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After much research and consideration, I had...

After much research and consideration, I had Sculptra injected yesterday.  So far the results are excellent.  I had anethetic cream applied to my face before the injections.  I really didn't feel pain.  It was more a matter of the eerie feeling of having needles stuck into your face and the sound they make.  More nerves than pain.  Also, the actual injections contain a numbing agent so your face gets numb (like at the dentist - same feeling). 

I had two tiny bruises.  I did take Arnica Montana pellets for two days prior to the procedure which is supposed to minimalize bruising.  Also avoid aspirin and other anti inflamatory drugs two weeks prior.

Otherwise, I felt fine leaving the doctor's office and no problems since.  I will go back in 4 weeks to continue the treatment.  The cost was US$1,000 per bottle of Sculptra so the price listed above reflects total cost for 2 bottles used in my treatment.

Further, follow all the doctors post procedure directions to the letter!  Massage 5 times a day for five days.  That will prevent bumps.  I have no bumps, but I'm still following the massage instructions.

I believe that the KEY is finding a doctor who really specializes in Sculptra.  Every procedure and treatment is different, and no one doctor can be an expert in everything. 

Essential question to ask when considering a prospective doctor is "what are the most popular treatments at your office?"   If they list "fillers" ask which of them are most popular.  Unless a doctor does a lot of Sculptra s/he may not be skilled in the nuances of this filler.

I went to my Dr. in Los Angeles (even though I live no where near LA) because my research indicated that she is a national trainer for this product and one of the first doctors be trained in using it (so she's maximum years in clinical experience with it - on other patients!).  Also, I liked her philosphy about understanding the structure of the face and where to place the filler.  Cosmetic treatments are as much an art as a science.  Not every good doctor has an artistic eye.  One of the  tricky bits in finding the right cosmetic/plastic surgeon is identifying who the same esthetics as yourself.

Also, discuss with the doctor his/her philosophy about cosmetic procedures.  I personally don't believe in economizing in either money or time when it comes to my health or my face!  If I need only 1 bottle of Sculptra, I'd rather waste the other half a bottle rather than have someone inject the entire bottle just for the sake of giving me "value for dollar".  Also, I rather have procedures done over a longer period of time so that we can monitor the results.  Inject a little Sculptra...see how it looks.  Come back in 4 weeks and add a bit more if needed.  In another 4 weeks revisit the situation, if necessary.  More time consuming and perhaps will end up "wasting" a bit of product, but it is your face. 

Don't rush into any procedure.  Research, research, research!  If don't do something today, you can always do it tomorrow.  However, if you do it in a hurry, you can't always undo it.  Also, NEVER do any procedure before a big event.  That's just common sense. 


I agree that Sculptra is a decent product. However, it takes a few weeks to begin seeing results and typically a couple treatments before any real difference is achieved.

This assessment was made the day after treatment...??? It sound like a review for the physician's bedside manner, not for the actual product/results - which takes weeks to develop.

I am considering another aggressive round and always curious to see what people think about their overall and lasting results.
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Congratulations Kitty You give a great summary. Based upon my decade of experience using this product outside the usa, I could not agree with you more( except for the need for massage preventing lumps). It is a great product. You do the public a good service. Good results have everything to do with good injectors who know what they are doing. A pen can make peace or war. A knife, and Penicillin, can heal or kill. Thank you
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"I went to my Dr. in Los Angeles (even though I live no where near LA) because my research indicated that she is a national trainer for this product and one of the first doctors be trained in using it (so she's maximum years in clinical experience with it - on other patients!)" Its the product not the injector- This garbage about getting the perfect doctor.. what a bunch of bull. Its the product period. Even the FDA panel of doctors are regretting this stuff being approved and they are trying to reverse this decision that THEY MADE.. Yes it takes a good injector, that is part of the equation, but listen there are not many perfect excellent injectors, it would take a master injector or magician to get the stuff in right. Its the product.... period! So all you docs who are trying so hard to get better at injecting this stuff are waisting your time. Its an implant, its foreign and the body will attack it until it is removed. If it takes such a master injector then its not ready for the market. In the real world there aren't many master injectors. OMG people its the product! Read here what the doctors on the FDA panel are now saying...
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Los Angeles Dermatologist

Years of clinical experience with Sculptra. One of the nation's leading trainers (to other doctors) in using Sculptra. Excellent aesthetic/artistic understanding of facial structure and how to use Sculptra to improve/restore it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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