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Mommy Make-Over, Full body Lipo including abs, back, chin, flanks, fat transfer w/BBL, Removal of Breast Implant and Bilateral Breast Lift. medical tourism recommendation quotes.

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Checking the pictures you're a good candidate for the Tummy tuck, because if we only do Liposuction the skin will be loose and the results won't be satisfactory.

The price for the Tummy Tuck+Baja Butt (Brazilian butt lift) it's $4900 Dlls plus $120 Dlls for the Lab work and $120 Dlls for the Cardio test. As the amount you request of fat transfer it'll depend on how much fat they can extract during the surgery.

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Francisco Bucio - Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana Dr. Francisco Bucio takes pride in offering exceptional service to prospective cosmetic surgery patients. For over 20 years, Bucio Surgicenter and plastic surgeon Francisco Bucio, M.D., has welcomed Tijuana area residents and patients traveling from the United States to his practice. In 1982, Dr. Francisco Bucio graduated from the México University U.N.A.M. He then went on to complete a five-year residency training program specializing in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious General Hospital in México City. Dr. Francisco Bucio also completed a fellowship in microsurgery at Davies Medical Center in San Francisco, California. In 1989, plastic surgeon Francisco Bucio, M.D., started his private practice in Tijuana, B.C. As a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Francisco Bucio is regularly invited to speak about external ultrasound assisted liposculpture at universities throughout the country. He continues to increase his own knowledge and share his techniques through meetings with the national and international congress of plastic surgery. At Bucio Surgicenter, we can correct or improve those aspects of your body that nature or time has altered. Dr. Bucio will meet your cosmetic surgery goals, so you leave his practice as a satisfied patient with a renewed sense of self confidence. Each plastic and cosmetic surgery option we offer is performed in an operating room with all of the right tools and the required security measurements (oximeters, defibrillator E.K.G., etc.). Dr. Bucio and his team of professionals will treat you with the utmost respect and will work hard to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable during your procedure.

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