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Hi there, I just had a chin implant and neck lipo...

Hi there, I just had a chin implant and neck lipo 11 days ago, and I am so unhappy with it, I cannot stop crying. I had a receding chin from profile view that I always hated, hence the desire for surgery. However, I always loved my face from frontal view, especially when smiling, that's when I always felt at my prettiest. I always felt my chin was too long though.

My doctors told me that after implant, my frontal view wouldn't change, but they were so wrong, it did in a bad way. My long chin is now even longer after this implant, especially when I smile. Sure my profile has improved, but from the front now, I look horrific, like a man. When I smile, my chin is way too long and pointy vertically. It has completely changed the way I look in an ugly way, when all I wanted was to look prettier. Put aside that my old beautiful smile is practically non-existent (which is beyond depressing in itself), my chin that was already too long before is now even longer.

I cannot stand looking in the mirror, and I cry when I see any pictures taken of me. I also cry looking at my old pictures, missing the frontal view of my previously pretty face. I had no idea this surgery would make my chin look longer vertically from the front. I just thought my chin would jut out more horizontally. If the surgeons would have told me that a chin implant, though correcting my profile, might elongate my chin from the front, I would have never gotten it done.

I had a bad implant and had it removed because I coul not look in the mirror without crying.
Huello berger, did your normal smile ame back after the chin implant removal?
Hi everyone. I thank you for all the positive encouragement, however, I've never been as regretful about anything as I am about this chin implant that I've gotten.

I'm currently 4 months post op now, and not a single thing has changed since my initial post. I still cannot stand what I've done. I have seen no reduction in swelling, my chin still looks longer from the front, my smile is still abnormal and not as bright as it used to be. This is not the face I wanted.

When I went into this surgery, I was very happy with the way the front of my face looked, I felt truly pretty. The only intention I had was to perfect my profile, as I had always felt self conscious about my lack of chin from the side. I always hid my profile with my hair, never put my hair up, and didn't want anyone looking at me from the side.

This surgery has indeed bettered my profile, but it has affected the front of my face in such a negative way, that I truly do not feel pretty anymore. I cannot stand to take any pictures with my friends or husband, and that feels horrible, because people literally find that offensive ("why won't you take a picture with us?") What do I tell them? Because I can't stand the way I look anymore, and I'll break down in tears if I see it? I can't capture any memories being made with my husband because the moment he shows me the photo, I get into a fit of rage from the disbelief that my face looks like this now, and that I did this to myself, willingly.

I went into this surgery to feel prettier, more confident, better about myself, and I have come out uglier, less confident, and depressed. I can't imagine anything more horrid than spending all this money, time, pain, all to be worse in the end. This fact is truly depressing me in a way that is intolerable. I have never felt such regret and guilt in my life.

I will post pictures of my before and after so you all can see for yourselves. My husband and mother don't agree with me, they say I'm beautiful, they say everything looks great, they say it's a positive change. But at the end of the day, I didn't have this surgery for them, I had it for me, and if I'm this unhappy, it was a huge mistake.

To have faith, I will try and hold on to the hopeful things you've all said, that it takes at least 6 months to heal, etc. But I've made my final decision. If one year passes, and everything still looks the same, and I still feel this horrible, the implant is coming out. And to go through more pain, recovery, more money spent, all to get back to how I looked before (which isn't even guaranteed as my skin could have stretched, dimples form, witches chin, etc.) I can't even stand to think about it. My advice to anyone reading this that is considering a chin implant: DON'T DO IT.

With all my heart,

Sad Lana 
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