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I Am Still Trying to Deal with the Horrible Effects of the Restylane - Los Angeles, CA

Horrible experience and way too much money trying...

Horrible experience and way too much money trying to fix the damage from Restylane injections under my eyes and the later Vitrase to dissolve it. The cost I listed is the total cost I spent in trying to fix the result of the initial Restylane injection and includes the cost of that original injection. I was badly overfilled, left with extremely noticeable discoloration and dents.

I tried some things like Pixel and RF under the eyes in attempt to make it look better before I resorted to getting Vitrase to dissolve the overfill. Once the Vitrase was injected, my under eye skin became saggy and wrinkles developed under my eyes - probably a result of multiple factors, not the least of which was having that area stretched by the overfill. I tried several moderate chemical peels, spaced months apart to try and address the discoloration and improve the skin texture but nothing has helped.

I have perma dents, discoloration, wrinkles and bags under both eyes (one under eye is worse than the other). Having a small amount of Restylane injected again to try to address the dents made things even worse, with my newly saggy under eye skin.

It has now been 14 months since that first injection of Restylane. I don't feel like I have any options left to try and improve this. I would not recommend this procedure.


I had a similar experience.
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I am so sorry to hear what you have been dealing with over the last 14 months. I have to tell you, you have absolutely beautiful eye color! Hopefully as things settle over the next several months things will continue to improve in the area you had the injections. Did you have the Vitrase injections just once, or were they done in a series?

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I woke up yesterday morning with my eyes swollen...

I woke up yesterday morning with my eyes swollen shut. My upper eyelids, the corners of my eyes, lower eye lids and upper cheeks are all swollen with red steaks running down my cheeks toward my nose. The last time I had a tiny bit of Restylane injected to try and fix the permadents was more than 3 months ago.

I went to the urgent care across the street and the doc thought I was probably having some kind of allergic reaction to something. She didn't think it could be the Restylane, since it is 3 months past injection. I was injected in the hip with some Decadron and told to pick up some Benedryl. I will be seeing an Ophthalmologist tomorrow. I am not so convinced that this has nothing to do with the restylane. Posting a photo from 2 hours after the Decadron injection - swelling had started to go down but still pretty bad.


I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience, but look on the bright side you still have beautiful eyes & I don't even think the swelling is that noticeable, don't worry sweatheart.
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Would like to have the name of the doctor emailed, as I've been looking into an Ocuplastic Surgeon.
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I was having the same symptoms you describe -- recurrent swelling months after Restylane injections to the tear troughs. Also lumps and bumpiness under the eyes when the swelling went down. It turns out that I had a biofilm infection. The treatment is six weeks of two different antibiotics. I'm still taking them, but after the first couple of days my condition was so much improved. I have had no swelling at all since starting the antibiotics. Most doctors seem unaware of the risk of biofilm with Restylane, but if you message me privately, I can send you more information and articles that my doctor sent me. It may be, of course, that you have something different going on, but if this possibility hasn't been addressed by your doctor already, it would be a good question to ask if a biofilm infection could be what's causing your problem. Sending best wishes with the hopes that your condition improves.
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Update: 3/25/2013. Woke up with the left under eye very swollen all the way to the inner corner. Put ice on it for 10 minutes before going to work. It has been 12 hours and the swelling has reduced a lot from this morning but swelling has become a trend. Two weeks ago I woke up with the right eye almost swollen shut.

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