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When I was in middle school I had regular braces...

When I was in middle school I had regular braces and like most 13 year olds, I didn't follow rules and didn't wear my retainer causing my teeth to shift. My wisdom teeth came in a few years later and that is why my teeth are crooked. After years of making weird faces or not smiling in pictures to hide my awfully crooked teeth, I have decided it's time for a change. I have done my research and gone through all my options and invisalign seems like the best choice for me.

You see, like most people, I dread going to the dentist and was searching for the easy way out in the beginning: veneers. My logic was that with veneers it would be 2-3 appointments and BAM - perfect smile. So when I went to a cosmetic dentist close to my work to see what we could do, he immediately pointed out that my teeth were perfectly shaped and had great color to them. He then told me he would not advise getting veneers. So, I went in search for a 2nd and 3rd opinion.

Finally, After hearing the same thing from three different dentists as well as one dentist telling me because of my small mouth and the size of veneers I would look like Gary Busse, Julia Roberts, or Jim Carey if I opted for veneers, I decided against them.

On April 2nd, I went in for pictures and impressions to be taken by the dentist i had chosen. After about two weeks, I got a call saying I had to come back to have my permanent retainer removed and bottom molds retaken. Telling you I am impatient is an understatement, so I was frustrated knowing I would have to wait a little longer to begin treatment.

On April 30th, my dentist got back to me with the treatment plan. He had worked with the lab and gone back and forth to get the best results he could, which i really appreciate. From the look of the clinicheck pictures I attached, I am really excited to start treatment and get my smile on!

I am looking at 20 trays which comes out to 40 weeks(10 months) if everything goes as planned, which is far less than I had expected. I will be going in for my attachments (20 of them, YIKES) on Thursday. I will be sure to update after that appointment!
Hello, and welcome to our community!!!  Have you actually started your treatment yet, or will you start on the same day you get the attachments put on?  You said you attached pictures, but I can't see any.  Did that not work?

I'm so glad to hear that you had multiple consultations and really understood your options first--so many of us just go to thde first doctor we see and never know (I am guilty of that with my Invisalign.)

There are a number of other new Invisaligners right now who are active.  All of those below have at least some degree of crowding, except for h.lks, who is just shifting the midline of one of his arches to be centered (a long, laborious, largely invisible process).


Feel free to meet them and introduce yourself :).  We have lots of others as well who are somewhat further along, a couple who haven't even gotten as far as you, and a few RealFriends who are active and very helpful, but everyone is super friendly so please look around!


Hello, have you started yet or will you be receiving your aligners on Thursday as well?...Don't worry too much about the attachments. They are less noticeable than people think they are, plus yours are orderly and fairly small :) Your teeth according to the Clincheck will look really great, so it seems worth it either way.
Just started today! Got all my attachments on and first aligners in! Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but it's only been about 4 hours. I'm going to update tomorrow! Thanks for the comment!
Thanks! I must have forgot to attach the pictures, but I just updated :) I will start treatment once the attachments are on. So excited!

Tray 1

Yesterday, I got my buttons put on and started my first tray. It is really not as bad as I thought it would be. The attachments are so teeny tiny and they match my tooth perfectly. I don't know how he got them to match the color of my teeth so perfectly, but I am glad he did.

My appointment was pain free and pretty straightforward. I had a little discomfort in the hours after and around 9:00PM I decided to eat, drink, floss, and brush in one quick hour. So I went to my bathroom and tried to take out my aligners. HOLY F**K, I was not expecting that. They should really consider using this as a torture tactic at Guantanamo Bay. I felt like I was ripping my teeth out. After a few tries, my top trays FINALLY popped out. The bottom trays were much easier.

After my trays were out, I ate like it was a race. I scarfed down so much food and chugged two beers (anyone who knows, knows I love beer and this will be the hardest vice I have to manage with my treatment.) My partner looked at me like I was crazy and I went back into the bathroom flossed, brushed, and put the trays back on for the night.

This morning, I woke up really really sore and with a migraine. I popped my aligners out - I think I am getting the hang of it now - had some oatmeal, chugged a cup of coffee, popped two aleve, flossed, brushed, and put my trays back in.

Let's move on to what I am having the most trouble with: THIS LISP. I am at work right now and I have 4 meetings today, two of which I will be presenting in and I am trying my hardest to get through my slides without sounding like Cindy Brady. I really hope this goes away because, whenever I make a s-sound or a th-sound I can't help but burst out into nervous laughter.

That's all for now. We will see if I can get a better eating schedule and get rid of this lisp in the next few days. Wish me luck!
haha I think we've all that the HOLY F**K! moment. I think the attachments "smooth" out over the first week because I had 15 total and the first week was hell. But after that they popped in and out very easily...sometimes tooeasily and I thought some fell off.
Omg our stories are almost exactly the same! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a "HOLY F**K!" moment! Please tell me it gets better, I just started the treatment today.
I'm not laughing, but seriously, your phrasing was funny :).  I'm sorry you had the pain.  It's not uncommon to get headaches with jaw pain.  The lisping does tend to get less with practice.  If you practice more, it is likely to get better faster.  Like active practice, opening your mouth a little bigger than you're used to, looking in a mirror while you talk and even sing with the aligners in.  Practice as much as possible.  Another thing to remember, though, is that others tend to hear the lisp less than you do.

I hope things get better quickly! :)
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