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Perfectionist to the Max! Had a BBL and a Posterior Lift - Los Angeles, CA

Motivation, Perfection about his work is one of...

Motivation, Perfection about his work is one of the key factors why I choose Dr. Hughes. I moved to Cali about 11/2 years ago. Not knowing anyone and not wanting to just go to any doctor. I started to make a list and a research, an investigation on who is who in the plastic surgery world in Cali. I narrowed down my list. The final decision was when I asked my plastic Surgeon in Florida Dr. De Lucas, an awesome doctor his honest opinion. My case was a sensitive one. I was a skinny child who became a fat teen because of my parents over feeding me. Not a good thing while a young lady is developing. I was determined to loose weight and I did from 165 to110 pounds in my 20's. I maintained and fluctuated from 120 to 135. That affected my skin elasticity, and when I thought I was fat and flabby I got told that the only thing to do is get rid of all that skin. I honestly got scarred thinking I'm young do I really want all those scars. So I consulted with Dr. Hughes and he gave me options. He was honest, and gave me the non scar option and option of scar but the ultimate results. I had so much loose skin located in my posterior that to fill it in would give me a massive butt. Not to mention it was full of pots holes it was a mess. But I am not the kind of girl that likes to big rear, a moderate rear to match my curves is fine. So I discussed with Dr. Hughes, what I will be expecting from the surgery. That is to have no loose skin, a nice round rear and smooth back of thighs.
I decided to to go for it! I email him 5 million times saw him an additional 2 other times. Talk about confidence! He made me feel that what I had chosen was the absolute maximum best for results. I remember telling him what I don't like and what I wanted the day of surgery. I honestly forgot to tell him about my sides that end up almost past my hipbones towards the front , some can relate that fat or skin that pinches on your hips that bulge. So I was on the surgery bed no joke half drugged up saw the first nurse and said tell doc I forgot to mention how much I hate this fat or skin bulge. Lol I was home the next thing I know lol and I email him to see if I can come in to get checked out. So he emails me right back and I remember mentioning that area he said " I went further with the incision past your hips and took more skin....... Enjoy" wow really! So you know I looked a few days later!, he actually did. Actually you are supposed to rest and stay off work for 2weeks I was back to work after 2 days! Please rest I'm a different case I have high pain tolerance but made sure I got a chair that had my rear off the chair I got a massage chair you know the ones you see at the mall when people get a neck massage. It is awesome! If anyone needs to borrow it let me know. I am in my suit that awful suit but trust me it is important this way skin and all your sutures stay put I never take it off only a quick shower. Also the nice drains are a pain in the rear just got them out today it has been 2weeks and 3 days. I have no kids but man those things are like twins no joke, the nurse at Docs office is amazing. She is really a pro! Well doc came in today while my sutures were going to be removed and was all excited!!!! More then me actually never told him this but he is a big version of me, all my life anything I did I strive to do it right and I was always complimenting my own work to wear my clients would say you approve lol! Well I am happy to have met such a talented and unique person! Today we don't see this kind of doctor who is assuring,accommodating and simply the best! I will keep you all updated 8 weeks total I have 5 more weeks to go!
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Please post pics :)
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Congrads to angelique2b and you too; Dr Kenneth Hughes! Amazing that you were able to go to work just a few days after sx Angelique. You are very resiliant! Hope you are still doing well. Please update your progress. BTW....Did you have to get a Thigh Lift along w/ the Butt Lift? Doing any special treatment for your incisions to minimize scarring? Best Wishes!
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Thanks! So sorry about that Dr.!
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Anyone know why his name isn't coming up on the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
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It is on there. Last name Hughes First Name Kenneth
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Any pictures
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I will update soon!
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