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Not Extremely Optimistic, but I Am Hoping for the Best! - Los Angeles, CA

I have tried 4 different times to cover this...

I have tried 4 different times to cover this tattoo. It started off as something sorta of small and has grown into a half sleeve that I absolutely hate. My plan is to fade it to where it is almost gone and then do my homework and research and get an amazing artist to put a awesome tattoo over it. Wish me LUCK!

a few more weeks, a few more thoughts..

so I have a few more weeks before my consultation and the negativity still lingers around like thick, los angeles smog! I have been so down about it literally since the second I got it done and I am not sure if I can ever trust a tattoo artist again.I can't wait to see what my first session of pico has in store for me!

the day is drawing near!

I am only two days away from my consultation and I am super stoked to finally hear what the doctors have to say about my tat! I am hoping they say it'll only be 4-5 sessions before I can get it covered. I am already researching tattoers in the Los Angeles area and there are so many excellent artists, it's extremely refreshing. I am currently looking at Jeremy Swan's shop, Broken Art Tattoo, in Los Angeles, CA. Wish me luck everyone!

1st session down! Very pleased!

I went in for my consultation and ended getting treated on the same day. I am posting pictures tomorrow! 750 for the entire treatment of my half sleeve.

let me clarify

it is 750 per session, not for the entire removal.

1 week post first treatmeant

this is one week after my first treatment. not as much fading as i would have liked, but i know its a process and im staying positive!

side by side comparison

my tattoo is extremely dense. so i don't think there will be a major difference till after the 3rd treatment, but we just gotta stay positive!


I have been noticing that about 2 weeks after my first treatment my tattoo is as light as ever! I am so pumped. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! my next treatment is scheduled for Feb 1st!


I want to post some more pics, but they just aren't doing the pico justice. The tattoo looks much lighter in person than any pictures I have been taking. I will post some more shortly, but they aren't as impressive as the real product.

Forearm tattoo is the next to be lightened

When I go in for my next treatment I am going to knock out both tattoos in the same day. I am really hoping the pico will tear right through the ink on my forearm so I can easily cover it up. Just wanted to update you guys on my plans for the future! happy holidays!!

5 weeks!

This is the latest picture of the tattoo. Very dense and some mild fading. I am staying extremely optimistic though! I have my next treatment coming up in 3 weeks on 1 Feb. The pictures aren't really doing it justice, but I wanted to upload for the community! Keep your heads up guys!!

side by side photo

here are 3 pics side by side. excuse the awful paint photo editing


i am just waiting on some cash flow to start before I go in for treatment #2. I am so stoked about this whole thing. The pico is just an absolute monster. I am almost 2 months post treatment number 1 and there has been a significant amount of fading everywhere! I can't wait to go in and get both my tattoos treated. I am excited what my tattoo future holds for me. Today is a good day!

old pics of my current disaster

i am uploading some older pictures of my current disaster. i can't wait to have this thing off my arm once and for all!!! the journey is long, but the reward is worth it!
Celebrity Laser Spa

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Hey there, just checking in to see if you have gone in for session 2? Hope all is well!
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Looks good ! I'm going in for my first treatment Saturday at celebrity laser spa hope mine fades as well as yours
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That's awesome to hear!!! Keep us posted :)
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How was the healing process? Blisters?? I've seen some monsters. I'm very happy for you and your results. Hang in there. I hear it is quite the process.
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my blisters were pretty gnarly, but they go away and leave absolutely no scarring as long as you dont mess with them! the longer they are there the more ink they pull. i am 8 weeks post treatment numero uno and every single day it seems like more ink is pulled from my arm. i will be having my 2nd treatment very shortly and yes, it is a LONG process, but its exciting as well!
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that's a nice coverup. glad you've done your research on good tattoos so youll never have to through this again! any idea of when youre going to be ready for the coverup?
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i wont be ready for either cover up for at least 6-8 months. my goal is to get both tattoo ready for cover up and have them both finished by mid 2015
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Awesome progress so far! Did they tell you how many treatments they think before you can get it covered?
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Hey thanks so much for the update :) I love when people post side by sides to show progress! Things are looking great, you have only had one treatment...right?
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yeah just the one treatment. My 2nd treatment might be a little while because of finances so we shall see!
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That's not a bad thing, I actually wish I waited longer between sessions as I did scar a little, so I think it's better to wait. 
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the place i get treated makes me wait 8 weeks between sessions. i have absolutely no scarring and the tattoo is getting more and more faded every single day it seems!
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Nice!!  The Picosure is known for not scarring... you're so lucky to have it near you. I have purple in my tattoo and it's not responding all that great, but I have seen other tattoo's treated with the Picosure and it blasted the purple after one treatment. My fingers are crossed Toronto gets one soon. 

Check out these removals -


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It's knocked out a good portion of the lighter stuff at the bottom!! Great progress for only one treatment! Keep at it!
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thanks dude! it's gonna be a long ride, but im buckled up and ready to roll!
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Some great fading after only a single session. You can see a difference in the post 1 week and post 5 week pic too! Way to stay positive! Keep us posted on your progress!
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yeah! i was so shocked to see the amount of fading from the 1st week to the 5th week. it looks even more faded in person. my phone takes bad pics
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That's very brave of you :) Let us know how it goes :)
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Thanks for the update - thrilled for you that you are seeing some fading - Happy Holidays!
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I am also having a tattoo with layers of cover up ink removed. Yours after treatment looks a little "brighter". So did mine, but I had color covering a dark tattoo. I think that the older ink underneath is coming out first. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your continuing treatments. The amount of removal after my first treatment was pretty dramatic, but the second one not so much. I don't know if this is just typical for colored tattoos or if my doc thought he had me hooked and turned the laser down.
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I've had 10 previous medlite laser treatments. They hardly budged. Pico makes an amazing difference. If you want to private message me I can give you my docs info. I'm sure he can beat that price in a heartbeat. I will post some new pics tomorrow 4 weeks out after my 2nd treatment. Congrats to us ;)

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congrats to us is right!! im posting pictures tomorrow 1 week post 1tx!! the pico is seriously a life saver!
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Are you doing the Pico laser? I will bepoting my pictures from my 2nd treatment of Pico it mine done in Pasadena by Dr. Schwartz

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yes i did the pico laser for most of it. some of the reds had to be treated with a diff laser. I am doing mine over at Celebrity Laser Spa in Hollywood. They gave me the best price at 750 each treatment
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How much did you get quoted for your tattoo removal by Dr Schwartz? I have a consult with him on Tuesday and Celebrity Laser Spa on Wed. I'm curious who will give me the better quote!
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