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I have posted some photos. If you have had...

I have posted some photos. If you have had rhinoplasty and see ANY similarities between my nose and your pre-surgery nose, I would love to hear your thoughts. Or anyone else!

Some of my initial thoughts...

A) I'm not scared about "not looking like myself." I really dislike my nose and I don't like the effect it has on my whole face. I also think my nose is so bad, I think it's only up from here! (half kidding here)

B) I am slightly nervous about a nose that looks super fake. But honestly, as long as there is a major improvement, I don't mind too much if people can tell I've "had work done." I don't plan on keeping it a secret!

C) I am scared that mine will be a really difficult nose to fix, and that makes me think the recovery time will be much more intense. Maybe everyone worries about that?

Anyway! That's all for now.

looks great! you look like Kesha! :)) lucky
Just from reading a lot, I think what you want is simple. Removal of the bump is the only thing I can think of for you. The tip and width look good as they are. A nose of any other length than the current will not suit your overall face, either. Pick a surgeon who does a lot of rhinoplasties, and you will be golden.
Thank you! I hope so. I really just want the bump smoothed out. I feel like the bone structure of my nose is going to be tough to fix (hopefully I am wrong!) And I agree with you... as much as I would love a little petite nose, that would look pretty ridiculous with my features. I want to avoid doctors that want to make all sorts of changes, or convince me to fix this, tweak that, etc etc.

I have my first in-person consultation today with...

I have my first in-person consultation today with Dr. Aboolian. He told me to come prepared with questions. I actually already spoke with him briefly on the phone, but I still have a lot of things to go over. I'll post more after the meeting!

So! I met with Dr. Aboolian yesterday and Dr....

So! I met with Dr. Aboolian yesterday and Dr. Grigoryants today. Honestly, both doctors were incredibly friendly and accommodating. They both made me feel very at ease. Dr. G spent more time breaking down the actual procedure (which I really liked) In terms of specialization and the sheer volume of surgeries performed, Dr. G is definitely ahead. He's more expensive but not by much. Price is not really a deterrent for me. I just want to feel 100% confident about the doctor! I have one more consultation next week...

Let me know if you guys have any comments. Thank you!
Your nose reminds me of my pre surgery nose although I feel that mine was much worse. The only thing I can think that you might want done is to shave the bump and maybe rotate the tip up slightly? I really don't think a skilled surgeon will have a hard time fixing your nose. My nose was very difficult to fix because I had a lot more going on w/ mine. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me! Good luck
That's exactly what I want. I hope everything goes smoothly! Apparently my septum is also slightly deviated on the right side - which I never realized since it's always been that way. Thank you so much!
Who is your next consultation with? I'm having a consultation with Dr. G on Tuesday. Did he explain to you what the perceived outcome would be and did he take the time to listen to your questions? How many surgeries has he done?

I thought of something I wanted to share that may...

I thought of something I wanted to share that may be helpful to some of you! First of all, I am 5'10. When you're taller than most people, you get used to standing out. While most of the time I love being tall, it is yet another reason that I feel my nose is more noticeable than the average schnoz! Anyway, when I spoke with Dr. Grigoryants, he mentioned that the scars from an open rhinoplasty might be a concern for me. He asked how tall I was, and when I told him, he nodded. Since most people are looking up at my nose, the scars from an open rhinoplasty would be more visible. Interesting! Luckily Dr. G mostly does closed rhinoplasties (almost exclusively), and feels he will definitely be able to do this with my nose.
i'm also tall (almost 5'8") and am comfortable with my height but totally agree that my nose causes me to stick out even more! good luck with your next consult and hope you find the right doctor for you :) i'm in the same boat as you right now: consulting w/ surgeons and hopefully soon deciding on one.
Right! I always think everyone who meets me/describes me probably says "Oh Stephanie, the tall blonde with the NOSE?!" (haha) It feels so good to finally be taking the steps to change it though :) Good luck with your upcoming consultations - let me know how everything goes!
thanks! definitely feels good to be changing it! soon enough we'll just be the tall blondes (no emphasis on the noses haha) congrats on scheduling your surgery !!

So I actually went ahead and scheduled a pre-op...

So I actually went ahead and scheduled a pre-op (April 9th) and surgery (May 2nd) with Dr. G following my consultation. I have one more consultation next week but I wanted to get the dates locked in. I just quit my job a few weeks ago, and I want to take advantage of not working and get this done sooner rather than later. I can't believe it's only a month away!
Hey everyone! I'm nervous now because I am decided to visit my parents this weekend in Michigan. Sure it will be nice to be home for Easter but more importantly, this is when I tell my parents about my rhinoplasty decision. My dad won't say much on the subject, but my mom is going to FLIP OUT. Dreading the talk but on the plane ride over I wrote out all of the reasons I want the surgery (as well as all of the reasons I am NOT getting the surgery) and I hope they will understand. At this point I'm almost more nervous about telling them than the ACTUAL surgery. Wish me luck!

Woops, accidentally posted this as a comment... ...

Woops, accidentally posted this as a comment...

I'm nervous now because I am decided to visit my parents this weekend in Michigan. Sure it will be nice to be home for Easter but more importantly, this is when I tell my parents about my rhinoplasty decision. My dad won't say much on the subject, but my mom is going to FLIP OUT. Dreading the talk but on the plane ride over I wrote out all of the reasons I want the surgery (as well as all of the reasons I am NOT getting the surgery) and I hope they will understand. At this point I'm almost more nervous about telling them than the ACTUAL surgery. Wish me luck!
I'm so excited for you and to see your result! This month is going to go by super fast.
Thank you! Ah I hope so!
Your nose needs very slight refinement so I think Dr G is perfect for you. I just spoke with another girl who literally needed a minor change (and honestly I Thought to myself.. She doesn't need a nose job she's crazy) but Dr G was able to take her nose and refine it and make it more elegant than it was. So I think you'll be very happy with him! And hopefully you'll be happy immediately lol unlike me whose still adjusting :)

Finally broke the news to my mom! Thanks for the...

Finally broke the news to my mom! Thanks for the support everyone. It really wasn't that bad. I actually told my mom on our way to the airport because I was so scared about ruining Easter. I literally waited until the last possible second. I just calmly ran through all the reasons I wanted it down and my mom listened. She is worried about me spending so much money on this. But she said it's my decision and it sounds like I have put a lot of thought into it (true!). She is also worried I will want to change more things about myself through plastic surgery. I really don't think that will happen! As predicted, my dad said "I heard the news. I'm excited!" (haha). Anyway, I'm glad that is over with...

The only bad thing is that now she wants to be there for the surgery, and she might not be able to come on the 2nd. (She has to fly in from Michigan). I would love to have her there but I assumed she was going to be so against this, I made the plans to do it on my own. At one point I even considered not telling them until after the surgery! Now I'm really glad I told her. I will see if I can get in the week before or after my current surgery date, but I REALLY don't want to push it any further. We'll see!
My parents were pissed off too! Haha being a typical wog I had my dads nose so he wasn't really happy! But of course they were there for me no matter what, and now it's over they're happy.. In regards to having too much work, I think it does affect recovery time on how much you needa change, but also depends on your surgeon and how rough he is I guess? Some people told me it was so horrible & some said it was ok.. I had a hump, long tip & very crooked so I had the works! Lol and honestly I hardly bruised and it was surprisingly better than I expected :) good luck with it all I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!
Saweettt! Well you got that part over with. Both of my parents wanted to be there, and they ended up sitting through the entire surgery. It was comforting knowing they were just in the other room as I was being wheeled to the surgery room.
I'm so happy that part is over. I definitely want my mom to be there at the surgery too. I know I'm going to be freaked out!

Hi everyone! Great news - I was able to move up my...

Hi everyone! Great news - I was able to move up my surgery one week. Luckily they had a cancellation and were able to fit me in. So now, it is April 25th... just 17 days away! :o I am just so happy because now my mom will be able to be there with me.

Also, I have my Pre-Op Appointment tomorrow! Everything is finally starting to feel REAL. I went over a few more specific questions I want to discuss with my doctor. Let me know if you guys have any advice on specifics to ask! Thank you!
I meant PRE not PER-op...duh!! By the way...the small incision they cut at the columella is going to be so tiny it will barely be seen especially with makeup. Unless your PS is a butcher, I wouldn't worry about that. I kinda shy away from closed rhinoplasty because (in my opinion...of course NO medical experience ever..lol) I think that they can see what's going on better in your nose if they can open it. But it all depends on the PS...I ALMOST went with one that did it closed, but he did more than just faces when mine does ONLY faces.. Either way we will keep in touch:)
Stephanie...I'm so excited for you!!! Per-op tomorrow baby!! Mine is on Thursday and my surgery is the day before yours so I will REALLY keep track of you! You are already gorgeous so I can only imagine your results!!
Thank you! And yes, we are definitely on the same page here, haha. :) So excited.

I had my pre-op appt today and it went incredibly...

I had my pre-op appt today and it went incredibly well. I'm really, really excited now. I saw a few girls with nose casts on in the waiting room who had clearly just had rhinoplasty. I kept thinking, "that's going to be me in just a few weeks!" l was secretly staring at them trying to gauge how they were feeling, but they all seemed to be doing okay! It's really nice being able to talk about it with my best friend and my mom now too. For a while, I was doing everything on my own and that was tough at times. Although everyone on this site has been super supportive! It's so nice to chat with others who are going through the same process right now.

Next step - I have to go get my blood work done on Thursday. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about that, maybe more than the actual rhinoplasty! I get SO freaked out when I get my blood drawn. It's odd, because the sight of blood doesn't bother me and I don't mind getting shots. But for some reason, the combo of needles and veins makes me panic. :/ I've only had to do it a few times and I definitely almost fainted on a few of those occasions... what a WUSS, right?! Anyway, hopefully I will suck it up and everything will go well.

I am going to Coachella this weekend and it's kind of my last hurrah before I snap into preparation mode hardcore. :)
My rhino is the 26th, you'll be one step ahead of me! best of luck. Im writing my review as soon as i finish up my exams in about a week and half. hopefull both our recoveries go smoothly.
Woo so soon! I hope your exams went well. I hope so too!
Jeez, your surgery is around the corner! I'm glad your mom took it well and is supportive. I'm sure it was a huge relief in a world in which we can often feel so alone. I didn't know you decided to go with Dr. G until now! Glad I'm not the only one who felt really comfortable with him after a consultation! If your mother happens to not make it in time for your surgery, would you mind telling me how you receive post-op care (for the hours after the surgery)? I don't think anyone I know would be accompanying me for my surgery, unfortunately.

Hey everyone! I was out of town all weekend and...

Hey everyone! I was out of town all weekend and actually missed checking this site. I guess it has grown on me! Although I have to admit some of the stories make me more nervous. I just have to hope everything will go smoothly 10 DAYS from now. I just went over my pre-op "do's & don'ts" list. I also wrote out a calendar with everything I need to remember for the week before the surgery and after. Also, I bought some fresh pineapple today! Never too early to start prepping, haha. No more vitamins and I'm stopping my *birth control on Sunday. (*There seems to be mixed reviews on whether you should stop taking birth control pills for the surgery or not. My doctor said I will be okay staying on it, but I'm not going to take it the week of the surgery.) Starting to get nervous now... I started to think about what's going to happen 10 years from now. What if my nose totally changes and looks terrible in time? But then I just thought that everything on my face and body will inevitably change in some respects as time passes. I can't worry about what will happen in the future. Instead, I want to focus on the things I can change now! I still feel good about my decision. I'm not expecting a "perfect" nose, but I am hoping for improvement. Thanks so much for all your support everyone!
Oh Lord..I'm about to post a similar post...I feel exactly the same way..ugh...it's all good though sister we GOT this!

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today and went...

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today and went crazy buying supplies! I feel like I am in good shape, except I still need to get ice packs. I don't want to use the ones in my freezer, and I'm sure no one will want to use those after I am done with them :) Also, I keep seeing that a lot of people recommend having laxatives on hand? Eeek! I should get some of those just in case.

On Monday, I am going to stock up on groceries, soup, oatmeal, mac n cheese, etc. I'm also going to buy a bunch of cold-press juices. I figured this would be a good time to do a "mini" juice cleanse since solid foods will be a challenge! I'm a workout fiend and I'm trying to get as much yoga & exercise in before I am bed-ridden.

My mom is flying in on Tuesday night. She has been SO amazing, I can't believe I thought I was going to do everything on my own. I'm really glad she'll be with me next week to keep my mind off the big day. We're staying in a hotel Wed-Sat to be out of roommates' hair, so I am trying to look at it as a staycation. Except I'll be hopped up on pain meds with a nose cast... Other than that, basically the same (hehe). Anyway! Taking it very easy this weekend.
I'll be thinking of you on the 25th. I know it will go superbly. The Verdugo Hills Hospital staff were AMAZING, and made the whole process actually enjoyable with their friendliness and humor. I could barely sleep the week before my surgery -- it really is a big deal... I kept reminding myself though that I was in great hands, just as you will be. Wow, by NEXT weekend you'll be in the healing stage!!!
Thank you! Gosh, I hope so. It's so nice to hear from others who have already been through the process and it's ESPECIALLY nice to hear from someone who also went to Verdugo for their surgery! I'm definitely starting to get nervous. Thank you for your thoughts!
Less than 1 week!!!!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the big day. Today I'm...

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the big day. Today I'm just relaxing with my mom and going to get groceries for next week. No eating or drinking after 10pm tonight! I'm okay with not eating, but not drinking will be a challenge for me. I feel like I'm constantly drinking water. We have to leave for the hospital around 4:30am (ugh) tomorrow - bright and early my friends! I can't wait to get it over with, and I think Friday will probably be a rough day. But hopefully things will start to turn around after that?! I loved reading all your stories and will update tomorrow (depending on how I feel). xoxo!
Good luck tomorrow! 4:30 am is a good time to go actually - no time to sit around, wish for coffee, and twiddle your thumbs! Just roll out of bed and GO! Keep us posted when you're up to it.
Good luck, beautiful!!!!
You're gonna do great. You will make up for the water you won't drink tonight tomorrow, trust me. I'm a water drinker too and your going to appreciate that tomorrow when your just guzzling down water like it ain't no thang, and you don't get the dreaded 'dry mouth' Just think, this time tomorrow it will all be over with! I'll be thinking of you.

Hey guys! Just wanted to write a quick note since...

Hey guys! Just wanted to write a quick note since it has been quite a long day! Overall, surgery went sooo smoothly. I had to be at the hospital at 6am. I was worried about being late so I made us leave at 4:50am... definitely overshot it, haha. We got to the hospital at 5:30am, but it was all fine, because my mom got to get a little Starbucks in her system. We did some paperwork when we checked in (I felt like we were the first ones at the hospital, early bids!) and then I went to see the nurses. First of all, the Verdugo Hospital nurses were amazing. This may be TMI but I was a little worried because I was on my period. I warned the nurses there may be blood... just in case, hahaha. But they let me keep my underwear & good old feminine napkins, no tampons allowed. Sorry if that's super gross - wanted to give you full disclosure haha. Anyway, I was nervous about the IV, but it was just a little poke. Then my mom and I met with the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. G, one by one. I went into the operating room and they told me to think about a nice place to go on vacation, and then I was out like a light. Next thing I know, I woke up in the operating room and the nurses told me to take some deep breaths. Then I went back to the recovery room. I FELT AMAZING. No pain and barely any pressure even. It was wild!!! I really thought I was going to be in such gruesome pain. The first thing I noticed in the recovery room was that I could breathe out of my right nostril so easily! I was stunned. So cool! Anyway, I had some water and graham crackers, and took my pain pill.

This afternoon I've just been taking it easy and icing my on and off. I took another pain pill at 4:30pm and then took a little nap. My nose is bleeding a little, so I have the drip gauze taped on. Not a big deal though. My left eye is pretty bruised, but the right eye isn't bruised at all. (And I've been SO good with the pineapple and vitamin C... oh well). No worries!.

All in all, so far this could not have gone smoother. I hope everything continues to go okay the rest of the week! I can tell my nose is shorter already which is SO weird to see.

Finally, my doctor literally just called me to check-in. I thought that was SO nice. It wasn't someone from his office, he called on his cell phone! What a stand up man! He went over the surgery and what to look out for over the next few days. But mostly he just wanted to know how I was doing. Seriously, I am so happy so far!
Congrats! Nothing to do now but rest!
I wrote a comment earlier but it must not have posted! Thinking of you today, I hope everything went soooo well!!!!
Thank you so much! You are going to LOVE the hospital staff! I was so happy to see Dr. G before the surgery. Everyone was so nice. It really helped me relax!

DAY 2 - POST OP I slept pretty well last night....


I slept pretty well last night. I took one more pain med at 8:30pm and went to sleep around 10:30... I woke up a lot, but sleeping at an upright angle wasn't terrible. This morning, I took my antibiotic and a Tylenol around 9am. I just had a tiny headache, but I didn't feel like I needed another pain med. I had yogurt and pineapple juice for breakfast. Loving all the pineapple! I was able to eat solid food for lunch, chewing wasn't bad at all. I also had another Tylenol and a iced coffee around 2pm. After that, I felt SO much better! I forgot how much my body needs it's daily coffee fix. Headache immediately disappeared!

I look swollen and bruised today. My left eye is worse than my right eye. My nose feels a little sore now and then, but overall, this is so much better than I expected! I really thought today was going to be so rough, but this really isn't so bad. I think I look worse than I feel, which is okay by me. :) I booked my post-op for Wednesday afternoon. Until then, more relaxing on the couch with my nasty gauze pads!

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and support. Love all my RealSelfers :) Happy Friday to everyone!
Hey, you look gorgeous straight out of surgery! You blondes surely do have all the fun! Hang in there baby! It looks like you're doing GREAT! To hear you're chewing and enjoying coffee, you're miles ahead of where I was on day 2! I totally took several days (perhaps 4) to figure out the raging headache I had was from my lack of coffee! How terrible! I felt so silly. All I did was sleep, I hadn't realized I had gone without it so long. Glad you figured it out quickly! You'll be back to feeling peppy in no time flat I bet. Congrats hun! I cannot wait to see your pics! You're going to be gorgeous and love being free!!!
Hi hi!! Thank you so much! Your post made me feel so much better since I am feeling a little down today. Today was not so fun, but I hope it will only get better from here. AND, I remembered your post about the bad headaches being from the lack of caffeine - so you totally saved me! :)
I am SO glad you are feeling well! Keep healing up I am Really looking forward to your results!!

Hey everyone! Okay well maybe I spoke a little...

Hey everyone!

Okay well maybe I spoke a little too soon yesterday when I was like "oooh this is a breeze!" The swelling and bruising definitely got worse last night. I had a little freak out when I looked in the mirror just because my face looked SO swollen. I was trying to prepare for the worst but it's still so weird to see my face like this. I also had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, I took a pain med at 8pm and I felt okay, I just couldn't fall asleep. Then I kept waking up every two hours, UGHHH... I look like a disfigured salamander or something! Today I am feeling a little rough, but I think a lot of my stress and discomfort is due to the fact that I haven't had a good night's sleep in about 5 days :( But I'm trying to power through! My mom has some Xanax and I think I may take that. I'm totally psyching myself out. Pain isn't too bad at all thankfully!

Tomorrow my mom is heading back to Michigan and I am going home. (We've been in a hotel since Wednesday). I think that will be a good change of scenery and good for me to be in my own home. But, my mom has been amazing though. She has been couped up in this room with me for days, just waiting on me hand and foot. I couldn't have done it without her. :) I hope you're all having a great weekend.
Hahaha I love the photos from the first few days; don't delete them, trust me, it'll be funny to go back and remember how you looked all bandaged up and whatnot :P You're going to look great; and it's true, what everyone else is saying about it getting better, because it totally will. Your day 3 sounds like my day 2, although I felt nauseated for most of my worst day haha Some people find that between days 4 and 6 they might experience a day when they suddenly feel very tired, nauseous, have a headache, or whatnot. Sometimes, a factor in this is that once we get past the worst day early on, we assume the rest will be a breeze, so we overexert ourselves - which is so easy to do in this recovery because on good days, we don't feel like we underwent a surgery; we feel like we can conquer the world, lol. But remember, your body did undergo some trauma, and so even when you feel better (which you will, probably even be tomorrow if you're not already), try really hard to stick to resting, even if you feel you don't need to. During my first week, I remember having SO much energy and then being out and about for a few hours and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I'd feel like I'd run a marathon and I'd start to feel nauseous and in need of lying down. You're going to be fine! :)
Thank you so much! :) This is so nice to hear because you know exactly what I am going through! I know what you mean, there have definitely been moments over the past few days when I felt SO good and full of energy. But then an hour later, I feel like I got hit by a bus, haha. I felt so silly crying yesterday because I wasn't in pain really, I was just so frustrated and absolutely wiped out. But, the bad feelings really do come in waves. Hopefully I relieved some of the stress! I am just planning on staying in bed and being a huge bum until I get the cast off in a few days.. then after that, remembering to take it veryyyy easy.
Girl, It's only going to get better! At least that's how it was for me. It will be good for you to be in your own home. I remember the nurse in the recovery room telling me I would feel much better at home, I was like 'yeah, right!!!' but of course, as soon as I was in my own surroundings, I was SO much more at ease. And yes swelling sucks, but you know that will fade and you'll be left with a beautiful new nose =) Happy Healing!

Day 3 - Post Op THANK GOD! I feel so much...

Day 3 - Post Op

THANK GOD! I feel so much better today... After I wrote that post yesterday, I was sooo exhausted and just wanted to cry. My mom was like "okay you need to calm down and get some rest!" I took a Xanax around 4:30pm yesterday and ended up falling asleep. I woke up at 6:30 and had dinner. Then, I slept from 9pm-6am barely waking up. AMAZING! That was the first time I've ever taken Xanax in my life and oh my! It totally saved me. :) I feel like a lot of the built-up stress finally left my body. I am still pretty bruised and swollen today, but I think yesterday was definitely the "bad" day. We checked out of the hotel this morning... When the valet guy came with my car, I looked right at him with my swollen, bruised, and bandaged face and said, "Sir, do I have something on my face?!" He laughed, I laughed. Great times! Anyway, I posted a few new pics from earlier today.

I am really surprised I haven't taken a paid med since Friday night. I always thought I had a pretty solid stomach and she certainly handled this ordeal like a champ! I've been eating solid foods and drinking lots of fluids. I never took any laxatives but the pain meds definitely made it tough to go to the bathroom. I think my tummy would be in worse shape if I was taking them every day. Sometimes my nose will feel a little tingly and it's still bleeding a tiny bit, but it's really not painful. Uncomfortable, YES! But bearable. I think I may take a bath tonight because I am feeling like a slob kabob! My hair is getting pretty grimy, but oh well. I guess it will feel super fresh when I wash it (eventually) haha! I was just started to get a little stir-crazy in the hotel, but now I am so happy to be back in my own bed. Happy healing everyone!
You're looking great! I am so glad to hear you're feeling better, I wish I had had some xanax for my freak out moments! I went crazy some nights with the internal splints feeling like they were poking me from the inside of my upper bridge hehe. I wore them for 11 days I think. Yuck yuck yuck! Some nights I had to just breathe and force myself to relax and "let go" of what I could not escape. You have a sweet Momma :) I hope you continue to have fantastic wonderful days! It just gets better and better, honest. You're in for an exciting few weeks! Rest up and happy healing!
That's what I like to hear about it getting better by the day :) Thank you! Yeah, I was lucky I had some anti-anxiety meds on hand, because I didn't get any prescribed to me (just antibiotics & pain meds). I really didn't need the pain meds after the first day or so, but I don't think I could have made it through those first few nights without the Xanax! Thanks again :)

Day 4 - Post Op Not too much happening today....

Day 4 - Post Op

Not too much happening today. I took half a Xanax last night (1 mg) and slept through the night. Woke up feeling really great. Gosh, I am so happy I had some Xanax on hand (I only had the pain meds & antibiotics prescribed to me). This was the first morning I didn't take any Tylenol when I woke up. :) Although I did take Tylenol later this afternoon, I feel very lucky! I just felt like I had a little headache, but nothing bad. This is also the first day I haven't needed my drip pad taped under my nose. My nose is still dripping a little, but it's not constant like it was. Slight improvement. I just keep lots of Kleenex and my gauze handy! Bruising has gotten better, but my left eye is still purple and yellow. The swelling around my eyes has gone down, but my chipmunk cheeks are still going strong. I look like I have golf balls in my cheeks, pretty funny. My nostrils are the only "gross" thing. I can't wait for all of that dried blood to be gone, but I am not refusing to touch it until I see my doctor on Wednesday.

I took a bath today and it felt so good to be clean! I have been obsessively wiping my face with cleansing wipes so I don't feel like a complete slob. I'm going to attempt to wash my hair tomorrow night because this nasty mop is getting OUT OF CONTROL.

I'm going to try and go to bed with no Xanax tonight. Sometimes I freak myself out trying to FORCE myself to go to sleep and stressing about being tired the next day. I start to think I will never be able to sleep (crazy I know) and my mind races like crazy. But we'll see how it goes.

Last thing, I am reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and it's SO good! I've literally almost read the whole book in two days. Highly recommend for anyone recovering and looking for a good read!
Hope you sleep ok! First week is the hardest. Things will continue to get better :) reading is a great idea. I will have to check out that book. Anything to keep my mind off my nose is a good thing.

Day 5 - Post Op!! Okay sleeping au natural...

Day 5 - Post Op!!

Okay sleeping au natural (without taking any meds) was NOT fun last night. I somehow feel like I am more aware of my nose cast and tape when I'm lay down. Then I start to worry if I'm propped up enough and keep readjusting.. frustrating. I definitely woke up a few times. Anyway, not much else to update today. Cast is starting to irritate me, so I'm just trying not to think about it. Better than being in pain :) Best of all, I washed my hair today! Well, half-washed it anyway... I couldn't really scrub the top of my head/hairline, but it's an improvement! That was definitely the most awkward bath of my life, haha.

I posted some more pics. Eye bruises are fading (slowly), and the swelling is getting better, although my cheeks are still a little chipmunky. My only concern is that the left side of my nose is still bleeding occasionally, which makes me nervous. It's not bad, I just have to dab at it occasionally. I still have these little tampon thingys in my nostrils too. But I am going to the doc tomorrow, so I'm just going to hope everything is okay until then, haha. I don't even mind if I have to keep wearing tape, I just can't wait to get the cast off :)

Also, I wanted to share something that only rhino friends can truly appreciate... I actually had a dream last night that I got my cast off. But my nose was pinched and still had a little bump. Here's the hilarious part, even in the dream I wasn't even that upset, I was like, "well, it still looks better than the old one!" HA.

I'm taking a Xanax tonight to avoid any silly dreams!
Omg, I had a dream a few days before cast removal... My younger sister got the nose job FOR me... And after all the surgery and recovery, she would give me the nose, kind of like being a surrogate mother? Anyway, when she got the cast removed it was totally deformed and had these weird spirals and blue cartilage hanging out and the nose skin didn't cover the nose the whole way. Hahahahahaha... Crazy! I'm glad things are goin better for you... You look beautiful even with all the bandages and bruises!
Ah haha that is SO funny! I'm so glad you told me, I am seriously cracking up at that dream. Surrogate nose!! Thank you for the compliment as well. :)
Hi Stephanie! You know you are such a pretty girl anyway, that last photo of you, you look so young and sweet however your new nose even though covered in plaster and tape is looking pretty good!!!! I can see already how gorgeous you are going to look! And yes it is kind of nice being lazy isnt it! I wish I could do it all again just for the week of not leaving my house!! :) XXX

Day 6 - Cast Off Guys! I honestly don't know...

Day 6 - Cast Off

Guys! I honestly don't know where to start... I am so, so unbelievably happy. This is going to be a long post, but I just want to share everything with you! Before I get into this overwhelming feeling of absolute elation, let me tell you the technical details :)

Okay first of all, my appt was at 5:30pm today. So of course, the whole day just drags on. I left my house just after 3pm (gotta love LA traffic) to get to my appt. I'm sitting in traffic... watching people in the cars next to me practically break their necks trying to see what the h*** is on my face. (can we swear on RealSelf?) Meanwhile, in the car, I'm just trying not to think about the cast, or the fact that my nose keeps running. Yesterday, when I said my nose was still bleeding, I was wrong... it's just still "running" now and then. But the fun stuff coming out of my nose mixes with the dried blood in my nostrils, and you get the idea. Just gross! Anyway, it takes me almost 2.5 hours to get to my doctor's. I finally get there (hustling in because I'm 5 minutes late) and his office is packed. And then I end up waiting for over an hour... I really didn't mind, except I was SO ANXIOUS. At one point, I really thought I was going to rip the cast off my face. That was a rough hour, haha.

*NOTE to anyone considering Dr. Grigoryants - His waiting room is ALWAYS packed. Plan on padding in some extra time with your appointments. For me, it was 100% worth any wait time. :) I love him and the ladies who work in his office! Just keep that in mind, especially with end of the day appts!

Okay, so let's do this! I'm sitting on the table and right before Dr. G takes off my cast, he gives me a big warning speech... "Stephanie it may look very swollen at first, but it will all go down. Some people think they look like an "Avatar" because of the swollen forehead. The tip is going to be pushed up, like a pig. That too will go down." I'm nodding. Actually I was thinking, "babe, I've spent the past month on RealSelf. With your former patients. Bring on the piglet Avatar!" Anyway, I was SO nervous it was going to be painful, but it really wasn't. He peeled off the tape and cast, then took out the mini-tamps (aka splints). OMG. Talk about a breath of fresh air... It was like a week's worth of pressure suddenly released! So I said, "Wow, I was concerned about those little tampons but that wasn't bad!" He says, "no no, I don't use tampons. No packing!" LOL. Love this guy. Anyway, the only uncomfortable part was when he had to lightly tap on the bridge to check my bones. I'm like "WHAT'S HAPPENING?! ARE THEY OKAY?" But he said they were totally fine. Then he snipped off the stitches and cleaned out some of the dried blood. Major respect, because I can only imagine how absolutely revolting that was... so then I sit up and I see myself in the mirror. I was STUNNED. I look like myself.. but my nose, my nose that I hated sooo much, is gone. In it's place is this OTHER nose, this absolutely wonderful nose. I just started smiling. Smiling at myself in the mirror, smiling at him, then I start saying I-LOVE-IT-THANK-YOU-OH-MY-GOSH-I-LIKE-IT-THANK-YOU... I seriously could have cried right there. I know, I know... my nose tip is quite swollen, I have a little lion forehead thing going on, my lower cheeks are still puffy, and my left eye still has the gruesome bruise... but honestly, it's NOT bad. In fact, it is so, so very good! Even with the tape on it now, I just like what I see. Such a new feeling!

I feel so lucky, grateful, and blessed. This is just, entirely surreal. I DO feel a little vain. Imagine, hating one part of your body so much, for so long, and then all of a sudden, seeing that feature and not hating it at all. AND, actually wanting other people to see it! It blows my mind. I literally can't believe that I get to keep this new nose, I know that sounds crazy. But I already feel so nervous that I will mess it up somehow, or it will change. I feel like I need to tiptoe around the house, haha. Even driving I was extra cautious, like, OH NO a pothole! What a silly goose!

Anyway, I'm so sorry for the long-winded post. That's really all I have to say, other than I am so excited to see how it progresses over the next month. Eeeeeek! I sent some pics to my family and best friend (also posted here for you guys). Good night all!
It looks amazing already! You look beautiful :) CONGRATS!! YAY!
AHH. I love your new pics!! You look soooo good. This makes me that much more confident in our Doc!! I still keep getting doubts but seeing these updates makes all the difference!
Thank you! Ah, he is such a master. I literally wanted to hug him when he took off the cast, hahaha. It is still swollen but I am already so happy I did this... no regrets! I'm excited for yours too :) July is so soon! We will have to talk more as it gets closer :)))

Day 8 - May 3 Just a quick update. I realized I...

Day 8 - May 3

Just a quick update. I realized I forgot to mention my post-op instructions! Basically, I just have to tape my nose at night until I go see him in 3 weeks. I am so paranoid about hurting it, or messing it up, taping was a process when I did it myself last night. I actually feel "safer" when the tape is on, so I've been leaving in for 15+ hours, haha. I'm sure taping will get easier for me though!

Yesterday I finally went out of the house for a few hours...I have been such a lazy recluse! Anyway, I immediately noticed my sense of smell is SUPER enhanced. I always thought I had a rather dull sense of smell, well, not anymore! (I'm not sure if the rhinoplasty really affected my olfactory abilities, or if it's just in my head because I couldn't smell or taste anything for a week). Either way it's so cool... walking around outside in Santa Monica was like an intoxicating adventure. I hoped no one noticed me sniffing everything hahaha...

Posted a few pics with Before&Afters! I just downloaded this PicStitch app and it's so fun to play around with :) Excuse the residual bruising and Neosporin around the nostrils. One day at a time!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for all of your compliments and well wishes, before and after surgery. Seriously, checking this site always uplifts my spirits. Love you all!
you are looking amazing! thanks for sharing your story, I am having similar thing done tomy nose in just 9 days and I'm having my boobs done too, I was contemplating having my mom come down, but reading your story, I think I probably will, I'm married but the husband will have to work most of the two days after. I see your about 10 days out, how are things now?
Thank you! Ahhh, so soon - you must be super excited and probably a little nervous right now. I'm sure everything will be a breeze! I have to say, I am so glad my mom was there with me. Definitely helped to distract me and calm my nerves. I actually felt great the day of surgery (even though that's when they really want someone there with you). But the next day, I was exhausted, stressed, uncomfortable and emotional. It was really nice having my mom there. I had my surgery first thing Thursday am, and then she left Sunday am. By that point, I was totally fine to be on my own. 10 days later, I am feeling really good! My nose is still tender, but really only the tip feels sore. I feel like it gets a little swollen during the day, but taping it at night seems to help a lot. Also, I am starting to breathe through my nose again! I'm excited to see how I feel in a week or two. My energy is back and I'm dying to work out but I my doctor said I needed to wait until my 3-week check-in. Good luck with everything and let me know if you have any questions at all!
Forgot to include in first post but your nose looks beautiful. It really fits your face and complements all of your other facial features.

Day 11 - Post-Op! Hey everyone! Not too much to...

Day 11 - Post-Op!

Hey everyone! Not too much to say here, I am still taping my nose at night. I try to leave the tape on for 12-15 hours. I also apply Neosporin inside the nostrils 3 times a day. My cheeks are ALMOST 100% back to normal, and the last remains of my gruesome left eye bruise have almost vanished. My nose feels a little tender and sore. The tip is still swollen, but not bad. All in all, feeling good. I probably won't update until next week...

Quick question for everyone - does anyone recommend a solid nasal spray? Sometimes my nose gets really dry overnight and I want to use some sort of moistening spray. I thought about using the Biotene mouth spray, but I'm not sure about that? Thanks all!
Congrats!! Your new nose fits your face perfectly! You must be so happy :)) Thanks for sharing!
Congratulations ! You look amazing ! Thank you for all the information, I am 2 weeks away from surgery and love reading and seeing all the successful results!
Btw thanks for the informative review! :) makes me so happy to see happy dr.g patients!

Day 14 - Two weeks after surgery Hey guys! So...

Day 14 - Two weeks after surgery

Hey guys! So on Tuesday, I had a mini-freak out. What happened was, on Monday night, my nose started to feel very swollen. Unusually swollen. It was pretty late, so I thought I would tape it up and hopefully it would be better in the morning. Well Tuesday I woke up, and it didn't feel any better. It wasn't painful at all, it just felt all tingly. All of a sudden, I was so AWARE of my nose. The weirdest part was that the tip was so HARD. Everywhere around the nostrils felt rock hard. (By the way - this sounds hilarious when I explain it to anyone... the story of my "incredibly hard, swollen tip." No one can take me seriously, haha. They're like, "are you sure we're still talking about your nose here?!" )

I, of course, panic and jump to conclusions. (I'm thinking, "I knew my recovery was too smooth, something HAD to go wrong!) Anyway, I emailed my doc and described what was going on and also sent him some pictures. (The problem is, it looks totally fine from the pictures, just a little swollen). He said it's all fine, the swelling will get better and better. He just said avoid sodium and take it easy. It still felt a little weird yesterday, but it will come in waves. Waves of the nose feeling super sensitive. Today it is a lot better, although I think it looks swollen. I'm just looking that I have a large face with big features to balance the nose out! I still LOVE it, even if it is still swollen.

I just wanted to share that with all of you. I guess you never really know what's going to happen in these first few weeks post surgery. I'm interested to see what will continue to happen! I posted a pic (dark blue shirt) that I just took - not sure if you'll really be able to see the swelling from it.
Excuse my typos lol
Looking good! I'm glad all is well! The surgery enhanced really enhanced your eyes
Thank you so much! I hope so... the nose used to always get in the way!!!

Day 16 Post Op I just wanted to say I'm happy...

Day 16 Post Op

I just wanted to say I'm happy and quite relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who experienced the crazy tingly feelings and sudden swelling. It was so reassuring to read that some of you guys dealt with that too! Day 11-13 was seriously WILD for me. My nose kept flipping between either: 1) numb and tingly or 2) the entire tip & nostrils felt rock hard. The past few days have been a breeze though!

Somewhat thoughts on food & swelling - today was the first time I kind of "let myself go" diet-wise. I try and eat pretty healthily in general, but normally I'm not as worried about it, because I'm usually exercising on the reg. Since I've been off my work-out regimen the past few weeks, I've been extra careful about what I've been eating. I've mostly been eating fruits, veggies, lean protein, some dairy, and dark chocolate when I need a little treat :) Lots of vitamin C and water too. Well this weekend, all of that went out the window. In the past 24 hours, I've had: pizza, chips, ice cream and candy!! (I went on a field trip with 6th graders and totally caved in!!! hahaha.... Anyway, I feel like a huge slob but the nose actually doesn't feel too bad (I was prepared for major swelling). Other than a little tip swelling, everything seems okay. We'll see how it is tomorrow.... I also haven't drank any alcohol yet. But I'm REALLY starting to crave a glass of wine!

Also, thank you all so very much for your thoughtful compliments and being so kind in your posts. I feel incredibly lucky and am truly grateful for my results. Seriously, so much love for my RealSelfers - you guys are the best.
your nose looks amazing!! your PS did such a good job at refining it without making you look operated on, the subtle changes really enhance all of your other features! hope mine turns out as well as yours!! how is your bruising? i am only taking 11 days off work and hope that will be enough :-/
Hi Ally!! Thank you so much! I was so worried it would look completely "jobbed." I am sure you will be just as happy with your results :))) My bruising was completely gone after 12-14 days, but the majority of it was gone after 8 days or so. I think you'll be totally fine to go back to work after 11 days. The last few days I just had a little bruise under my eye that I covered up with makeup and voila! Best of luck with your upcoming surgery!
Hi Steph, I'm new to this message board but thank you SO much for posting all of those pics. I am getting my surgery in 6 days and I am SO nervous, just like you I have a slight bump and I am hoping my surgery turns out as beautifully as yours, you look amazing! How long was it before you could go out?? About 2 weeks?? Also, I saw you mentioned something about vitamin C and pineapple juice? Does that help with swelling? Any tips you have would be great! Congrats on your wonderful surgery!

Day 26 Post Op!!

Day 26 Post Op

Hello hello! I realized I haven't posted in days but the truth is, there isn't too much more to report... Let's see, I'm still taping my nose at night. I try to leave the tape on for 12-16 hours. Sometimes I can't tell if the tape makes it more or less swollen. My nose definitely feels slightly more swollen and tender in the morning, but I think that's generally the case. I finally stopped sleeping upright (do NOT miss that!!) but I'm still sleeping on my back. I am still using Neosporin on the scars inside my nostrils, but only once a day now.

As far as getting my life back to normal, I feel pretty good. I just started doing yoga this week. BUT I am very careful. I also don't like to bend over, so I try to keep my head elevated as much as humanly possible during the positions. My nose starts to feel a little tingly when I exercise and a little swollen after, but it's totally manageable. I've gone hiking a few times but nothing too strenuous. Definitely not going to attempt running for a few more weeks, although I am DYING to really work out. I wear contacts during the day, so I tape my glasses to my forehead at night. It's a really great look...NOT! haha. No sunglasses, which is very tough in sunny California, especially now that summer is here. But, it's a small price to pay! :)

I did do quite a bit of drinking this past weekend at a mini-family reunion (just over 3 weeks post op). Wow, my tolerance has disappeared after not drinking for a month, haha! Anyway, my nose looked and felt pretty swollen on Sunday and Monday, but I think it's settling down now. Definitely worth it though :) Thankfully, I haven't experienced the crazy tingling or extreme swelling like I did a few weeks ago. Woo woo!

And finally, quick update on the way my nose looks! I am still incredibly happy with my results. I know it's still a little swollen, especially near the tip. I am reminding myself to be patient, since it hasn't even been a month. BUT, (there had to be a but, right?!) sometimes when I look in the mirror, I'm worried it looks like my nose is leaning to the left near the tip. It kind of swoops in and leans. It's not THAT noticeable, but it's consistently something I notice. I suppose it could be from residual swelling that's more intense on one side. I really hope that's the case! The alternative is that the nose is still settling in and it's going to be slightly crooked... for good. Eek! I try not to over-think it because it's only from that one angle.

Anyway, I posted some pictures from today. I hope it doesn't look MORE swollen than the pics from a few weeks ago! I have an appt with Dr. G on Saturday 5/25 (surgery was on 4/25 - time flies!), so I will post again after that. Thanks for reading everyone!!!
Your results are amazing!! You are very pretty!! congrats!:)
Thank you!! So are yours :)
looks damn good!

Just over a month post-op...

I went to see Dr. G on Saturday. The appt was just in time, because I also ran out of my nose tape on Saturday. He gave me more tape, but said I don't have to keep taping it if the tape is bothering my skin at all. (I don't mind the tape so I'll probably keep taping for a few more weeks). He asked if I was "very physically active" because he could feel water/swelling in my nose. I was like yep, got me, haha. No running yet though! He massaged my nose and put a bunch of pressure on it. (I couldn't believe it because I am still sooo cautious when I touch my nose. (He was going to town rubbing it) Then he's like, see what a difference that made?! But, even with the post-exercise swelling, he was very happy with it. As am I!! :) I'm going to be on an airplane next week so I wanted to make sure that'd be fine. He said no problem at all, but the flight may make it feel swollen. Overall, things are going really well and I just need to come back in 2-3 months for another check-in. Yes!!! Happy Memorial Day everyone!
You are so detailed in your writings, this is great! I too saw Dr. G., about 6 days after you- so much of the things you have wrote about- I can so relate to! I am so happy with me results and need to post some pics- so everyone can see. I will go fo rmy 1 month post op this week. So happy for you and your amazing results- you look great!
Thank you so much! Ah, I know at times I felt like RealSelf was my little recovery diary! hahaha. And YES post some pics - I love looking at all the before & afters! I'm glad you are happy with your nose too. SO glad we went with Dr. G!! :)
Your nose is freakin amazing!

Almost 6 weeks post-op

Everything is going well with nose - it will be six weeks after my surgery on June 6th. This past weekend, I flew to Colorado to visit some family. They said my nose looked great! (They all knew I was getting the surgery). Funny enough, my cousin also just had rhino/septoplasty around the same time I did. She had broken her noses in high school and her septum had been really damaged. Her nose looks great and she is breathing so much better. We were definitely comparing recovery stories all weekend. My other cousin was like you guys are OBSESSED, hahaha. Can't help it! I was a little worried about how my nose would feel on the plane, even though my doctor said flying was totally fine at this point. It wasn't that bad, my nose just felt swollen and very firm during the flight. I think the high altitudes in Colorado also had an effect on my nose. Or maybe it was all the drinking we did this weekend :) Either way, my nose did feel relatively swollen this weekend, but nothing crazy.

In my last post, I said that things had pretty much returned to normal. That's true, except I haven't done any running yet. I've been hiking and doing yoga - nose feels completely fine with those activities. I guess I'm just a little worried about hard-core cardio. I still feel very "aware" of my nose, and I know this may last up to a year. I hope I feel safer to try running after a few more weeks...

I probably won't write too much more until my next doctor appt (in 6 weeks). I did add 2 more photos with this update. I don't want to bore you guys! Thank you again for reading my posts and for all your incredibly thoughtful compliments. Until next time!
Yours is one of the best I've seen on here because it's still thin and refined from the front, a lot look so bulky after. You look gorgeous
Thank you SO much! I've noticed a big difference in the swelling over the past month. You should see my nose in the morning... sometimes the tip looks super swollen to me right after I get up. But I usually just apply light pressure and massage it a little bit and it seems to help almost instantly. I was literally afraid to touch my nose until after my one month check-in. But at that appt, my doc applied a bunch of pressure to my nose to reduce swelling. So now I feel okay with massaging the tip gently! Thank you again :)
Did your tip drop after surgery??

Almost 7 weeks post-op

Just a quick update.... Can't believe it's been almost 7 weeks since my surgery! Yesterday was the first time I went running since before the surgery. I feel like most of the research I've done says it's okay to exercise about 3-6 weeks after surgery, depending on the level of exercise intensity. I have been exercising over the past few weeks, but no hardcore running. I was still worried about my nose, but it actually felt fine while I was running. Last night my nose felt slightly more swollen than usual, and today the tip is definitely swollen. But, it was honestly so worth a little swelling. Especially since now I know it's only noticeably swollen to me, no one else would see the difference. Anyway, it felt so good to run again. :)

Next up, glasses and sunglasses! I've been taping my glasses at night. I think I'm going to wait until next weekend (8 weeks post-op) to rock my sunglasses again. Summer is here and it's time to bust out the shades!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the kind words and compliments. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and share your thoughts. I feel incredibly lucky and really am so pleased with my results. If anyone is considering Dr. G for rhino, please feel free to message me! I can't recommend him enough.
Love that I found your story! I am currently going in three hours to get my cast removed and the stitches. They had to do an open approach.. I AM SO SCARED to get this cast removed and stithces. I am SO scared I am not going to like it. We had a very similar hump and wanted the same exact nose! Totally in LOVE with your new nose! I hope mine comes out that way :(
Hey Megan! Ah I hope everything went okay the other day!! I have to go check out your pics... I was SO nervous when I got my cast off. I was mentally preparing for the worst, haha. I hope you love your nose - I'm sure you will! Thank you so much for reading. :)
I loved your updates! It makes me so much more comfortable about my rhinoplasty although I still am a little bit worried and nervous. But you have helped a lot, thank you!

Almost 2 months post-op

On Thursday 7/20, I will be 2 months post-op. This month was smooth sailing compared to the first month post-op. Everything is going pretty well. My nose usually feels a little swollen when I wake up in the morning. The level of swelling seems to vary based on two factors: 1) the amount of physical activity I did the previous day (exercise definitely makes it more swollen) and 2) the amount of alcohol I consumed (if any). I can feel my nose reacting almost instantly to alcohol. It's less noticeable to me now though...

The skin on my nose also seems to be a little different. Sometimes it's greasy and seems to be more prone to breaking out. It's manageable, I just spend a little extra time on my face in the shower now, haha. I haven't worn any sunglasses or glasses yet. (Man do I miss sunglasses!)I've tried them on a few times, and it just felt weird. It looks like most surgeons on this site recommend waiting about 4-6 weeks to wear glasses. So I'm thinking I should be okay to wear this weekend (after 8 weeks). Maybe just not for long periods of time.
Your new nose looks a bit like my dream nose. I was afraid a nose that size might look too small on me but it looks great on you so now I feel better about the proportions. Really beautiful job. You're also one of the lucky ones that lives it immediately ! I hope i make the right decision and have results like yours, it seems you know about balance . Did you think about the proportions or did you let the doctor do his thing ?
Thank you so much! :) I do feel incredibly lucky. I actually hope it doesn't change too much over the next year! And YES, I was really worried about the size issue too... I know lots of girls get rhinoplasty so they can have cute, little petite noses. In my case, I knew that wouldn't work because I have a LARGE round face with very LARGE features. The first time I met with my doc I was very adamant about that... I wanted to avoid the dreaded "ski-slope" nose and make sure that my nose still fit my face. But honestly, he was one step ahead of me. He was like "no no, a tiny nose will not work on your face." He was very concerned with making sure that my nose would still look natural, and I think a big part of that has to do with making sure it's still in proportion with your other features. (Also why lots of people often get chin implants in conjunction with rhino - to keep the face balanced) What I really hated on my old nose was the bump and the droopy tip. Luckily, fixing both of those didn't really make it smaller. It did seem smaller/shorter when the cast first came off, but that's because the tip was more upturned. It has settled down a lot since then. Thank you again!!! Good luck with everything!
Your nose is actually in the small side and it looks great so yes hopefully it stays moderately the same

9 Weeks Post-Op :)

A few quick updates - everything is going well.

- I have been wearing my glasses occasionally at night. But, if I'm wearing them for long periods of time I usually still tape them up to my forehead. I also wore sunglasses on and off last weekend. It doesn't feel like they're putting too much pressure on my nose, but I still get nervous about it. The other day I felt two little indents on the side of my nose where my glasses were resting. I FREAKED out, but they were gone the next day. Everything I've read says glasses are fine after 8 weeks, I guess I'm just paranoid.

- I have returned to my normal exercise routine (ahh I missed running so much the first 6 weeks) My nose definitely feels swollen after physical activity, but it's not noticeable at all. The tip doesn't get as swollen as it used to after I worked out. Progress!!

- Sometimes I still tape my nose at night if it feels a little swollen that day. I doubt it really does anything. It just feels like it keeps the nose from getting too swollen over night. I usually massage the tip every morning right when I wake up.

- The skin on my nose seems to get greasier than it used to before the surgery. I just try to spend a little extra time cleansing it in the mornings. As long as there are no major break-outs, I can deal with it!

Unless something unusual happens, my next update will be after my 3 month check in on 7/20. I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer and good luck to everyone with surgeries in the near future!
Wow I love your new nose! Subtle but great improvements!!! How do you feel? Also, the last photo is gorgeous. Please post more ;)
Thank you! I'm so glad to hear it's subtle too... I was very nervous about looking different. I am really, really happy with it! Some days it is more swollen than others, but nothing like the first few weeks. I feel very lucky!
I really liked your nose before from the front, you seem to have kept a lot of its original shape and that's good! The profile looks perfect and the last photo of you in particular is gorgeous, congratulations!

3 Months Post-Op

It has been three months (and two days) since my surgery. Can't believe it. Today I had my check-in appointment with my doctor so I thought I would write a little update.

First of all, I was on vacation in Michigan with my family for about 10 days earlier this month. I couldn't believe it, but NO ONE mentioned my nose! (Well except for my mom, but I'll get back to that...) For as along as I can remember, my cousins have teased me relentlessly about my big, bumpy nose. They were the ones who first gave me this complex about hating the way my nose looked. Part of me is glad they didn't notice, because that means I still look like me. But, I really think my new nose makes me look at least a little different, even if it's not a HUGE change. To me, I see such an improvement every time I look in the mirror. I was tempted to tell them just to see how they would react, but decided to keep it a secret.

As for my mom, she made this big fuss when she first saw me at the airport. She gasped and just stared at me. Then she says, "I didn't recognize you... really! You don't look like you!" I was surprised, because as I've said, no one has really noticed the new nose. Her reaction didn't really bother me though, I just laughed about it. And then there was my dad, who said to my my mom, "she looks the same! You're crazy!" She eventually got used to the nose though. And she admitted he did a great job. :)

As for the doc appointment, everything went well. Dr. G seemed really happy with the current state of my nose. He said my swelling had gone down pretty quickly. Initially he thought it had been more than 3 months! That made me a little nervous, because I thought oh no, what if it's shrinking too fast?! But he was like no no, it is all good. He said, "you must not eat a lot of salty foods or drink a lot of alcohol." A little funny to me, because while I generally try to avoid eating sodium or fatty foods, I feel like I have been drinking quite a bit. ( Guys, I was on vacation! haha) Although I did try to avoid drinking for the first 4-6 weeks after my surgery. He said that really does make a huge difference. Anyway, I don't go back for another check-in until November. I have to say, I'm a little sad I won't get to see him more frequently. Even though I don't really know him at all, I just think he's a great guy. Is that weird? Maybe it's just because I am so thankful and happy with my results, who knows?! I added a few photos from this week too.

As always, thank you all for sharing such thoughtful words and being so supportive throughout the entire process. You guys are the best!
Your nose looks amazing!!
Thank you! :)
I sent you a pm please respond

Over 4 months post-op!

On Thursday it will be 18 weeks (4.5 months) since my surgery! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Life has pretty much returned to normal, although it seems my skin has definitely had to make some adjustments to the new nose. Lately I have been breaking out a lot around my nostrils. This week, I broke out on my nose. It's not like a tiny zit either, it's like an infected zit that hurts. (I have a lot of intense prescirption acne cream thank god). But I never used to have any major skin issues, especially with the skin ON my nose. Now it definitely gets oily at night, and I even have to keep an eye on it during the day. I suppose out of everything, a few zits/oily skin isn't the worst thing to deal with! Hopefully my skin is still just adjusting to the changes and over time it won't be an issue. It's also worse with humidity in the summer. Did anyone else experience similar issues post-op in their skin on/around the nose?

But, the good news is I still absolutely LOVE the way my new nose looks. I am really happy I went through with the surgery. I have also gotten a few more compliments on my nose, from people who know about the surgery and others who think it is au natural, haha. :) Honestly, I never thought I would hear someone say, "wow you have a great nose!" It never gets old.

Next check-up is in 2.5 months in November.
I want to ask. Did the tip get more refined on the front? Or did it stay the same? My tip was refined against my request and I'm worried that it will get worse as time passes.
im one month post op, was wondering if theres a huge difference in tip definition between 1 - 12 months.
Hey! I wouldn't be able to say whether there is a HUGE differencesin the tip (depends on the individual nose and what you had done). But I will say that my tip has definitely gotten more refined over the past few months. Not drastic though. Right now it still has a little swelling, the swelling on the bridge and upper part of my nose is all gone. I actually think my nose will look better when the tip swelling is gone.... I wouldn't worry about your tip becoming way too refined though! Also in the first few months post-op, try not to worry too much about the nose. There will be LOTS of changes, sometimes day to day changes.

Over 7 months post-op!

Hey hey! So I was supposed to go see my doc in November, but I didn't end up going in until this week (December 10th). I can't believe it's already been 7 months since my surgery... honestly everything has been mostly back to normal

Over 7 months post-op!

*Ignore the previous review - I accidentally posted. Sorry!

Anyway, I was supposed to go see my doc in November, but I didn't end up going in until this week (December 10th). Good news - Dr. G said everything looks good! My nose has healed/is healing normally - woo! I can't believe it's already been 7 months since my surgery... honestly everything has been mostly back to normal for the past few months. Sometimes my nose will randomly feel a little tingly or swollen, but other than that, it's not bad. My doctor said the tip still has some swelling, but it should dissipate in the next few months. The right side has a little more swelling than the left, but it's not very noticeable ( I hope :) )

The hardest thing for me has been dealing with the differences in my skin. I never used to break out on/around my nose. Ever since my surgery, the skin around my nose has been a lot more oily. (Although I have noticed an improvement in the past few months!)

What I did want to say is be very careful about touching the skin around your nose. Even if you had closed surgery (like I did) it's really easy for bacteria to get in the microscopic slits where your stitches were/are. I am REALLY bad about picking at my face whenever I have a zit. Anyway, I must have scratched at the area between my nostrils and nose and caused bacteria to enter the skin. I had to take antibiotics because it was a really bad infection, (possibly MRSA - so scary). THANK GOD my nose was totally fine and it didn't interfere with anything. But, just be careful, and resist the urge to mess with your nose as much as possible.

All in all, I'm still SO happy I made this decision. A random stranger randomly told me I had "a really nice nose." I was STUNNED! Best of luck to anyone going through the process. Always open to questions about Dr. G, or anything in general.
Your old nose had similarities to mine, especially in profile view! Your new nose looks absolutely gorgeous and suits you so much. I just had my cast off and was worried about the swelling, and saw how much definition you got in seven months and now I am a little relieved! I think everyone has a bit of anxiety at the swollen nose stage...
Thank you ! Yeah, it really is amazing how long it takes for all of the swelling to dissipate. I also freaked out because I felt like it changed so much and so often over the first six months, sometimes even day to day. But I had to keep telling myself to not obsess over it - especially since no one noticed except for me, haha. Good luck with everything!
I know what you mean! I accidentally bumped my nose last night and it is SO fat this morning, haha. Yesterday it was so slender. Most people don't notice! I have a friend who has had rhinoplasty and no one knows! Mine is much more dramatic from my old face, so everyone who is close to me might notice right away... my dad "...YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT"

13 months post op

Hi! I just wanted to post a quick update since it's been a while. The past few months (8-12 months post op) have been easy breezy. I've noticed the skin around my nose doesn't seem to be as greasy as it used to be in the mornings. Sometimes the tip of my nose still feels slightly more swollen in the mornings, but it's not very noticeable. Sometimes I feel like my nose curves to the right a little, but I think (hope?!) that it's just because the right tip is slightly more swollen. (Maybe because I had a deviated septum on my right side only?) Anyway, I still LOVE it!!

I had my one-year check in appt on Saturday. Dr. G said everything looks good. He said the bridge healed very straight - thank God! He pushed on the tip, which didn't hurt, but it just felt a little tender. He was like, yep I bet that still hurts a little. Dr. G said that's normal though, since the tip takes about 18 months or so to fully heal. He told me to expect my tip to become a little more refined over the next few months. As I said before, the right side of the tip looked a little more swollen. This is where it gets crazy - he wanted to give me a steroid shot to make the swelling disappear. I was like uh.... I guess I hadn't mentally prepared for a shot :o But then (probably after seeing my reaction, ha! ), he said he didn't HAVE to do the shot. Especially if the slight swelling didn't bother me. So we decided not to do the shot. Good to know though - if you feel like you have uneven swelling, a quick dose of steroids can apparently make a big difference.

I am going back in 6 months for another check-in. I might do the steroid shot then depending on the swelling.

General thoughts... Sometimes I feel very vain, but I really am so much more confident in my own skin now. For instance, I never used to wear my hair up. Now, I throw my hair up frequently, and I actually like the way my face looks. And another thing, I never left the house without tons of eye makeup - trying to distract from my nose. Now, okay I'm not going to say I go "au naturel" all the time, but I feel okay with just a little mascara. I've also been dating someone new... he actually complimented my nose before he knew about the surgery. It's a nice thing to hear - after so many years of people making fun of me for my nose. Sometimes I still can't believe I had the surgery, but I really am so glad I did. Couldn't be happier.
Nose looks amazing congrats :)
Looks great!!
Good result! You look like Erin Heartherton in some pictures, very pretty!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I am so grateful I chose Dr. Grigoryants for my surgery. He really is a fantastic surgeon. Such a nice guy too! I can't speak highly enough about my experience with him, from my initial consultation to my post-surgery follow up appointments. The women who work in his office are all incredibly friendly, and the Verdugo Hills Hospital staff is fabulous as well. Honestly, Dr. G is the best when it comes to rhinoplasty. I feel very lucky to have found him.

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