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Chin Botox for Pebbly Chin and Vertical Lines Above Lips - Los Angeles, CA

I have had botox for about two years around my...

I have had botox for about two years around my eyes. The only negative thing I have ever experienced was slight bruising that usually goes away in a few days. After having such a great experience in the past I decided to try it for my chin.
The doctor injected ten units in four areas to my chin. She did tell me that you can feel a slight pulling or a strange feeling from this that should feel better in about a week. Boy was she ever right. The strange feeling is under my chin and it feels heavy. This has caused my imagination to run wild. I have this vision in my mind of the botox drifting to my throat and shutting it down. So as you might imagine, I am kinda freaking myself out a bit.
As far as the vertical lines. She injected 2.5 units in two places above the lips. This is also starting to feel a bit strange. I can still purse my lips and smile and chew but I have noticed I when I purse my lips which I do alot ( probably why I have the lines in the first place) that it is not as easy.
Since this is just day four and a half, I am hoping that I just get used to all this weirdness and by a week or two weeks I am feeling a bit more normal.
Has anyone else had this experience?
At this point, I don't think I would inject this area again. If I did I would only do half of the units I did.

Chin botox for pebbly chin and smoker's lines

It is day 6. I must say the botox does look good. However, I have not felt like my self. Been having dry mouth and although I can breathe ok, I feel like there is flem in my throat. Also have lost my appetite and having a hard time sleeping mostly because of the dry mouth. I am hoping that this goes away.
I contacted my doctor and asked her if the botox could have caused this and she said for the amount she injected, it couldn't. She told me people sometimes get a lot more injected. So maybe this is all in my mind and I am freaking myself out? I don't know. whether or not it is, no matter how good it looks I wouldn't do it in these areas again.
I have read in a few threads that the lips and chin go away faster because of the constant movement. I sure hope this is the case with me. Even if it was a less intense feeling I would be happier.
My doctor said I would get used to the feeling.. Anyone else had this and got used to it?
I would appreciate your feedback..

Day 11

Still experiencing bad side effects. Went to my regular Medical doctor and she checked me out. She said I am healthy and that these side effects should leave soon. Her estimate was three weeks. Have lost 5 pounds. It is hard to eat anything. I don't have an appetite and the lack of saliva is awful. Lips are dry and neck feels like it is being pulled under chin. I can't believe that this amount of botox is causing me to feel so terrible. I know now that I will never, ever inject anywhere in my face again.
My sister told me that the doctor who does her botox said that a doctor should never inject the lower part of your face.
I wish I could turn back time. I am very busy professional woman who has always been very healthy. I am just wishing time will go by faster.
to make matter worse, I have read so many terrible stories by other people who seemed to suffer way after three months.

chin and smoker line botox update

This is day 22. I have to say the side effects are better. Still wouldn't do it again for anything. The only reason I am updating is so that someone else who is thinking about this might see what I went through and not do it. I still have a hard time smiling freely because I feel like my lower lip won't raise to where it naturally would. The worst part for me was the lack of saliva for the first two weeks. I could not eat normally and I was really scared. I will keep updating so others will know how long this lasted for me. I am hoping by a month and a half or two weeks it has started to get back to normal.

one month

I can feel a lot more movement around my mouth which is awesome. Feeling more like my self and the terrible side effects, mainly dry mouth is gone. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I lost a total of 7 pounds ( and I was not even a little overweight) also many nights of sleep due to the dry mouth. Even though I have had botox for two years around my eyes with no complications, I am scared to ever do any botox again.
would rather withhold

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Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Thank you for your faithful updates!

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I'm so sorry to hear this is continuing to be such an uncomfortable thing for you. :-/ Botox lasts different amounts of time in different people (like any drug I suppose). Unfortunately there is no antidote for Botox, but some RealSelfers say that they felt drinking lots of water, green tea, and lots of exercise have helped move the Botox through their system faster.

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Its amazing to me how different Botox can feel in different areas. I haven't had my chin done, but I have had my upper lip done and I didn't care for it for the exact reasons you are describing. Its good that you doctor warned you about what to expect with the weird sensation though. Could you imagine how panicked you would feel if you weren't expecting it?! 

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Thanks Megan! When you had your lip done, Did you get used to the sensation? How many units did you have and how long did it last in that area. I would appreciate any feed back. I am not feeling any better today. Infact I am getting more scared worried that it might keep getting stronger and stronger. And this is only day 5. I really didn't expect to feel like this since I never feel bad when I have had my eyes done.
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I had very, very little put in when I tried it on my upper lip. (I talk about it in my 7/31/12 update in my review) I don't remember the exact amount, but I want to say like 1 unit on each side or something. She went super light just so we could see how I would deal with it since it seems some people (like us) aren't fans of that area. I am a huge fan of having the corners of my mouth treated, strangely.

Since you mentioned you were concerned that you are only on day 5 here is a Q&A that talks about how long it takes Botox to take effect:

How Long After Botox Can Full Effects Be Seen?

Please keep updating your review so we can continue to hear how you are doing, k?

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