Tummy Was Fine...it Was the Arms That Had Me Writhing in Pain - Los Angeles, CA

After reading these boards I almost cancelled my...

After reading these boards I almost cancelled my appointment because I was so afraid of the pain and aftermath. I psyched myself up and began with my stomach (the large attachment). It was definitely uncomfortable, but doable. I brought my iPad, sat up and distracted myself.

For me the most painful part was after they took the machine off, and began massaging it and the blood began to flow back into the area. Wow, that stung. After about 10 minutes I was fine, and I mean really fine. It was a bit sore to the touch, but I didn't get any of the pain, numbness and tingling that other people had, and the soreness (only when touched) lasted a few days.

I went back for my arms, not nearly as nervous and confident that the worst was over....boy, was I wrong!!!! I almost didn't do the 2nd arm and considered leaving, but it was already paid for and I didn't want uneven arms. Why was it so much more painful than the stomach? First, the arm position. Most women would want the underneath part done (back of arm). So, you arm is suspended for an hour with a heavy machine hanging off of it with half your arm sucked into it. I finally had to lean it on something, but it wasn't much more comfortable. Then the absolute WORST part is my hand fell asleep. The technician even gave me a ball to squeeze, but it barely helped. My second arm was so much worse than my first arm that I got up toward the end of the session to move around. I didn't even care if it lost suction and I lost the end of my session; I was just trying to get blood back in my arm. Time went SOOOOO slow. When I couldn't move some of my fingers anymore around the ball she had given me, I was done. I pushed the buzzer and had her take it off 3 minutes early. If I thought my stomach was painful when the blood came back, I was doubled over in pain with my second arm (first arm was really bad, but with the second arm I was seeing stars).

If this works (it is too soon to tell) I would do my stomach again, but I will NEVER, EVER do my arms again (not that I would need 2 sessions on my arms, but I mean in the future.).


Hello, Did you have heavy arms to begin with? It would be great if you have some before pictures to post. I also want to do my arms, and its true they are very sensitive. I have a friend who enjoys pinching "fatty" underarms and it is so hurtful.
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did u noticed any difference at all in your arms ??
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Hi! I'm also thinking seriously of doing my arms, and still do, eventhoug your experiance with it scared me a bit...but if it works I don't care. I work out a lot, but loosing that fat for me has been just impossible!
I would appreciate if you could update us on your pregress. I have my appointment made for the 25th of september.
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