Consultation Stage of Things...- Los Angeles, CA

So far I've had my first consultation with Gregory...

So far I've had my first consultation with Gregory C. Park, MD at his office in Seattle, Wa.
My family lives there while I live in Los Angeles, but for the right doctor I would go anywhere and pay nurses to be family until I could take care of myself.

Dr. Park has a lovely office in a lovely location with a lovely staff.
More importantly he gave me a great consultation and a quote.
He made me feel comfortable and listened and was patient as you would hope for.
Also he didn't make me feel bad or crazy for my request:

I'm not skinny, I've been off exercise for a solid two years. I'm what I call "skinny fat" Meaning I could stand to lose a good fifteen but more useful would be to stop allowing the loss of what muscle tone I do have.

Moving on...
I'm a tad under 5 2' and teetering on crossing past 140lbs.
That said I'm a 34ddd who's in probably in denial since my worst nightmare is getting measured and finding I've crossed into the E's.
So not the 34ddd of girls who got their last bra a week ago after a fitting by a nice sales woman. 34ddd I've been rotating the same 3 bras for a couple years now 34ddd.
It's all too depressing.

What I want is to go down as far as possible while still being able to say I have breasts.
largest A or smallest B.
We girls all know the pencil test (I can put my cell phone under a boob and it's staying).
My hope/wish/goal/DREAM is to have the kind of little boobs that you couldn't hold a thought under. I'll post a wish pic or two.

My back doesn't hurt (yet), I'm just tired and more inactive than I've ever been. I'm about to be 31, have been carrying the weight of a backpack full of books of my chest since I was 11
I'm done. I want to live an adventurous life, and dragging these across the globe isn't an option. I'm an independent woman who is so content being a single and not a couple so I don't want to be shaped like Jessica Rabbit anymore. I don't want the physical burden or the burden of the sexual energy my breast attract.

I like Dr. Park's before and after photos, and his demeanor but...
I'm not convinced he will really hear me in the kind of result I NEED.
Remeber this isn't about back pain, any amount you can to alleviate it, thanks and goodbye.
I know what I want, (you hear that all you docs who keep telling me I'll regret going too small). I KNOW WHAT I WANT. I'm in my thirties not 19 and I've been mulling this over for at least half a decade before deciding.

So, anyway, I'm going to go to at least one or two more consultations because it's surgery choose wisely not hastily. That being said If I wake up this coming New Year with small breasts it will be the best New Year of my life.
I'm with you CCupcakes! I'm a 34DDD and I would rather be a small B instead of a large C. I made my appointment for a consultation with a plastic surgeon today. I'm afraid that even though I want to be as small as possible, my surgeon will want to keep my nipples healthy and safe, so he will probably make me a large C small D. My sister is so lucky she's got tinny A-B's and she's very athletic, I wish I could be more athletic. I'm hopping to get my surgery in Sept, so I can ring in the new year with new boobs and a new body too! I never go swimming, unless I'm wearing a T- shirt and shorts. My hope for next summer is to finally go with out a T-shirt, I haven't done that since I was in 6th grade, I'm 33. I hope you get to be as small as you want to CCupcakes :) Goodluck!
Loved reading your story, you have a great sense of humour and you write really well :) I hope that you find a surgeon that you click with!
You sound like a woman on a mission :-) And yes make sure you find a surgeon who listens and has your best interests at heart. After all its our bodies and our choice . Best of luck .I look forward to following your journey .'
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