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Okay. So I have finally decided to do it. I'm...

Okay. So I have finally decided to do it. I'm doing it. I'm so gonna do it.

And I feel lighter already!!

Like most of you, I have had huge boobies since high school. Right now they sally fourth at an impressive 36DDD/E. Gross. I am 35, 5'8, around 140, though I have gained weight lately due to a new job. I'm a writer and I sit around all day (eating snacks). This will change (I start with a trainer on Monday, my goal weight is about 130). Either way, they are too big for my body. The left one is bigger. They are heavy, my back is a mess -- it literally gives out once or twice a year -- and I can't wear the clothes I want or exercise without wearing seven sports bras. The usual complaints. But how about this one, when I lift them up and hold them I can actually breathe easier. They gotta go.

My goal is little French girl tea cup boobies. I want to frolic with out a bra. I want to run up a set of stairs without having to grab my chest. I want to wear backless things without looking like a porn star. So my goal is a full B cup. Drastic you say? I don't care. I have been burdened too long. I'm a smart girl. I want that to be the first thing people notice about me. Not the fun bags, you know? So, some initial questions for you fancy ladies...

1. Is anyone WGA? Does union insurance cover it?
2. If I'm gonna have myself cut into, I want to make sure I find the best damn doctor in all of Los Angeles. Anyone have advice on choosing a doctor?
3. I'm not telling anyone I know except my mom and a few close friends that I am doing this. How do people react to you after? Is it weird?
4. My mom had it done years and years ago. She has shared her experience and it has been helpful, but it was a long time ago and her memory of the actual process is spotty at best. Back then, 20 years ago, she got the standard anchor shape scar one. Have there been any big advances in the field worth looking into?
5. I haven't had kids yet -- I plan on doing it later in life (early 40s) can someone give me the lowdown on breast feeding post BR?
6. Nipple sensation... This is a hard one as I have often enjoyed that aspect of my boobs. Maybe the only thing I do like about them. If that were to go, I would be a little sad. Discuss?
7. I would like to do my BR over the Christmas holiday. Is it impossible to get appointments then? Should I be doing consultations now?

Thanks, ladies. This seems like a cool and supportive community. I will do my best to update as I go and share my story.


Not sure yet.

I don't have a doctor yet. I am just beginning the process.

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Amen ambrownq! We are hear to make our lives easier!! We are not getting bigger we are down sizing to have a better healthy life!! Others may lurk around but not post!! Perve!!
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I would
Most certainly not troll a penis reduction site. You're a pervert stop trying to justify it
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You can block him! I did! Good luck ladies!! Abomb i had two PS that i went to the first one was and is a jerk!! Love the second one!
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This mark guy did the same thing to me...EW
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Gross. This isn't a peep show, Mark in NC. I deleted my photo and will probably close this account now. Cheers.
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Hi Bomb! I am almost a year post-op and am so happy I did this. This is my opinion to your questions.

#1. I can't answer

#2. There is a member AimeeDoubleG's who I believe is in the LA area. Maybe check out her review. Otherwise I would advise get at least two or three recommendations, search the internet, do your research and then meet with them. You are interviewing them. They are going to work for you. This will give you the best idea of who you feel is on the same page as you are.

#3. Most people who didn't know about the surgery have just asked if I lost weight. Even some of the people who did know, thought I had lost weight...pretty good side effect!

#4. My mom had hers done in the 70's and that was one of the reasons I put it off for so long, but am so glad I finally went through with it! There have been some advancements. They can now do a lollipop technique that doesn't have the anchor incision. They often leave the nipple attached to the tissue, nerves, and blood supply, preserving sensation. However the amount to be reduced often affects the type of procedure they use. The larger the reduction the more likely they would have to use the anchor and/or the Free Nipple Graft.

#5. Breastfeeding may or may not be possible. There is no guarantee. If the nipple can remain connected to the blood supply during the procedure then your chances of being able to breast feed is greater. If the nipple is to be completely removed and then reattached then the chances are extremely slim.

#6. One of the surprises for me was that I have more nipple sensation now than I have ever had! I had very little sensation prior to surgery so was shocked when the slightest friction would cause a reaction!

#7. Yes...Yes...Yes...start your consultations now! Sometimes it can take a while to get insurance approval and some doctors take a while to get a surgery date, so the sooner you get started the better chance of getting surgery when you want it.

Good luck! Please keep us posted!
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I don't know yet. As I said, I am just beginning the process of finding the right doc. :)
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when is your surgery date
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