That has been absolutely true I carried on massaging the two small lumps twice a day and they have now gone completely. The posts I have read on here, really emphasise on massaging as did my plastic surgeon after Sculptra has been carried out. Plus my surgeon tells me (as I questioned him about the lumpiness issue before having it done) as he is a facial plastic surgeon, he is not afraid of injecting more deeply. It is when the Sculptra is injected superficially that you tend to get problems. Hope you are happy with your results. I am with mine. It has not completely got rid of some of the droopiness around my jawline but it is so much better than it was. I was going through some photos yesterday and I was quite shocked at how thin my face had become and I see even more now how much of an improvement has been achieved.
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Sorry for the late reply as I haven't been looking at email in some time. It's nice to hear your positive experience with Sculptra. I feel it has really helped with my jawline and I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they may need a left, but is apprehensive about going under the knife.
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Hello, I'm happy to know that you are so far pleased with your result. I had my first injection Monday April 19th. I really had never even heard of Sculptra but my dermatologist whom I trust, recommended it when I asked about filler for my hollowing cheeks. I am a 51 year old female. I agreed to have it done right then and there and naturally when I arrived home I researched it online. Wow, what a shock to see the adverse reactions some people are experiencing from this product. I feel so sorry for them and it is causing me great anxiety now to wonder if this Sculptra will disfigure me. I notice you haven't posted since February, are you still pleased with your result?
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Hi there
I just noticed your message so I'm sorry for the late reply. I am truly enjoying the results I have acheived with Sculptra and I haven't really had the need to go back in over 6 months. I'm actually going in tomorrow for a little Botox but haven't had the need to add any Sculptra in some time.
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