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I have been longing for a much bigger butt since I...

I have been longing for a much bigger butt since I could remember and last summer I was on my way to making small progress through lots of exercise. Recently I lost a ton of weight after having my son that left my butt flatter than its ever been in my life! A friend of mine told me about getting butt injections in place of a Brazilian or implants. I have witnessed 2 people get the Brazilian and the fat reabsorbed causing them to lose their butts so I don't want that done. I just don't know where to go or who to trust to do it.


I dont want implants because they look and feel fake. Im trying to have a natural look.

Hi there, welcome!

With brazilian butt lift some fat does always get reabsorbed, which is why most girls get more than they actually want tranferred in, to account for the 20-30% fat loss that occurs naturally.

Butt injections aren't FDA aproved and most doctors will advise against them because they can be very dangerous. Are you totally against something like implants?

It's finally going to happen!

Procedure scheduled for Feb 8th im beyond excited!

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Can Time Speed Up!?!

So after waiting many years, I will finally be getting a much fuller butt. Even better, my friend will be accompanying me on this awesome journey.


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