Self Chemical Peel Burned Layers of my Skin - Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to use peels to help with my acne scars,...

I wanted to use peels to help with my acne scars, it made matters worse. My nose is red for whatever i don't know.

It produced an adverse effect and burned  the top layers of my nose? or got it infected? acne? i don't know. I used salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid at diff times over the course of a month or two (peels from skin laboratory). It made my nose permanately red and produced discoloration all over my face.

I haven't used peels since this effect on my nose ~1.5 month ago. I'm out of idea and don't know what to do, any recommendation for routines and treatment?


How frequently did you do it? I've used MUAC 40% lactic acid and I found it quite mild. I didn't even peel much, just slight flaking around my hose, hardly visible to others. You can google for my before-after photos at my blog - mybeautycravings.
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Twice a week for a month, then 4 weeks wait, then twice for 2-3 more weeks
Oh. I was told to do this once a week, or once a fortnight. I hope you have since recovered.
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