Had SmartSkin co2 Laser 11 Days Ago - Los Angeles, CA

I'm 54 years old and wanted to get rid of the...

I'm 54 years old and wanted to get rid of the lines around and above my mouth. I've always had peaches and cream skin, but was told to do my entire face so the color would match. I also had my chest and neck done because that was the special the plastic surgeon was running in December.

Lidocaine was applied to my face for an hour and I was given something to relax. Let me just say that this hurt! There were areas of my face that didn't hurt, but there were areas where it felt like the doctor was drilling a hole in my face. I didn't have my eyes done as we had not discussed this possibility until he was getting ready to start and when he started talking about inserting metal contact lenses into my eyes to protect them I said no. I was not mentally prepared for that.

The first two days I felt great, on Christmas Day in the afternoon I climbed into bed and didn't leave it until that Friday. It wasn't that it was painful. It was just so freakin uncomfortable! This is NOT like a bad sunburn. I've had PLENTY of sunburn in my life, even sun poisoning once, but never felt this awful. My skin felt like it was a hard shell and I could barely feel it when I touched it. My doctor had given me 5 percoset and those were the only things that took the edge off, although unfortunately I needed more like 25.

I was told to apply the SkinMedica Ointment to my skin to keep it moist for the first 5 days and then to use the SkinMedical TMS Ceramide Cream. At 7 days the doctor said I could start wearing makeup and recommended YoungBlood only as it didn't clog pores. On day 8 after the laser I started breaking out on my chin with cystic acne...then my chest started breaking out with it. I quickly started treating it with zinc oxide. I've never had an acne issue, and at my age I was shocked that this turned out to be one of my side effects, but apparently the greasy ointment along with my compromised skin/pores made it a petri dish for acne!

I was told that it would take 5 days to recover from this procedure and on day 11 I'm just now back at work, although I would have preferred to have another 3-4 days. The only result I've seen so far is acne. I don't see that any of the lines around my mouth have disappeared. I know it's supposed to take some time for the collagen to kick in, but was under the impression that the lines disappeared as they were being zapped. I haven't come to any conclusion yet about it being worth it or not. I'll write more in a few months to see if anything has changed.

I to had this done, I had only around my mouth and scars on the side of my face, worked on scars but lines around my mouth are still there and vertical lines are still there,I don't see any inprovment, I had this done on December 2 2011, iam still waiting to see result
it was very painful for 3 days ,I took vicodin, I was red and swallen, I cant amagen my hole face done! My doctor. Wants to do aretouch with a difront laser less agresive.
Well thank you all! I still have a lot of redness on my face and when I wash it I get very red splotches on it. A few weeks ago I had Juvaderm (2 syringes) in my smile lines/corners of my mouth and 1 syringe in my lips. Truthfully that has made the biggest difference!I LOVE it! But it is instant gratification and they did say it takes months to see results from the laser. I'll take an updated photo and post it this weekend. Thanks for your support!

Looking forward to seeing your photo updates! :)


Update: Hi. Today is January 30 so it's been a...

Update: Hi. Today is January 30 so it's been a little over a month since my laser skin resurfacing. About 2 weeks after it I also got 3 syringes of Juvaderm (LOVE!!) and since those results are instantaneous and the laser isn't..I still feel I can't fairly judge the laser. I was having a problem with my face flushing and turning bright pink throughout the day and discovered when I stopped using the Obagi Blender with the retin A (like the doctor told me to), the redness quickly started disappearing. One thing at a time, right! Once I get the redness completely cleared up, I'll decide to use the retin A or not. I still have a few light marks on my chin from the acne outbreak I had. It takes forever for any kind of trauma on my fair skin to return to looking normal.
Although she is fitzpatrick type I, that's why we can't see too much of the hyperpigmentation on her skin, I can see lots of inflammation still. The fullness may be due to injection of H.A. I see a good build of collagen to be honest but nothing too significant if the skin glands were burned out and the skin immunity were destroyed. Not worthy it.

Thank you for posting your story and photos. Fraxel was just recommended to me by the nurse practioner who gives me Botox. I am almost 54 and have peaches and cream skin as well, with a few lines around my mouth. You just put the fear of God in me, and i do not think I will get it done. Just curious, I live in L.A. and would like to know your doctor's office name, so I avoid it! You look gorgeous and I hope you have healed from the procedure.

Just got back from a visit to my plastic surgeon who recommended fraxel, but not in the doctors office, in a hospital setting, which adds $ to the cost. Did you get your done in an office?
How are you now?
Any results?

Humbug....the fractional co2 laser was a waste of money (for me)..

I still have the lines around my lips as badly as I did before. I've made a point of staying out of the sun and protecting my skin and I have dark spots that seem to be "reappearing." I mean the same ones. I really didn't go in wanting my chest done, but it was part of his special and my chest looks worse than ever. For me, the Juvaderm gave the most amazing result. I'm now considering getting an Epione non-surgical facelift from Dr. Simon Ourian.
Did you have a SmartSkin procedure or a Fraxel procedure. Fraxel is a brand name like Kleenex. Smartskin and Fraxel are not the same thing.
Did you get the non-surgical facelift done from Dr Ourian? If yes, how did it turn out?
I'm sorry the fraxel didn't work for you. Perhaps you can change your rating to not worth it? so it will show the true rating of this procedure and will prevent people from wasting their money and possibly damaging their faces

Not worth it....

I even noticed in the last year that I have a scar on my neck that I didn't have before the laser. I'm also getting dark spots even worse now...maybe because I'm older (57) now? I don't know. I'm sticking with Juvaderm from now on.

I can't seem to change my selection to "NOT WORTH IT."

Is there a trick to it I'm missing?
What I use for the lines on top of my lip is the Juvaderm, and u will also have some pretty full lips. I just had mine done yesterday and I love them....... no lines and full lips. Dr. Cox puts it in the lip line and that fills out line. He also shoots novocaine in my gums (just like a dentist) and numbs me up before he shoots in the Juvaderm. I also get it top and bottom..... oh n I bruise real easy so now I have some bruising going on but that will go away soon........ well worth it........ just how I go about fixing those lines around ur lips....... good luck :)
Sorry....it was Smartskin.
Dr. Azar

Done in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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