I've always been considered a pretty girl, however...

I've always been considered a pretty girl, however my nose bugs the crap out of me when I smile, and take photos. The columella hangs low, and the tip is slightly bulbous. My right nostril is also slightly higher than the left side, which makes me dislike my profile on my right side. I have read reviews on this website from other's stories, and looked at PS websites. The doctors I've read about more and like their work is Dr. Ghavami, and Dr. Elam. My fear is that I'll end up hating my nose, and not look like myself. I think that's everyone's fear though!

I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, however for a while I didn't think about it. I recently modeled for a friend, and that's when it hit me again. I HATE my nose from my right side, as well as the front! Then I started to think about engagement photos, wedding photos, and things like that. I want to stop being so hateful towards my appearance! I like the way I look in the mirror, however looking at my nose up close, and in photos, bothers me so much. It always has.

What I want is something very simple, at least to me it seems very simple. I just want a subtle change, and not a turned up, curved nose. Not more narrow. Just the tip refined, nostrils aligned.

I really want to look like myself, and from what I read Dr. Ghavami seems like a good choice, however I am eager and open to other suggestions. There are some bad reviews on him however they seem illegitimate.

My friend and her sister got rhinoplasty from Dr. Kanodia, who is supposed to be amazing, however something makes me like Dr. Ghavami more.

My boyfriend is very supportive of me, he said I should do what makes me happy. My parents and brother were saying I shouldn't touch my face, but the more I talk about it, the more they understand.

I uploaded some photos that I simulated myself on a fun iPhone app. I'm eager to have a consultation with the a doctor, to see what they say about my wants.

UPDATE: I've been reading more, and more and I...

UPDATE: I've been reading more, and more and I really like Dr. Grioryants. I decided to schedule a consultation with him! It's on March 26th. I'm very anxious to talk to him. I've been writing down questions and I've also saved some photos of noses that I like. I know that my nose will never be like anyone else's, nor do I want it to be, but I think its helpful to show a visual of something similar to your wants.
You're absolutely beautiful and have one of the most gorgeous before noses I've ever seen. But I agree that if this is what you need to do for you, then go for it! The little changes you want can make a huge difference and make you even MORE gorgeous :)
Thanks for the sweet comment and your support! It means a lot and makes me feel more comfortable with this process.
I had the same nose (look at my profile) and having a new nose actually changed my life, i have so much more confidence... no more tip falling :))) Good luck

I scheduled a 2nd consultation with Dr. Ghavami!...

I scheduled a 2nd consultation with Dr. Ghavami! April 4th. I'm so anxious, but I'm definitely just trying to be patient as this is a long process. I don't want to rush. Has anyone that has had rhinoplasty already used CareCredit, or anything like that? I definitely want to save some money for this, but if I wait to save the entire thing it will take forever!! So any advice on that would be great.
Wow, you are stunning! You look like a supermodel! I'm really amazed that you want to do this considering the common occurrence of revisions. Anyway, advice is to see a lot of consultations, at least 6 doctors and at least 2 times with your final doc, even if you don't consider them as strong contenders from your online research like Grioryants or Ghavami. Like you, I did a lot of online research, but after consultations, I felt that the websites tell very little compared to time the surgeons themselves. Even consults with docs that weren't my favorites ended up being really useful because I got an idea of what is really necessary or unnecessary for my nose, and it helped me analyze the favorite doctors' styles better. Some docs even dished on their opinions and stories about other doctors - that's the kind of information I would have never gotten from online reviews! Good luck to you! (I didn't use CareCredit, as I saved up and paid in cash, but keep in mind to ask about medication costs too! Those can add up and they're usually not part of your surgery fees.)
Wow, thank you for your sweet comments! I'm flattered. Thank you for all of your advice, especially about the costs.
Trimming and sewing the tip of your nose together will give it a lift and a more refined look. You are already gorgeous, but I can understand your frustration. I am doing mine with Dr. Grigoryants, too. He is the one who told me about the sewing the tip part to make it more refined. I'm also getting a small bump removed and shortening the overall length of my nose, which will be achieved with lifting the tip. Let me know if you any questions about him, and I hope your consultation goes well. Go with a notes and questions written down to ask him!

Has anyone heard of Dr. Lawton Tang? He is located...

Has anyone heard of Dr. Lawton Tang? He is located in Pasadena, and also works out of Beverly Hills. He's not on Real Self, but has glowing reviews on other websites. He seems amazing at reconstructive surgeries, but I'm only able to find a few rhinoplasty photos, which look really good, except they are all on Asian noses, which I obviously don't have :) I'm going to call his office tomorrow to see if they have more before & after photos in their office, and possibly schedule a consultation. I was referred to him by a friend who just got her nose done by him. I haven't seen it yet, but my boyfriend has and he said it looks really good. Hmm. Just wondering if anyone has any information on him?
Reading your review i know exactly how you feel, cause its the same for me. I have done pagents and worked as a professional model, and people tell me im pretty, and why would you want to do this etc...When i look in the mirror its fine, but then in pictures i totally hate it.. and i also want to let go being so focused on my apperance its just limiting.. Im curious to see how it goes for you with dr, griogorynats, i am also considering him for mine! i think he makes beuatiful noses, i also considering kanodia in fact, but i didnt like his after pictures that much. best of luck!
I've looked at your photos, and you have a great nose, but again, I get it!! You want a "finesse rhinoplasty". You want it more refined, etc. I will let you know how my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants goes :) I agree with you with Dr. Kanodia...He doesn't thrill me. Best of luck to you too! Keep in touch.

My third consultation is now scheduled with Dr....

My third consultation is now scheduled with Dr. Lawton Tang. I called his office, and he offers a free consultation and he has more before and after photos in his office.He is also local, and about 5 minutes away from my office. The consultation is on March 12th! Yay. So close. I'm excited to finally start to sit down with a doctor.
I think you have a beautiful nose, its not big at all. Its very unique and exotic and I think its what gives your features an overall beautiful look. I think your tip is the best part, if you get your tip removed, your nostrils will be exposed and after surgery it will always be turned up a bit. Nose surgery is huge risk, I do regret mine big time. But its your decision, good luck!
Thank you for your comments and opinions! I understand the risks, however if you do your research and find a good surgeon, I believe that you will be satisfied with your results.
I actually really like how your nose is (just my opinion) but your opinion about it is what matters so I hope you find the perfect surgeon for you and everything turns out well. My right nostril is higher than my left too and it bothers me a bunch. I always try to turn slightly to the other side. Goodluck!

I just got back from my very first consultation. I...

I just got back from my very first consultation. I was so excited but I am so bummed!! The doctor was so nice, but I felt very rushed. His assistant kept coming in the office to remind him of his next appointment. I was only there for 30 minutes or so. But, I did get some good information regarding my issues with my nose. My nose is slightly deviated and I would need a septoplasty to correct it. My cartilage on the tip is also very uneven, and my columella is significantly low. I didn't see any before and after photos in his office either, he told me to schedule another consultation. I also showed him the photo that I morphed, and he said it wouldn't be a problem to do that, which is good. BUT then I showed him a photo of someone else's nose, to show him what I liked about her nose but I specifically told him, " I don't want HER nose exactly, cause thats HER nose." And he said," But do you want that nose? I can do that." That bothered me. I said, "Who know's if her nose would even look good on me??" I thought that was strange. I feel bad cause I was referred to him by a friend but I didn't schedule the second consultation. I'm just looking forward to my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants now. I hope I get to ask him the 15 questions that was posted here on Real Self, and that he gives me more time and morphs some images of me!!!
That would've weirded me out too! About him saying he could give you the other girls nose, instead of showing you how he would improve YOUR nose. Good luck!
Definitely!! Thank you :) PS: Just looked at your profile and it looks great so far!!
Thanks! Cast off Friday, can't wait! :)

Hi everyone!! SOOOO I finally got to meet the...

Hi everyone!! SOOOO I finally got to meet the infamous Dr. Grigoryants tonight! I was so excited. I felt like I already knew him because of all the research I've been doing. He did not disappoint! He definitely is a workaholic as some have said but by no means in a bad way at all. He is good at what he does and he loves doing it. As soon as he came in, he started to touch my nose and tell me all of the things that were wrong with it (haha how nice huh?) And was telling me what he would do to it, which are the things I wanted! 1. Raise the columella. He agreed that it hangs too low, and he would raise it but not toooo much and he said it wouldn't be perfect, but it would look really good. 2. He would stitch the tip together a tiny bit because when he raises the columella, it will separate (because my cartilage is already separated there quite a bit). It will make it look more defined. 3. There is some cartilage that is in the "back" of my nose that he would take off too. He seemed so confident in what he was saying, it made me feel really comfortable. I felt comfortable the entire time actually. He made realistic points and told me that if I needed a revision it would be slight and in office. He said it's unlikely though but he would do it for free if that happened. Also, he said it would just be tip work and we're not touching the bridge of my nose at all. Woo! No breaking. My healing would be very fast and I probably wouldn't be in pain. He did notice that it was a little difficult for me to breath, so he said he would open it up a little bit and it would be better.

All in all, I was VERY happy with my consultation. I printed out the list of questions I had and he grabbed it from my hand haha and just answered all of them. Awesome. He was so confident!! My cost for the surgery would be $7,500. I don't mind. I really think I'm going to schedule the surgery tomorrow. I can always cancel but I really do think I am going to go with him. I may also make a consultation with Dr. David Kim on Bedford in Bev Hills. I like his work too. Oh, and I cancelled my consult with Ghavami...not sure why exactly but I just felt like I didn't want to see him.
Very good update! Sounds like Dr. G is your man. :) I think you will be happy considering he is very good with the tip work too. :)
Thanks! Yeah, I think so! I like that he knew exactly what I wanted to do without me even telling him. Especially after a lot of people on this website telling me not to do anything, it was nice to know that a PS as honest as him, and one that turns down a lot of patients, did not say I didn't need one.

Scheduled the surgery!! :)

Scheduled the surgery!! :)
Congrats to you for choosing Dr. G. I felt sooooo comfortable with him cause he's down to earth at the same time as being extremely talented. He did my surgery a little over 3 months ago, and I'm still 100% thrilled with his work. Yeah!!! Good job, you!
Yay!! It's nice to hear that you are still so happy :) I'm looking forward to speaking with him again, as I still have questions and concerns. How many consultations did you have with him? Did he consult with you at your pre-op?
You should go to as many as you need in order to feel comfortable. Most surgeons don't mind seeing you several times before you decide or feel good about going through with it. I have gone to three with one surgeon and still have not decided on him. I have seen some twice already. Don't be shy do what makes you feel comfortable its your nose and your money

Starting to compile a list of products to have on...

Starting to compile a list of products to have on hand and how to prepare. This is mostly so I can have this on hand, but I want to share in hopes that this helps someone else too :)

1. Probiotics
- I'm a health nut so I really don't think yogurt does any good when it comes to live cultures. I work with a nutritionist and she recommends Dr. Ohirra's probiotics, you can get them on vitacost.com, also pb8 is okay too! Not as good but definitely less expensive.

2. Face Wipes
I like the Yes To Carrots cucumber face wipes :)

3. Vaseline
Regular vaseline has petroleum in it, yuck, I think that the Alba "un-petroleum" jelly is amazing. You can get it at target in the baby section! It seriously is the best.

4. Bendy Straws

5. Lots of water near by!

6. Make some green fruit smoothies ahead of time and store them in mason jars! Super healthy and filling! You can add rolled oats to the smoothies to make them more filling as well.

7. Have a time chart near by with a pen, so you can remember when you took your medication. Pill box too maybe?

8. Clean and wash your bedding the day before and have your bed ready for you when you come home.

9. U shaped travel pillow

10. DVD's & laptop/TV near by :)

11. Natural/organic cough drops for dry mouth

12. Humidifier - I found one at wal-mart with a fragrance diffuser, I wonder if you could put essential oil into it? That would be nice and relaxing!

What else?!?!
I just had surgery on the 26th with dr. Chernoff. I'm here in indiana but he also has an office in Santa Rosa. He made himself very available to me and even gave me his personal email to contact him with questions. I was very impressed with his time and he has been so attentive to me. Today I am 6 days post op and I have my cast removed on Friday. Everyone is astounded at how I was hardly bruised and how quickly my swelling went down. As of right now I am displaying no bruising and oy slight swelling at the tip. :). I had a deviated septum fixed and extensive bone work to remove a significant hump. Well if you decide to go with someone else I wish you the best of luck and here is a couple things I have found useful Chapstick (your lips will be super dry) Eye drops (my eyes got dry and if they are swollen you don't want to rub) Gauze (my nose has been drippy) Small ice packs
Thank you very much for the tips and advice! That's great that you hardly had any swelling :)

Hi! So, I just put my request in for 1 week off of...

Hi! So, I just put my request in for 1 week off of work for my procedure. HR says I need to have a medical documentation so I can put it in as sick time. I don't know what to do because I don't want them to know what procedure I'm having done. How do I accomplish this while still maintaining a level of privacy?? Any advice will be super helpful!

What if you just said you were getting "septoplasty"? Would your Dr.'s office phrase it that way for you?

Actually, they didn't put anything pertaining to the surgery on the fax that they sent me, so it worked out perfectly :)
Did you use a downloaded software to morph your picts to see what you wanted you results to be or did you let the doctor do that?

I feel like my surgery is sooo far away!! Which it...

I feel like my surgery is sooo far away!! Which it kinda is, but I know it's going to come up soo fast. I have days where I have a lot of doubts, like should I really be doing this? Is it worth it? All those things, ya know? So scary!! Obviously it helps to read all the updates that everyone is so graciously posting! It's so comforting. I really feel like I chose the right doctor even though he was only my second consultation. So I'm happy about that :) I also sometimes feel like I'm selfish for wanting to do this, as well as spending the money. I'm usually a very selfless person so it feels weird doing this....!
My surgery is July 2nd! I totally relate to your doubtful feelings! I've been feeling ups and downs about the whole thing too. It's so hard but I think it will be worth it for us! :) You are already so pretty...and Dr. G will do an amazing job on you. ;)
It's coming up fast!! I pray and hope it will be worth it. :) Thank you for your kind comment, it's really appreciated. What do you think about the photo I just posted that I want to show Dr. G for reference??
I think those are great references for you. Natalie Portmans nose is my ideal nose.

Getting closer! -

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about how to convey exactly what I want to my doctor. I want to be better prepared this time when I speak with him on the 15th! I chose 4 photos of celebs who have noses that I feel are in line with what my outcome could be. I want to make it clear that I do not want any of their noses specifically. I'm using their photos as a visual reference. What do you guys think? Do you think that these photos seem like a good visual aid to show Dr. G.? My friend already looked at them and said that she felt they all have similar noses to what I'm looking for and it seems possible with what I have right now.
Wow, you are very pretty, and I think that with a small touch you can get to where you want to be. You seem sooo super excited and you are doing your research and then some. I didn't do any at all before I got mine done, wish I did at least a little. However, you seem to be obsessing over it and I don't want you to have these super high expectations and then after, it not be 100% how you imagined and then you get the "bug" and over do it. I did that with my lips and now they are so big and crooked it looks terrible. Is this the first rhino proced. Or is this a correction proced.? Good luck to you and remember how beautiful you already are, the procedure is just to enhance what you already have, not to become a different person (if only someone said this to me... :) ) let us see how it is after the proced.
Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated!! I am very excited, and looking forward to getting it done. I don't have super high expectations because right now I'm not really sure what to expect. I don't really even have an image of what it will be like. This is why I pulled those photos of the celebs, and not because they are celebs but because they are the easiest photos to find of nice noses :) It's not that I want any of their noses, it's just to use for a visual aid. This will be my first, and hopefully my only procedure. My doctor is doing a minimal amount of work and I will not push him to do more. I definitely do not want to look like a different person!
I think your nose looks quite good even without the surgery :P I really like the work Dr.G does but he is like too expensive :( Did your family helped you get the money or you worked? I need some ideas of how to collect that amount for myself :( anyways keep us updating cause I think you nose is going to be amazing :d


So, I was thinking about everything I need to get before July 8th comes around. One thing in particular that I thought about was making myself some smoothies to drink during the recovery period. I am not really keen on taking too many medications! Also, for the swelling period, I researched some yummy "anti-inflammatory" smoothie recipes. I thought this one sounded perfect so I thought I would share it here :)

- 1 cup organic cherries (anthocyanins in cherries help relieve pain more effectively than aspirin)
- 2 ripe bananas (energy and help digestion)
- 1 cup organic greens of your choice (very alkaline)
- 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder (potent antioxidant, liver detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory)
- 1/4 tsp. cinnamon (rich in antioxidants, helps to combat inflammation and free radicals)
- 1 tsp freshly grated ginger (potassium rich, helps stimulate digestion and bile flow)
- 1 tbsp. pre-soaked chia seeds (full of omega-3 fatty acids to help protect the body from damaging effects of chronic inflammation)
- 1 cup young thai coconut water (full of potassium and magnesium, help protect the body from degenerative diseases)

- Blend all the ingredients together in a high powered blender and enjoy :)

I plan on making this or something similar. During the recovery period it's important to give your body these nutrients rather than drinking gatorade and eating saltines. Something to think about, hope it helps!
Arnica for bruising and bromelain for swelling would be good additions to your list
Thank you for the reminder, I got both the other day!
You are so pretty, you are gonna be beyond amazing once this is done. Very happy for you and making an informed choice. You will be in good hands- can't wait to see your journey as it unfolds here!


So today I had my pre-op! I was so nervous before I saw the doctor! Almost like if I was having the surgery today haha. Once I saw him my nerves went away. I didn't end up showing him any photos. I felt like he knew what needs to be done with my nose and he's going to make it look good. I asked him if he can picture what it's going to look like and he said not until he starts working on it and sees what's going on inside my nose. Makes sense! And that's why he doesn't do computer imaging. I was looking at some results in person like the two secretaries and another patient and they all looked so so good. I'm more excited now!! I also paid today in full, which makes this all real now. Just a few more weeks!
hi there, i have been following your postings as I am also getting my rhinoplasty done with Dr. G in July (July 24). I'm curious if you have asked Dr. G about what he does to prevent possible problems with the nose post-surgery over time, such as collapse (I know it is rare, but you hear about it occasionally). I am sure that Dr. G has some technique to prevent that as he is such an experienced doctor, but I'm just curious if you have spoken with him about that.
He said he uses grafts to prevent collapse :)
hey there, you had your pre-op the day I had my first consult, we may have passed in the Hall : )... glad it went well. I have to say I went to ALOT of consults and the experience there was quite different. I scheduled my procedure in Sept, wish it was sooner but I've waited this long. I think I am having him do my BA too.... so lots of recovery for me but I'd rather do it all at once, and thier just baby impalnts... I've loved your shopping list, I'm very health concious and eat pretty clean normally but it will be extra helpfull around surgery time. Take care, I'll be looking forward to your updates.


So this is partially my fault...but I realized that Dr. G. is doing a turbinate reduction on my left nostril, and insurance could cover that portion of the surgery. I should have realized this during my consultation because now Dr G's office says it's too late to submit a claim and it takes over a month to get this settled. I really wish they would have suggested that I file a claim or THEY could have filed a claim with my insurance. The lady told me that after the surgery they would give me a itemized list of all the procedures he did on me and I can send that to my insurance and see what happens. Very annoying... I could have saved some money!
It is getting closer to your date. Hope you are not nervous you will look great!! Cause you do already...you will only be even better. Share lots of picts., it is so fun to see the before and after. It is also helpful to anyone still trying to make up there mind. Best wishes!!
Thank you so much. I will definitely be sharing my photos. :)
Your nose can easily look like a cross between those of Natalie Portman and Cheryl Cole post op. Alessandra Ambrosio's nose is the same width for its entire length - it's beautiful and that look would also look great on you. I'm so jealous you don't need any bridge work. You'll be out and about in no time haha! Have you thought about getting protein shakes in place of meats and nuts for your recovery? I'm going to make a list for myself here soon so I hope you don't mind if I borrow a couple ideas!

The countdown is on!

I started to feel super nervous yesterday about everything! But everyone on here has been so awesome reassuring me and helping me through this! I'm so thankful for this website. I also went to my regular doctor today just for peace of mind to make sure I'm healthy for the surgery, and she actually had her nose done! 27 years ago. She has known me since I was a baby, and has known my parents since before I was even born so I really trust her. She was so excited for me and said I was perfectly fine and had nothing to worry about. It helped so much talking to her, I'm really glad that I went! I'm still nervous but more excited about everything. I can't wait to update after July 8th!
Good luck tomorrow! I think you're in great hands. :)
Thank you so much! I think so too :)
All the best to you! Will be thinking about you! It's gonna be great- no worries. Get some rest. Excited for you that the day is tomorrow- it'll be done before you know it!!!!


You guysss. I can't believe this is actually happening! I'm about to take a shower and get to sleep. I am nervous about the unknown....I have to admit. Even things like what the inside of the hospital looks like, how I'm going to feel, and so on. My mom is taking me to the hospital in the morning and my boyfriend is meeting us there around 7:45. I feel like having them both there will definitely help keep me calm. :) Alrighty, well I will update tomorrow or as soon as possible! Thank you to everyone for all of your sweet comments and good vibes, I appreciate it more than you know. Say a little prayer for me if you pray! xoxo
I hope everything went well!!! My surgery is tomorrow, I am really scared!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to reading your updates!! Best of luck for your recovery!!
I was afraid too! But try not be, it makes it worse. It wasn't that bad looking back on it but of course you'll be nervous, it's surgery!!! Good luck, I will be thinking about you!
Hey there Beautiful, I'm thinking your in surgery right now, congrats! so exciting!


I'm on my way home! I feel fantastic no pain no swelling! Tmw may be different but right now everything is a-ok. My mom got a peek when the nurse changed my gauze and said it already looked good! Yay! I go see him on Saturday :) ill update more on my experience in this hospital when I get home. Thanks everyone for your well wishes!!
You look great... Besides the bandage on your nose you dont eeven look like you just had surgery!!!
I was soo surprised. I hope that doesn't change lol
That's great it went well, good luck on ur recovery!!

Day 1 - surgery

Hi again! So I'm bored now in bed haha and wanted to share what my day was like to give some insight to other people who haven't gone through this yet.

I was supposed to get to the hospital at 8am and got there about 35 minutes early. I waited for my boyfriend to meet us and then we went to admitting and then to the surgery room. I took off my glasses and I am so blind I immediately put them back on because it made me way more nervous! I felt like everything was happening so fast. I gave the lady at the desk my paperwork and the nurse came right over and put on my bracelets. I had to take some deep breaths and calm myself down!

My mom and bf went to the waiting room and I went into the recovery room and they took my blood pressure and all that. Changed and got in the bed. She tried to give me the IV starter but it hurt so bad I was almost in tears so she stopped. My mom and bf joined me and the nurses said it will be 30 min and ill be taken to another room to meet with Dr. G and the anesthesiologist. Omg it ended up waiting like 2 hours!! I was so happy my bf came cause he was making my mom and I die laughing. It was great but hes always funny :) It really made me not as nervous.

Finally I was wheeled into the other room and I was sad leaving my entourage lol. Gave them both a hug and kiss. I talked to the doctor and I felt calm. We went over everything together. I loved my nurse in there and the anesthesiologist, they were great and when she started my IV this time it didn't hurt at all!! Then she gave me a "cocktail" to calm me down and I felt great. I wasn't scared anymore and I kept telling the nurse I liked her nose lol. After another 30 min they wheeled me into the operating room and I wasn't terrified like I thought I would be. Thank goodness for drugs :) before I knew it I was out and in the recovery room!!! I woke up feeling super dizzy though but not nauseous. I was clicking my teeth together non stop though and they thought I was cold but it was just from the anesthesia. She gave me something else and I immediately felt amazing.

Finally I got to see my mama (bf had to go to work) and I felt great. I had some pressure and a little headache so I did end up taking Vicodin which again helped a lot. I brought my neck pillow in the car with me and that was great on the way home :) I got into bed and was starving I ate some of a banana and some toast. I kept closing my eyes and dreaming super weird things even when I wasn't asleep. Now I'm awake and bored!!! Sorry that was so long but hope it helped someone. I was super scared so my advice is to just focus on why you are doing this and talk to the nurses a lot, if they're funny and nice it will help a lot :) I'm so happy I'm done with the surgery!! Good luck to any up coming surgery patients! Xo
I loved your most recent update! It helped me! I am soooooo scared, so I hope i can get the "cocktail" in my IV like you did. : ) It is also great to hear that you weren't nauseous, as vomiting after facial surgery is one of my fears! I will have Vicodin for pain relief after my surgery, so it is encouraging to hear that worked well for you. Congrats on being through your surgery! I hope you can get some movies to watch or something to keep you from being bored. Happy healing!
So happy that it helped you! Just express to them that you are feeling really nervous :) I wish you all the best!! Let me know if you have any questions
Yay!! You're cruising through recovery like a champ! :D

Post - Op Day 1

I think this is technically day 1. Whatever.. Haha. I'm up super early this morning (4:30am) and feel rested except for my eyes feeling a bit tired. They look a tiny bit bruised to me but I can't tell. My nose also feels dried up but not sure either and I don't want to touch the gauze right now. My mom is a champ and has been changing it for me so I kinda wanna wait until she wakes up. I'm a baby! I was able to go to the bathroom by myself, yesterday I felt to dizzy to do that. I'm feeling really good so I have to remind myself not to over do it.

I also woke up with a super duper dry mouth. My mom ran out last night to go get me Biotene spray which is to help prevent dry mouth. I also slathered on my Alba jelly on my lips and that helped a lot until I decided to sleep with the fan on! I was so hot and i dont like not sleeping with the covers haha.

I do have a tiny bit of a dull headache but before I take anymore pain meds (because it is tolerable) I'm going to make the smoothie recipe that I posted earlier on my profile .. Hopefully that helps because of the cherries! I will post later today if anything changes :) happy healing!

Day 1

Thank you for sharing and keeping us posted. I wish you all the best in your recovery!
You're welcome, and thank you! Your surgery is going to be coming up soon!! I will be watching for updates :)
Thank you so much for all of your helpful tips! I have been reading your "Journal" on real self for a while now, but finally decided today that I would join so I could send you a comment! I have always felt that I wanted a rhinoplasty, but your journey through it all has really helped me decide that it was something that I am absolutely read for, and being that I am in Santa Barbara I have already exchanged emails and photos with Dr. Grigoryants. He is GREAT! However, I am still going to schedule a consultation with him so I can meet him in person. You are so sweet to track your journey- it really helps others! :) I can't wait to see what your nose will look like when the bandages come off! So excited! I hope you have a wonderful day of recovery and that you continue to recover without any large noticeable bruising! You look great girl! :)

Day 2

Hi guys! So yesterday was not that great of a day. After I updated in the morning I stayed in bed until around 3pm. My boyfriend came over to keep me company and take care of me while my mom went to work. He kept making me laugh and I had to hold my cheeks so it wouldn't hurt! I didn't get much rest with him here. I got out of bed and we were watching tv and making food...well he was making it, I was sitting there watching ha. My cousin also came over to see me and then they were both being ridiculous and making me laugh again. I think it was too much! It didn't seem like I over did it but I really needed to be resting. After they left I felt really weird. Just super uncomfortable. I had so much pressure in my head, nose (obviously) and also my ears, which I still do. I laid down and started to fall asleep but then quickly woke up when my dad threw the house phone on my bed cause my mom was on the phone. He didn't know I was sleeping and it startled me so much I started crying for like 5 minutes and I couldn't stop...which was weird. He felt so bad...poor guy. I even kept saying I don't know why I'm crying! I took some tylenol, and my antibiotic, and I was able to get to sleep. I slept from 10 am to 6 am and I feel well rested.

My nose is still draining which is so annoying! I hope it stops by tomorrow at the latest.

I am starting to get really scared about seeing my nose. I hope I don't hate it or freak out and cry. It looks like the tip goes to one side but I'm like "HELLLOO the cast is on, bandaids are on, you don't really know." Lol.

Also, my neck is really hurting from sleeping up right. My neck pillow was awesome at first and now I hate it haha. I have big pillows that I'm sleeping on instead which seem to make it less painful when I wake up.

Some things I've been eating:


Things I can't live without right now:

Alba non-petroleum jelly

Biotene mouth spray

Lots of water
I'm curious why you have so much pressure and bandages if you just had the middle part of tip done ?? Is having just the tip done like removing some cartilage also a big surgery.
I should have mentioned that he also performed a septoplasty. My left nasal passage was severely blocked up so I assume that's why I have a cast on and splints! He didn't remove any cartilage from my tip, he sewed the tip together to refine it after raising the columella.
I can totally relate to the crying thing! I did that too. I think it's just the medicine in our system and just the whole process. I am still really emotional at times. Like I'll start to cry super easily over the dumbest things! So you're not alone with that whole thing. I had to be careful with what movies I watched because I would easily lose it! Same goes for laughing...;)

Day 3

Is it only 3 days post op?! Ugh...lol. Feels like forever!! Today I woke up feeling okay. Last night I felt so strange after taking my anti-biotics. I'm not a medication person..never even take tylenol so all these drugs are really messing with me! Can't wait until it's over.

I took my gauze off today, YAY! My nose is still dripping (clear) a little bit but it feels so much more comfortable without the gauze on on.

I'm a little more comfortable today and almost feel like going out and getting a pedicure! But I probably wont haha. I'm getting nervous about seeing my nose still. I kept thinking the worst things like night which did NOT help at all. But if anything I know my nose will not be deformed lol, I trust Dr. G! I will just look a little different, and I may have to get used to it..although I hope that happens fast! I hope I still look like little old me..just better :)

Nothing else really to update about yet.

Saturday morning at 8:30am is my appt. to take the splints out and all that. :) I can't wait!!

Day 3 photo

Wow! It looks like you didn't swell at all! My consulation is on the 27th, waited 2 months for that! LOL! And it looks like 4 month wait for surgery right? Thanks for updating us. Looking forward to see your new nose.
I got very lucky!! I assume since nothing was broken my face did not swell. I think it was about a 4 month wait! Good luck at your consultation!

Day 4

TGIF!!! I've never been so excited for a Friday. I know I already said this, but I cannot WAITTTT to get these splints out!! One more sleep with it!

Yesterday I felt loads better and I actually made some super easy macaroon cookies and some sweet potato fries..Random!! I couldn't even taste them sadly :( I also took a short luke warm bath without washing my hair. Shaved my legs...what a relief that was. Especially since my bf was coming over again it motivated me to get clean! ;) He left around 9 and I was so tired by that point. I had a hard time sleeping last night :( which sucked but I at least slept for around 4 hours at a time.

All the pain from the stuffiness has subsided which is a good thing. Of course I still feel stuffy because of the splints but no pressure anymore. The only thing that is painful is the tie beneath my columella that is holding the splints at the bottom of my nasal passage so they don't get lost up my nose :P It just feels a little sore, as do the splints. I can't wait to stop taking the anti-biotic as well. It puts me in a little bit of a funk. Other than that...everything seems to be ok!! :)
keep us posted with pictures! I need surgery too bc my nose is so messed up, but I don't like the idea that something could go wrong. hope it all goes well.
I actually like the way it drops...I love your nose
the first pic is awesome! I love your nose and want to marry it!

Big reveal ;)

AHH.... This was so scary for me. I was sooo nervous this morning to see my nose! I think most people react this way, but I was a little scared when I saw the front of my nose. At first it looked so different then the old me! Butttt...obviously it's swollen. It hasn't even been 1 week since my surgery! Now that I've been home and I've been looking at myself longer, the more I'm getting used to it.

When he took out the splints and everything it didn't hurt one bit. The thing that hurt was when he was pressing on the most swollen parts of my nose. It felt really weird too. Like numb but not at the same time.

It really is weird seeing yourself look different however I still look like myself! Like everyone else, I can't wait until the tip swelling goes down!! :)

In the pictures the tape is making my nostrils look a little triangular, but they aren't.
Wow!!!!!! You look great!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you nasina!
Looks so good!! It's amazing how a subtle change can make such a big difference :)

Getting rhinoplasty is definitely a process

Before I got my surgery I read tons of people saying how they got depressed and sad and wondering if they did the right thing. I thought that I had done all my reasearch and had the right frame of mind however last night I broke down unexpectedly. I was looking at old photos of me and missing my old nose that I wanted gone for so long. I thought I made a huge mistake!! Such a whirlwind of emotions. I was so overwhelmed. When I took my tape off to wash my face last night that's when it really hit me! Finally my boyfriend and my mom talked some sense into me and I changed my mind set, which definitely wasn't easy. One thing is that is can't get worse than it is, so It only can get better!

Sorry for the little rant, but I know a lot of us go through this!!

Ps, what do you guys think of me wearing my tape to work? I really feel weird not wearing it... I like how my nose looks with it on!
I think your nose looks amazing!!! I have my surgery 4th Sept and my number one thing that i'm freaking out about is the swelling from the front view! It must be so hard looking at yourself not liking it but I have no doubt that after about 3 months you are going to be over the moon!!! From the side your nose isn't drastically different so it's all the swelling that is upsetting you. You are gorgeous and your surgeon did a great job. You need to have faith in why you chose to go through all of this and that you picked the correct surgeon for you. It's a process, have trust in it all and within no time the swelling with go and you'll be sooo happy you did this! Also, how did the smoothies go? I love your recipes! x
Thank you so so much. It is hard but I'm trying to stay sane...your mentality really has to be positive! You are right that I need to have faith!! :) Thanks again for your kind words. I liked the smoothies a lot! They were filling and yummy.
I dont get it why you upset! I think your nose looks so great ( considering its just the beggining ,and the swelling ect) ...I wish my nose to look like this after my surgery :P u so lucky and beautiful :))) best of luck and hugss x

Feeling better

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Seriously. I have received so much positivity and support and it's getting me through this! I am so thankful and feel very blessed. I put on some makeup and took off the tape so you guys can see. I feel at least 3 times better, so that's a start. I tried to contour my nose but it didnt really work that well haha.
1 LOVE YOUR EYE MAKEUP!! 2 LOVE YOUR NOSE! It looks so good!!!
Thank you so much!! :)
looks amazingg so far!! even with the swelling its looking great :)

Back to work

So like most have said, no one at work notices a thing! I did keep one piece of tape on today, I just feel more comfortable with it on. The swelling has decreased a bit since the Saturday freak out sesh. Lol. I absolutely love my profile from both sides now and I feel much more confident! I'm getting more used to my front view, and I love smiling now. Before, I hated how much my nose hung down when I smiled, especially the front view. It's so much better now. So I'm gunna go ahead and say this was all worth it! I will update again when my swelling decreases or if anything weird happens. Thanks to everyone for your super duper sweet words, and helping me get through the tough day or so. It helped me tremendously! I can't thank you enough. xoxo
I would take two weeks off. That's what I did when I had my primary. This gives you plenty of time to rest and fully recover.
Hi, how much time off did you get? I wonder if 14 days are enough?
I took 1 week and a day off of work haha. I still feel a little weak but I'm okay because I have an office job, so it's not labor intensive.

Before and afters!

Looking great!! He didn't touch your bridge right? So from your last pic it really shows how much swelling is going on!!! I'm so nervous about the swelling I hope mine is similar to yours but highly doubt it considering I need way more work done!!
No he didn't touch my bridge at all! Yeah it really shows the swelling! Don't be nervous about the swelling....It's just apart of this whole procedure but just be mentally prepared!
Love your results! Can you post more photos of your entire face front and side? I'm thinking of consulting with this doctor! Thanks ;) glad you are happy. You were gorgeous before. And gorgeous after. Any tips are appreciated ! No pun intended ! Hehe

Quick Update

I had a nose bleed today! ICK! I had garlic soup last night (as a healing method for me being sick) and I think that's what made me bleed! It only bled for a minute or less but it did scare me a little. Also, near the sutures I can see inside my nose, it was very irritated and inflamed but I've been taking Quercetin with bromelain & vitamin C...and also using saline and it seems to have gone down quite a bit although still a tiny bit irritated. It doesn't hurt it's just uncomfortable! Also my tip is still extremely swollen which makes me dislike my 3/4 angle cause it makes it look like it is hanging down...eehhh I'm not too upset about it cause I know it's the swelling. I think about the good things about my old nose and convince myself that Dr G wouldn't have made it worse :) Im still so early in recovery too! Otherwise, I'm still happy! :) I started to get a build up of blackheads (gross) on my nose from taping every night so tonight in the shower I used a manual face brush very very gently on my nose and it seemed to help a lot!

Another thing is that I went out on Saturday night to a friends wedding and someone took a few pictures of us dancing. I saw them posted on facebook and one of the pictures looked sooo weird! My nose didn't even look like it belonged on my face. I don't even want to post it to show you guys. Even my mom said it looked strange lol. It was at a weird angle, and even doctors on here have said that you may not want to take photos in social settings for the first couple weeks because your nose will look bigger/different in the photos. Interesting. It did make me freak out a little bit because it didn't even look like me! Oh well...I'm not going to judge anything right now because of swelling.

Pics from today

Your nose looks absolutely fantastic! I am new to this thread and while researching Dr. G found your review and photos. I can not begin to tell you how at ease it put me. I have a nose very similar to your before photos and I have been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember. I am sooo nervous though, and as the time comes closer for me to commit and schedule it, I get scared I am going to have regrets (wrong doctor, wrong wants/needs for outcome etc) or never be happy since I am such a perfectionist. Dr. G seems to come the closest to perfection as possible (as seen in your photos). I will also be coming from out of town and with a hectic work schedule may not be able to do a consult in person until the day before surgery...eeeek! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
Thank you very much!! It is a little scary but just do your research and you will know who to trust!! :) Dr G is a great doctor and I would definitely recommend him!
I think the nose looks great!!

More pics


Is making me go up and down on my feelings about my nose! I'm trying to not think about it at all but it is hard. When I take pics from the side, I realize how much happier I am with my profile, which is awesome. The front looks pretty much the same to me...Which is a LITTLE annoying however if I'm being realistic, that's the way my nose was before, and there's not much Dr G could have done to make that part of it look completely different...and would I want that anyway? It may look weird not to have that feature on my face anymore, that's just a part of me! So I'm not upset over it at all...he raised my columella like we spoke about and it looks great! I almost like my nose more on the bottom when it swells because it makes the columella look shorter....haha. But again, my nose looks a little different every day....so I can't really judge it yet. Over all I'm still happy! Sometimes I look at it and I feel like it doesnt look ANY different but then when I take photos I see the difference again :)

My nose has been super tender the past few days and I have to be super careful...especially when kissing my bf...haha he has hurt me a few times so now he's afraid!! Anyways...not much else today :)
updated picts?
Hey there, we haven't heard from you lately? How are you feeling/doing?
You look so amazing! It takes a full 1 year for the actual result to be seen so stop being so hard on yourself! You look amazing now so that means when the swelling is gone it will look even cuter!! Congrats! Did Dr G have a consultation fee or complimentary?

Happy :)

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been so busy lately. I am still very happy with my nose..More so than before. The left side is still very swollen, and it is more so than other days. My nose has been hit a few times, not super hard but enough to hurt! AH! It really is like a target. I feel like I look different in photos still...but I know it's the swelling! I'm doing a photo shoot this weekend and I am a little nervous because it does look more swollen in photos. I'll post a few random photos and then when I get a chance I'll take some better ones!


Updated picts and to know how you are healing would be great! Thanks
Gorgeous doll!!! Your nose looks great and it brings out your beautiful eyes. I do think pretty girls who get rhino stand out even more after the surgery like celebs do. I cant wait to fet mine! And cant wait to see what ur nose looks like in couple more months :)
Beautiful! I wish I went to your PS and just did my tip :/


Hi All, I am sorry for not updating!! I've been moving, new job etc, not a minute to post anything! Everything has been going great. I went for a check up about a month ago now and Dr. G said I am still very swollen however it's shrinking nicely!! When I looked at my before pictures with him, you can really see the difference and see the swelling. It puts it into perspective. Before you could see my cartilage due to think skin at the tip of my nose, and now the caritlage/definition is just barellyyy starting to show up. It's only been over 2 months so I still have a long way to go. My nose isn't as sensitive at all, I've had a few bumps but it doesnt hurt, it just feels weird. When I went for my check up, Dr. G pressed my nose really hard and THAT hurt, but I was happy cause it meant it was still healing! I like the right angle of my face/nose much better right now, because the left angle is more swollen and not as refined yet, and it almost looks droopy to me. I'm anxious to see that part change. Crossing my fingers! Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror I still dont really feel like I look like myself, which is weird, but its not really a bad thing, it's just adjusting. I haven't really taken any new pics lately but I will try to post some soon. It hasn't changed too much from the last photo updates. I hope all of you are doing well and are pleased with your results!! xx
Glad you're doing well! The first 4-6 weeks post op were definitely the worst in terms of day-to-day changes & up and down swelling for me... So you are definitely in the clear now! Sometimes my nose will randomly feel more swollen but overall it's been pretty smooth since the first few months!
I am glad to hear all is well with you. Looking forward to seeing your new beautiful pictures. Take care.
beautiful results


Few new pics...Still swollen!! I'm happy so far, but will be even happier when the swelling goes down....9 more months ;)

one more picture

Sorry it's a weirddd pic....lol but it shows my nose closer at an angle.
I think you looked beautiful before the surgery, and even more stunningly gorgeous after the surgery. Dr Grigoryants sounds like a great doctor.
Thank you so much. He is a great doctor!!
You are looking amazing! Thanks for the updates they are great.

New Photos

Hi! I haven't updated in a while now, but I have more recent pictures. The swelling has gone down a lot, obviously! But it is of course still very swollen in the tip area. I can tell when it's more swollen some days than others. Overall, I am very happy with my decision and I think it was worth it!!

Another photo

Love it! Your surgeon did a great job, although it's true that your nose wasn't that bad before
Compared to other 6 month postop photos, ur nose looks soooo good!!
OMG! I love your nose! You're soooo pretty xo
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