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After my daughter was born I was left with this...

After my daughter was born I was left with this pooch that hangs over...very ugly. Because I had a c-section and the pain from that was absolutely awful I decided to try CoolSculpting over Liposonix because it has gotten very good reviews. I did not want to have any type of surgery. I had two large applicators on my lower abdomen, left and right side and a small applicator on my upper abdomen. However I am now 9 days post procedure and have a lot of pain. The pain was so unbearable, my husband thought he might have to rush me to a hospital. On the 4th day he found me hunched over and very pale and sweaty. I called the doctor's office and they prescribed Vicodin and Valium. Despite the strength of those drugs I was still up at night with the pain. I was then given Neurontin (gabapentin) this helped a lot more but did not fully take the pain away. As I write this I am experiencing a very painful, hot prickly feeling on my lower abdomen. I have been on vacation and tomorrow I return to work. I am very nervous about what my day will be like tomorrow since I've been laying around with ice on my belly for the last few days. By the way ice is the best thing you can do for the pain, it has worked better than any drug they've given me.
I really hope this procedure was worth the money and the pain. I almost feel like I should have just gotten smartlipo.

Almost 4 months later

Yes it does work! I will post pictures soon.

Before and After Pictures

After 3 1/2 months
Dr . Fitzgerald

Expensive but well done. I am rating the RN that did the CoolSculpting, I never met the doctor.

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Try ice compress, it works the best. I had to keep ice on my stomach 24 hrs for about 7 days. Then the pain wears off.

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Hello want to try it mother of six so still have baby fat in the stomach. Can someonetell me how much is it per area. I live in Georgia and I also heard of the B-12 shots which is better.
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Glad to see you had great results! Fantastic.
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Have you had any results yet, msegt? Please update us when you can. :) Thanks!

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Hi Sharon, Yes I have seen results so far. I measured myself the night before the procedure and last night and so far I have lost 0.5 inches off my lower and upper abs. It's been about 6 weeks so I hope I continue to see results. Thanks,
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Hi msegt. I had two large applicators on my lower abdomen about a month ago. I was hating life from the pain I experienced 4 days after my procedure. I'm glad you called your doc. I called mine too and was prescriped some patches that helped relieve 80% of the pain and some acetametophine with codeine to help me sleep at night. I learned the pain is from nerve endings involuntarily striking. Keep your doctor informed so he/she can monitor you until the pain subsides.
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You should not have had two large applicators done at the same time. One large applicator should have covered the area. If you are big enough for fat to fill up two large ones at one time they shouldn't have let you done coolsculpting. The place I went to didn't even let some of their employees do coolsculpting if they had too much fat in one area.
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Dear msegt, I think you probably had too much done all at once, somebody could take it but your body can't handle it. I only had one big applicator to treat my lower ab for the first time because I was not so sure, I did feel the discomfort for the 2 weeks after the treatment like bruise, cramps, itch, and pain, particularly on day 10 and 11, I felt my stomach was so upset, I had to call the medi-spa, but they did not think the stomach discomfort was related to the treatment, they were probably right. After I passed the 2-week period, I was completely fine, and I started to see result between week 3 and week 7. I just had another treatment done two weeks ago, this time was a big applicator to treat my upper ab, and I did not feel this much discomfort like the first time. After suffering so much, I wish you will see a result that you deserve to have.
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Hi e2305, Sounds like you had good results. I wanted to do one big applicator to the lower ab but the doctor convinced to have 2 big applicators on the lower. The small applicator on my upper abs did not bother me at all and has not been painful. During the procedure I was perfectly fine, it's the aftermath that's been difficult.
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