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Retin-A 0.025 Diary - Los Angeles, CA

So I am on my 4th Week of Retin-a 0.025%. I...

So I am on my 4th Week of Retin-a 0.025%. I started using it because of some mild adult acne I was experiencing around my chin area. Cystic acne! My gyno was the one who prescribed it. It took me a week to start using it because I had gone through hours of reviews and was terrified at the side effects! But I pulled the trigger, knowing how much of a miracle product it was for aging, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles and acne.

I am mid week 4 and just starting to see new pimples on my chin, one on forehead and and one on cheek. I know it's the Retin-A doing it's thing because I don't even get pimples on cheek or forehead.

I think I am one of the lucky ones because my experience has been tolerable thus far. NO redness, peeling, or dryness. I was afraid it wasn't working or I needed higher strength because I wasn't having side effects! But, supposedly you're just one of the lucky ones.

here's my regimen: First off ( I researched like a crazy person like I said) so I went to a dermatologist as soon as I started using it and asked to be prescribed a topical antibiotic! he gave me Clindamycin.
I wash face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and dry face
I wait at least 45 minutes and use Clindamycin
I wait another half hour and use moisturizer...I use what I always use (Anew Ultimate Age Repair Cream with SPF 25)

I wash face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser
I wait at least 45 minutes, then apply Clindamycin
I wait another 30 minutes, then apply Retin-A
I want 45 minutes, apply moisturizer (SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Oily)

And that's all. I'm pretty optimistic about Retin-A and can't wait to see the results. I will write back on Week 5 and there on out!


Thanks for posting your review, so glad you are not having the side effects, and good results so far! Look forward to your updates, good luck!

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Week 5 of Retin A 0.025

I am mid week 5 one Retin-a 0.025. For about a day and a half, I experienced my first signs of redness all over my face and the area around my chin and under my nose started to flake/peel due to dryness. I started to get scared, but it literally was gone in two days. Using moisturizer cures the dryness quickly. I still have some pimples on my chin...going down slowly. I have acne scars so it's hard to tell how fast my pimples are disappearing. Not many changes. I'm still very optimistic. I'll repost on week 6.


Thanks for your post. I started using Tretin-x 0.0375% cream my dermatologist prescribed a while ago , but I wasn't using it because I was in the sun a lot , but now I decided to try it and its been about 3 weeks and my skin got very dry and broke out like crazy. I am not sure if it broke out because of the retin- a or maybe because its that time of the month , but I haven't had such severe acne in months. Not sure what to do :(
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Thanks for the update!

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Week 6 of Retin A 0.025

I am mid week 6 on retin-a. If you've read my reviews, you'll know that I've had a pretty smooth ride thus far. I still have drying/ flaking in the same areas, but still not noticeable after I apply moisturizer. I'm hoping my acne scars on my chin disappear! They are fading very slowly. Haven't had any huge, new cysts in that area for a few weeks. A few, very subtle pimples on my cheeks. Still optimistic that it's working and doing its thing. I know the anti-aging benefits can take up to 6 months...and by that point, I'm hoping to go up on strength to take advantage of all those benefits. I have subtle fine lines due to the sun.
I will write another review next week. But, I have to say...if you're thinking of taking the "plunge" I highly recommend starting on this strength. I've never had to skip a night since day one!


Hey Manyana, it could be a combination of both. I'm no expert, but I know that it's crucial to continue using the retin-a through breakouts. How are you doing now?
Stopped using retin- a for about a week , and using argan oil all over my face instead. My skin looks better for sure. Before i was using retin- a every 3 days. Maybe it was too often? Do you use it every day ? Also i have 0.0375 % could it be too high?
The strength may be too high. I'm on 0.025, so a bit lower than what you're using. I do use it everyday. Maybe try a lower strength and start out using it every 3 days or so. good luck. Good to hear that the argan oil is helping!

Week 7 Retin-A 0.025%

Hey guys. I am mid way through week seven. I have a few small pimples...2 new ones on my lower cheek and a few on my chin. However, I have not had any cystic acne in a good month or so...which I am relieved about. That is what I was struggling with when I went on the medicine. The small pimples are almost like a breathe of fresh air for me. They do however, take a long time (or what seems like a long time) to go away. if they come to a head, I do "pop" them...but, if they don't, I leave them be. It's also that time of the month for me, so that could be another reason I have new pimples.

The end of week 6 and into week 7, I am experiencing the most dryness, peeling and flaking. However, it's only on my chin and above my lip. I wake up almost every morning with lots of dryness. Once my morning routine is complete and I add moisturizer...I am still able to apply makeup and you can't tell my skin is dry. I just ordered a stronger moisturizer for really dry skin from the same doctor (online) that recommended the other products I use alongside Retin-a. I'm heading back East for the holidays and it's cold there! I want to be prepared for more chapping/ dryness.

I now use La Roche-Posay Toleriane (without rinsing - theres the option) after washing my face and before moisturizer. I can't be a 100% sure, I but I REALLY think this stuff is what's keeping my drying under control throughout the day. It's very gentle (won't irritate) and has a super creamy texture. It's a cleanser, but almost acts as a moisturizer. I'm excited to combine this and that new moisturizer for extra moisture. The Toleriane is really affordable too! A lot goes a long way. I'd recommend this for anyone who is experiencing dryness and peeling.

I will update next week. I am hoping Week 8 clears up some of these pimples!


Thank you for your update - glad things are going great and your resolving you cystic acne, it can be a real bugger! Question, you mention that you will pop the white heads (if they introduce themselves) this may sound like an odd question but do you use that stainless steel looped tool for that (the extractor)or the old fashioned way - fingers and hot compress? I know there is a right way and a wrong way to do it and so many of us sometimes just pop them...but we need to be so careful to reduce the change of scars and infection. 

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Hi- I do pop them the old fashioned way : / If i do leave them, they end up "popping" themselves anyway once I cleanse or lightly scrub, etc. I do use a hot compress afterwards to reduce scarring. I'm hoping that the Retin-A takes care of the scarring that I currently do have. I know a lot of users have had success with it seeing that retin-a pretty much peels off the top layer of skin.

I love that tool,  I use it on my blackheads and pimples, have you ever seen it, it's got a loop on one side for the white heads and a longer more flat hoop on the other end for blackheads, works great! 


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