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Surgery to remove embedded eyelash strip at end of...

Surgery to remove embedded eyelash strip at end of right lid junction + refinements to eyes, resulted in more problems with eyes & eyelids, e.g. lids that don't descend fully, an enlarged pupil. W/o my consent, added fat graft strips to under-eye areas, resulting in puffy fat asymmetrical fat lumps.

I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through, Los Angeles4830, but thank you for sharing your story and pictures.


Dr. Robert E. Levine is a caring doctor who is...

Dr. Robert E. Levine is a caring doctor who is generous with his time, but my surgery with him taught me that Surgical Judgment and Skill are the most important qualities. Unfortunately, my surgery with him ended in severe disfigurement. The entire purpose of the surgery was to remove lashes that were buried at the end corner of my right eye. Dr. Levine removed them, but failed twice to close my eye, leaving me with recessed red exposed tissue at the end of my eye. We also added surgery to refine my eyes. Without my knowledge or consent, he added and removed fat. This resulted in two eyes not even looking like they belonged to the same person! Everything from the height of each eyebrow, to the size, slant, and shape of each eye differed! My eyelids no longer fully descended and had folds, wrinkles, and puckers. The worst disfigurment was that he added unequal amounts of fat under each eye. I hadn't even had abnormal under-eye hollows, but after his surgery, I had big bulky fat pouches under each eye, the kind you pay an oculoplastic surgeon to remove! One of the fat lumps is 3 times the size of the other and has another lump on top of it. On his own and without any discussion or even listing it as a procedure, Dr. Levine had used fat grafts from my abdomen to all the areas above and below my my eyes, but none of the fat added to one eye, matched the other eye. This using of bulky fat graft strips to my eye areas was all the more egregious because he had recruited a stem cell specialist to add fat at the same surgery. Any areas that needed fat should have been addressed by the plastic surgeon who used autologous stem cell fat. Lumpy fat graft strips are never used for facial contouring or eye refinements. Stem cell fat is used because it results in areas,
such as the under-eyes, to gently meld with the cheeks.
One of my closest friends had 11 eye surgeries by a very famous ocular surgeon. Unfortunately, following these surgeries, she had cactus-like stringing pains at the far right corner juncture of her eye. Dr. Robert E. Levine sourced the pain, discovering it was caused by a hidden strip of eyelashes buried there, a result of a previous eye surgery. Dr. Levine scheduled a surgery to remove the lashes. He may have removed the lashes, but failed twice to close the corner of her eye. Her right eye now ends with recessed red tissue, instead of at the white of the eye, like her other eye. In addition, she has told me she has as much pain there now as she had before his lash removal surgery. He added further disfigurement by doing a procedure without her knowledge or consent that was not even listed as a surgical procedure. He made an incision on her abdomen and used lumpy fat grafts from there and placed them above and below her eyes. Besides the unequal pouches of fat below her eyes, the fat added above her eyes distorted the entire eye area, from the lids to the height of her eyebrows. Her eyes no longer match in size, shape, or slant. Her lids have folds, wrinkles, puckers, and don't descend properly. One eye has double the space between the lid-crease and the eyebrow, resulting in an eyebrow that is significantly higher than the other. I have seen the Before and After photos taken at his office and by her personal assistant, and they tell the story. My friend liked Dr. Levine immenselhy due to the fact he seemed ethical, caring, and spent so much time with his patients. I don't know that her opinion of him has changed, but she has learned that a doctor's bedside manner has no relationship to his skills as a surgeon. Despite the fact he offered revisions, she told me she would never consider letting him operate on her again.
my friend suze is a wonderful, very honest person who unfortunately became a recluse after a cosmetic surgery performed on her some years ago. she used to be so outgoing. but because of the constant pain about which she tells me and how she says she was disfigured, she won't even let me see her. i can't even to take her to her seemingly unending reconstructive surgery attempts as well as her many doctors' appointments. it is so hard to hear her despair and hear how much pain she is suffering, and know that her active social life ended while her quality of life completely disappeared. late last year she was very excited, even happy, when she thought she would be getting a new surgery that would alleviate much of her pain. i was excited and happy for her and looked forward to her getting better. suze told me the surgery went poorly and even made things worse. she did not deserve this and i wish i could turn the clock back for her so none of this would ever have happened.
you should sue him

AFTER PHOTO - Dr. Levine's office photo. Fat graft...

AFTER PHOTO - Dr. Levine's office photo. Fat graft strips create lumps such as the smaller lump on top of the left under-eye fat pouch. Fat graft strips placed unequally resulting in unequal fat lumps above and below both eyes. The addition of fat to upper eyes created folds, puckers, creases and asymmetry.
Oh I am so sorry, reading about your story, make me understand that I don't have to complain too much about mine, I am not happy with my eye lid surgeon. I wish that you can handle and all the luck!
I'm sorry to hear what you've been through, but I sued for malpractice in L.A. (lived there at the time) about 10 years ago and won. They do like those big money class action lawsuits, but there should be attorneys that still take the smaller cases. I wish you luck.
!0 years ago, the $250,000. cap equalled over $500,000 since money's value doubles every 7 years. 10 years ago, lawyers didn't charge $500 hr. I saw or spoke to over 20 attorneys, sometimes with my ophthalmologist accompanying me -- God bless him. Medical malpractice also has nothing to do w/ class action lawsuits. These are separate areas, and if lawyers take PI or medical malpractice suits, they are looking for loss of income or else they lose $. I don't want to argue w/ someone who is so obviously sympathetic and my experience is not everyone's, but every single time I heard the same refrain about it costing them too much time and the fact they lost $ on these cases due to the insurance cap. One lawyer told me, "I'd rather go to Las Vegas and lose money shooting Craps." The only person I know who found a lawyer for medical malpractice and won, had to eventually agree to drop her lawsuit and switch to arbitration because it was "quicker." Contrary to mandated regulations, her arbitration verdict does not even show up on his records, and he has injured others. All I can conclude is that you were lucky to find a lawyer and I'm happy that you won. I hope you're now as whole as possible and well.
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Because of paralysis to right side of my face, had 11 eye surgeries & pain due to corneal sryness. Ocular specialists kept referring me to other specialists. Dr. Jonathan Hoenig referred me to Dr. Robert Levine.

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