Seemed Like Mistake at First, but 10 Days Post = yay - Los Angeles, CA

I have pretty nice skin for a 45-y.o. - no real...

I have pretty nice skin for a 45-y.o. - no real issues, just some fine lines and a lack of fullness. I had been doing at-home fruit acid peels with great results and considering a heavier-duty commercial one to plump up a bit, reclaim my rosy glow, and get rid of some minor sun damage, when my favorite aesthetician mentioned that she was now offering glycolic peels. I made the decision to do it on the spur of the moment to take advantage of the "sale."

Um, just FYI, don't do this impulsively like I did! Bad, bad idea! I was prepared for a little burning, a little redness and then a few days later some flaking. Instead: searing pain, immediate blistering and giant swelling. The spa manager went into a panic - she felt so bad she didn't charge me. For 3 days I had weeping brown patches all over my face, horrible swelling. Luckily I'd already planned for the time off, but instead of taking our Christmas roadtrip I spent my time under the covers in bed, crying my eyes out and googling to see if I should be taking care of it differently and whether I was going to be okay.

Then on day 5, like Christmas magic, all the scabs fell off to reveal beautiful, glowing skin. I looked healthy and 5-7 years younger, with less pronounced nasolabial folds and slightly plumper cheekbones. 10 days out now, I'm not quite as breathtaking as day 5 but I'm still pretty pleased.

Here are my caveats: 1) I would never, ever do this on the fly - I'd consult, test, shop around, and plan for a week of downtime. 2) Also I'd have a medical person do it, not an aesthetician, ESPECIALLY not a relatively inexperienced aesthetician like mine. 3) I would def. be sure to have a test patch ON THE CHEEK, not just the forehead. My forehead barely reacted at all to the 35% so the aesthetician amped it up to 70% for 3 minutes. My cheeks got fried and completely blistered over, while my forehead only got a little pink and never even flaked noticeably (pin sized brown dots falling off four days later).

If my whole face had reacted like my forehead did, there would have been no freakout or change of plans. I took an "after" picture just now, but because this was a spur-of-the-moment thing I don't have a good "before" for contrast. I can tell a difference in real life, but I can't see any difference between the photo of me just now vs. the blurry closeup from a month ago. So I like the result, but I feel like it was way more invasive than I needed or wanted, so I don't think I'll be doing it again.

That doesn't really surprise me 70% is quite a powerful peel you off to understand that the acid is quite powerful Some people just have adverse reactions I would suggest an alpha blend peel which is alpha hydroxy
I am like you , did it in a spurt without even knowing what I be getting for. It was my first time and I just did it like 2 days ago, I was very nervous now as I hv itchy face and neck and they do look abut like aczema. I am quite mad that the person who did in me did not inform me what's it about. She did now ask me any question or any medical history as well... I am getting nervous would my skin get worse. I don't have any thing on face except lately I been having pimples ard mouth area. I am so nervous that I could not sleep will this destroy my face! Do u experience itchiness and redness ? What you do to stop the itch ? I am regretting doing this thing. I will never do it again! I am actually planning to make a complain about the beautician did nit inform me the likely aftermath I might experience. It is terrible.
Hi Jellyfish - Oh, I sympathize! It can be really scary, I know. But don't worry, getting burned is pretty common and it is very likely to come out okay. #1 - DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT IT. That will cause scarring. #2 - You need to take care of this like it's a burn, because that's what it is. Wear a moisturizing dressing. Get some Aquaphor or a similar brand that is for treating burns - it should be the consistency of Vaseline. Do not put other active ingredients on there. #3 - Stay out of the sun. Sun and scratching are pretty much the only things that would cause permanent damage, so as long as you keep it moisturized, dark, and don't touch it, chances are you will be totally fine. :-) Good luck!
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