Should I Get a Mommy Makeover or Just a Tummy Tuck? Help! - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a 34 year old mom of a 5 and 3year old. They...

I'm a 34 year old mom of a 5 and 3year old. They were both delivered by csection. I've scheduled a mommy makeover but I'm not sure about the breast implant part. I've had implants since 2001 I think they're 350ccs. I wanted to go 100 ccs bigger but I don't know if I should really do that. I'm 5'7 and 124 lbs. what do you all think? Plz let me know... Thanx
I think your breast look natural and nice - but I think if you were to get a TT it may make your breast appear larger - fore once my TT was done my breast appeared larger more " visible " if you will, I think my tummy was overshadowing the girls if that makes sense ?
I'd say TT only... Your breasts look great!!!
I think your boobs are great! Just do your tummy.
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