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Rhino with Dr. Grigoryants - Los Angeles, CA

I am very nervous...my procedure is in 2 days. I...

I am very nervous...my procedure is in 2 days. I always hated my nose my whole life and I finally decided I wanted to look the best I can from here on out and I decided to start the research. As you can see from my photo, I have a bulbous nose and wide nostrils. I am getting a tip refinement, and nostrils slightly narrowed. It will be a "closed rhinoplasty" procedure.
WISH ME LUCK! I picked Dr. Grigoryants and I think I made a great choice.

One Week Post Op Review and what you NEED to KNOW before you GO

Hello RS,
Well it's been one week since my Rhinoplasty and upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Grigoryants and the whole experience was great. I took the bandages off yesterday and my nose - while a little swollen and the tip sticks up a little (that happens to everyone) I think its going to turn out pretty awesome.
I am so glad I went with Dr. Grigoryants, I think he's the best and I felt in good hands.

Most important want to go over my list of what you need before you do it:

1) MOST IMPORTANT - do not have anyone waiting for you at the hospital, I know that sounds crazy but if someone is there, the hospital, not your nice Doctor, but the nurses that run the place, will toss you out an hour after post op - they want to clear the room. Now me being 45 years old, wasn't ready to go anywhere in one hour - if you're 25, that might be different. I took a cab there at 6:00am and told my roommate not to show up until 1:30/2:00pm.
I told the nurse she claimed "oh you will be done at 10:30 and we need to clear the room". I just gave her a blank stare and thought "Honey, that's not my problem, this is a hospital with plenty of beds, so you figure that out!" They started called my roommate at 11:00am and I texted for him to just not answer the phone. And BOY was I correct in waiting... with nose and eyelids done, I needed the 4 hours of nurse's care. I paid $8,500 in total so I was not in a rush to anywhere and of course, there was plenty of room, no problem. Oh if you move too fast, you end up throwing up - I didn't throw up because I waited for 4 hours until the stuff was out of my system.

Here's my list:

2) Coconut water - it has electrolytes and it was refreshing.

3) Biotene Mouthwash and Mouth Spray you can get it at any drugstore and it really helps with breathing through your mouth for several nights.

4) Chapstick

5) If you are over 40 years old, get a lot of Vicodin. I went through 35 pills in one week (the prescription says every four hours and the first 3 days I was in massive pain after 3 hours. Younger women do not have this problem and recover well, at 45, I know I needed it.

6) Frozen peas. It ended up on my forehead, but it helped reduce swelling.

7) Chocolate laxative (15mg) Trust me on this. (the pills cause me problems, the chocolate pieces work better for me)

8) Straws

9) Don't plan on talking a lot or being on the phone, talking to much hurt my stitches next to my nose.

10) Again, if you're over 40 - plan on staying home for one week, rest and barely leave the house. I went to work on the 8th day and I miserable. Also note, I had eyelids done too, so that was 2x the pain etc.

Gotta run - I'll post before and after photos in a few days.

Before and After photos - Dr. Grigoryants rhino & eyelid done 6/6/2013

Hello RS Community,
It's been 3 weeks since my rhino and eyelid surgery with Dr. Grigoryants and I am very happy! I had my nostrils narrowed, tip refined and upper eye lids done. Now it looks like my nose fits my face now, I love it.

BTW, I tried to walk last night and ended up with a sore nose last night and today. If you're over 40, take super easy. I will post more photos in two weeks because my nose is still swollen.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grigoryants is the best doctor for Rhinoplasty hands down and I met with 4 other top surgeons in Beverly Hills before making my decision. Unlike every other doctor in L.A., he has over150 before and after photos and is PASSIONATE about rhinoplasty. He was recently on Housewives of Beverly Hills doing Kim Richard's nose, and is featured as an expert on TV all the time. I had my nose and eyelids done three weeks ago and the results are amazing (see my before and after photos) Rhinoplasty: $7,500 Eyelids: $1,000 Total: $8,500 http://www.vgplasticsurgery.com/

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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more pictures please :)
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An update would be great!
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Love your results Sharon, Did Dr. G raise your tip as well as refine it? Hope you're feeling better each day!
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If you don't mind answering another question for me: how did he narrow your nostrils? Did he use Weird incisions or just Sill reduction?
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asking* not answering lol
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He made small incisions where the nostril is connected to the upper lip. It was also closed rhinoplasty. They're narrower and smaller, that along with the box removed from the tip - the whole thing looks totally natural and fits my face better. I just can't wait for the swelling to go down completely.
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thanks for the over 40 updates. I want to have it done with the same doctor and I'm 40 (he makes beautiful noses) but I can't afford it yet. You look beautiful, still you but more feminine.
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Thanks and good luck!
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23 days post-op update: This weekend my nose is more sensitive than last weekend and I stayed home last night. I tried to go for a long walk few days ago and that was NOT a good idea. When they say take 4 weeks off from activity, they're not kidding. As mentioned, if you're over 40 be prepared for a longer recovery. I love my results and I will post more photos soon.
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Loving your updates and photos. Thanks so much for posting them!

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Thanks and hope my updates are helpful to others. I really appreciate Real Self and it helped me make my decisions so THANKS REAL SELF!!!!
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Wow! Beautiful results!
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Wow! You look amazing! Your new refined nose fits your face perfectly. Congrats!!:)
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Thanks, so much better right? I was so sick of people telling me my nose looked "fine" it was WAAY to wide on my small face. The new, more narrow nose, looks amazing.
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OH.MY.GOD!!!! Lol you look absolutely stunning!! Unbelievable.You must be thrilled you look so gorgeous...trust me im not someone to give false compliments. Your nose is perfect. It fits your face and looks so natural. Nice choice getting the eyes done at the same time..you look so much younger...i love how it opens up your eyes. That is excllent pric for both eyes and nose. Im convinced this is the dr i want my surgery from. Ive been following his reviews and after your review my heart is set on him. Im hoping by dec i can go to him. How are you feeling? Let us know what your family and friends say! Pls keep is updated. Id love to see your progress
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I highly recommend him but keep in mind that it took me two months to get a consultation and over 4 months to wait for the surgery.....so if you are thinking about December, you might want to get the ball rolling. And yes, the eyes - I can't believe it!!!
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Thanks!! Btw i was always just curious does upper eyelid surgery leave a scar going across the eye?
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YES, it leaves a long red scar across each eye and although I can hide it with make up, I just let the scars show and put Vitamin E or Neosporin over them unless I am going out. So...you really want clear your schedule for a month when you do all of this.
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Oh my gosh. He did such amazing work on you! I hope you're ecstatic because I would be over the moon! I hope he does my nostrils like he did yours. :) Also, you're still resting at 3 weeks?
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I am 45 so my recovery has been slower than if I was in my 20's for sure. Also, exercising is OUT of the question for a few more weeks too. I tried to exercise and my nose ended up hurting for the last two days because of it. But, all is well
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Wow. It looks amazinggg!!! You look beautiful. Are you happy?!
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I very happy - and can you believe the eyes? it was totally worth the $8,500 (nose $7,500 eyes $1000) cost and I only wish I did it years ago!
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Absolutely beautiful result! Congrats!
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I would love to see some post op photos of your nose! So you had no bridge or bone work done just the tip refined and nostrils narrowed? Because that is exactly what I am looking to do, possibly with this doctor! How much did you pay for your nose??
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My before and after photos are posted.
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