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Had a Baby in my 40s and Some People Have Thought I Am Her Grandmother. - Los Angeles, CA

Ok. This year I'm going to do it. I actually went...

Ok. This year I'm going to do it. I actually went to a cosmetic surgeon after the second incident of someone thinking I was grandma (2010), and the surgeon (bless her heart) said I didn't need one. Last year, I went again (to the surgeon who performed my upper and lower blepharplasty in 2007) and got a quote of $8300, but I don't think it included a neck lift.

Today I had an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lesavoy in Encino, CA and he quoted me $11,200. That quote was for having it in his "minor procedure room". He would perform the surgery in his office and put me under with a lighter anesthesia. If I want the surgery center, I add on $1800 to that total. I actually like that he can do it in his office. I think most complications come from being over anesthetized. I am leaning towards Dr. Lesavoy at this time, but have other appointments scheduled.

I spoke with Dr. Quiroz in Tijuana (recommended by RealSelfers) but he hasn't gotten back to me with a quote. I left another message with him and will report back when he returns my call. The other appointments I have are with Drs. Bandy and Nichter, both recommended highly by RealSelfers too.

Doctor Visits

I had a consultation with three doctors today and I have to say all of them are great. I saw Drs. Larry Nichter, Amy Bandy and Steven Daines. Should you chose any of these doctors, I think you are in good hands. Without going into details about all three, I will just say that I am probably going to go with Dr. Nichter. He is very thorough, has been doing cosmetic surgeries for decades and he has a wonderful patient coordinator, Barbara Kone. She is professional, friendly, funny, likeable and makes you feel like you are her friend and not a stranger. She really makes you feel like you are the most important client they have.

Another plus for Dr. Nichter is that I can schedule my surgery on a Saturday which gives me two extra days to recover. Then there's cost. If I deduct a brow lift (that Dr. Nichter says I didn't need anyway) and have the procedure done in his office, his price is actually the best. Price should not be your only concern, but as I said, all of the doctors are great and if I can have a great doctor at a good price, it's a win-win.

Monday, (7/28), I will be putting down my deposit to hold my surgery date which will be on December 20. I probably won't be checking in here until sometime in November or December when things start up again. I will keep you posted! Until then, have a great summer and fall!
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How exciting that you've settled on a doctor and surgery date!
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The photos on Surgeon websites are examples of his best work; you see no bad outcomes. Realself facial post op patients are a good source of info about their experience esp if the photos they post show multiple angles, both with and without smiling or animating the face, and most importantly are face forward shots where symmetry and contour of all the features that have been worked on (ie jaw, cheek, eye, brow). Oh...and the Q/A section of Realself can be searched by category; you can certainly find a lot of great info in the doctors answers to those questions!!!! Happy hunting....grace
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Yes reasearch- my md had a quack write horrible things about him- & they aren't true - mine is wonderful ! Best of luck to you-
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Believe me it's so confusing trying to find the best surgeon for yourself. I think you will know straight away when you find he or she, you will find yourself always going back to there websites, photos etc. all I can say is Research like mad, you need a skilled surgeon and for me I chose one that only works on Faces (scheduled Oct) and I am super confident.. You need to be too x
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Check out Ripoff Report on Dr. Quiroz
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Will do. Thanks. But so many people have recommended him.
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