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I'm finally doing it: starting the wheels in...

I'm finally doing it: starting the wheels in motion and taking control of my future!

I've always been super small, and around seventh grade I completely stopped growing. I'm about 5'7" and have stayed between 105-108 lbs and about 10% body fat over the past thirteen years. I'm also Asian, so my ribcage is super tiny and my overall frame is pretty small compared to non-Asian girls around my height. Currently I'm a 32AA but really only fit in soft cup bras because I still get air pockets in regular molded cup AA bras. Booooo.

I always had a complex about my flat chest growing up (didn't help that my mom constantly referred to them as "cheerios" and "mosquito bites"), and at 27 I still have days where I feel totally shitty about them. After I matured a little bit and started losing the baby fat in my face, I felt less like a child, and I would feel a little better on very rare days because I'm one of those annoying people who can compare her body type to models and not feel shitty and fat. Some days I really love how the line of my body looks, but mostly that's when I'm wearing certain things that were cut specifically for a long, lean (but more importantly, FLAT) body type.

My boyfriend loves me and worships my body but he's also a dude and certainly wouldn't mind having a little more to play around with. I'm planning on something comparable to a standard B cup (yeah, I know cup sizing isn't accurate for BA) because of how narrow my frame is, and the fact that I still want to have the look of being slim and modelesque sometimes. Anything larger would just feel vulgar on my body - not that there's anything wrong with glorious large breasts, because trust me, I totally toyed around with the idea of totally going for it and getting the whole stripper package, but that's totally not me and I'm totally okay with just wearing a pushup bra for the days I want to feel like a pornstar.

I'm taking control of my destiny and making the decision to take away my excuses for not feeling freaking amazing about myself 365 days a year. I'm tired of looking like a child and feeling asexual, and I deserve to treat myself to something I've wanted for so very long.

I have a consultation next week and am super excited to officially start this journey, after battling with myself for years over the decision. I'm so ready to ditch my training bras!
Good for you! And if you want to play around with sizers do the rice test. Just Google rice test. Its fun and you can get a feel for what'd you like cc wise.

Wish Boobies

I had a little anxiety a few nights ago and gotr unnecessarily upset because my boyfriend and I were being intimate and we started imagining what my new body will look like. He likes proportion and knows they need to be smaller on my frame because of my build, but he still loves big juicy ones (analagous to DDs on me) and the way he was talking made it seem like that's what he was hoping for. I just felt horrible about it because I felt like the ones I want wouldn't even be big enough for him, so how must he really feel about the ones I barely have now?

Well, I showed him pictures a couple days ago and he is 100% in agreement about the size, even though I thought he wanted bigger. He even said that anything bigger would just look silly on me, although there's nothing wrong with big ones - exactly what I was thinking. Thank goodness I picked a good one :)

My current stats are:
105-108 lbs
31 bust, 32 AA
23-24 waist
34 hips
I know how you feel although, I'm 5'7" and very large framed (and over weight on top of that). I was called grapenuts by my friends when I was younger and it sucked. I'm 37 and thought about doing this for years. I say go for it. I know you will look beautiful no matter what size you chose. Large breasts are great, but according to your measurements a B cup would look fab on you. I just want to look in proportion to my body. Good luck and go to a few consultations until you find a surgeon that you love.
Thanks, beautiful! Isn't it so pathetic how mean people are to each other? Especially family and friends who are supposed to cxare about you? Good luck with your new additions - I see your surgery is coming up soon! You will love them and they will look amazing, don't worry!


After reading a ton of reviews from other women, the thing I'm most concerned about during healing is constipation and bloating. I pride myself on my regularity (ha) and I get anxiety thinking about how stopped-up I will probably feel. My boyfriend had hernia surgery last year and he was horribly constipated for over a week and I can't even handle thinking about it, ugh.
When is your surgery scheduled? Congrats! I just read that you are concerned about bloating and constipation. I felt the same since I'm very regular, and I hate that feeling when I can't do #2. I know it is silly, but I get you. My experience was great, and I was able to go #2 on day 3 which is pretty amazing. Since then, I'm regular like before surgery. So, what makes you constipated are medicines. The more you use them, the more constipated you will be. You can help yourself by drinking a lot of liquids a week before your surgery. Miralax is great for constipation. I used it in the past, and it takes a few days to start working. It is safe to use around surgery too. Prune juice made me gassy, and didn't help at all. You have Senna tea that is good too, more gentle then Ducolax. I hope all goes well with you. Good luck!

Only four days till consultation!

I'm so excited for Tuesday 11am!! I'm getting restless waiting for my new body. It's like Christmas!
So funny that my fello boobie buddy Nikki has commented too! ;) I immediately wanted to come spread some positive feedback to you, personally relating on your tiny frame I think it's absolutely wonderful you're considering your ideal size smaller than most breast augmentation ladies. To see your main concern in the healing process is constipation... Don't worry it isn't anywhere near as bad as you're imagining! Have something on hand just in case, I used Phillips milk of magnesia, within two hours of taking the full dose I was partially relieved, that was on day three, on the second dose the end of that day I was completely better! I guarantee being bloated will be the last of your worries come time! Believe me, any questions or concerns you have can be answered on here!! We LOVE updates and giving support! I'm very excited for you, I can strongly relate taking a huge step in going out of your character and getting this done. It's a life experience for you but after you cross the bridge and heal fully you feel as if the implants have always been a part of you. I quickly became comfortable and still have to remind myself, even after a month and a half, what I did! =)
It's so great that there's so many so many women here eager to chip in advice and offer support, especially when there's so many in the "real world" who just want to be negative about the whole experience! I'm so excited for my babies to arrive and I know having them won't change my life, but going through the journey will :)
You are so sweet!!! You gave me so much support before surgery. I will never forget your kindness. Thank you! Keep posting! Yes...I can easily relate to tiny ladies. Kitty, I bet your surgron won't recommend anything over 300cc.


I just got anxiety because I saw a profile of a woman who has a similar build and similar lack of tissue (i.e. super visible clavicle and ribs between the breasts), with a similar cc level to what I'm assuming I'll be getting, and I absolutely hate her healed results and would hate to have the same look. I've seen so many beautiful jobs on women of all shapes and sizes on this site but I'm still terrified that I'm going to have that strapped-on look, with little round things sticking out with an expanse of flat chest between them. I know it will look fine but this is such a huge investment and it involves CUTTING INTO MY SKIN and INSERTING FOREIGN BODIES and if I get that look I hate it will crush me.

Moar Wish Boobies Plz

And I'm almost sure that first girl on pic already breastfed, and it makes a big difference.


So I had my consultation today, and I scheduled my surgery for MAY 7 OMG!!! I can't even express how excited I am!!!

I will be getting 300cc silicone unders, exactly what I thought I wanted. I can't wait!!!
Congrats! Take the pics of the ones you hate to your PS so he knows what you are not going for. also he should give you a perscription to make sure you don't get constipated. No worries your going to do great! Keep your posts coming :)
I took pictures to my consultation yesterday to show him the look I did not want, and I'm totally confident in what we decided together! I'm so beyond excited!
Yaay! can't wait to see your results :)

More details from my consultation

Okay, so yesterday I couldn't even handle my excitement so I didn't go into particulars because I felt like throwing up from the fact that this is now a real thing that's going to happen!

My PS Dr. Khosravi was so gentle and compassionate during the consultation, and he completely put me at ease. Instead of focusing on numbers from the very beginning, he gave me a few implants to try on and told me to focus on the look of it as though it were on someone else, not on me - he didn't want me to look at the person in the mirror as myself necessarily, because he wanted me to see what I actually LIKE without being based by what I though would or would not look good with. I still ended up with what I thought I would want (300 cc silicone unders), but I was able to see the difference between profiles and what they look like on my body. My breast width is close to 11, so I will need to go with high profile so they don't stick out too far from my sides.

My biggest concern now isn't really a concern, since it's taken care of, but I can't help feeling guilty that I'm spending so much money on myself when I could be saving it up some more, using it toward student loans, etc. but I know if I don't do it now I'll just keep wondering, and keep wishing my body was something it's not. My boyfriend has been really supportive of the whole process, not just because he'll have some new toys (although that's a part of it too :) and I don't blame him) but because he knows how much better I will feel waking up every day.

Yesterday when we left the consultation, I could not stop talking about my new boobs. They are seriously the only thing holding me back every day from thinking I'm freaking awesome and I know they won't change me as a person but it will be so nice to look in the mirror and see something that matches how I want to feel on the inside.

For the skinny girls: I was so surprised, but implants actually make me look stronger and less frail. My boyfriend (who is huge on fitness and body building, and jokes about my bird frame) even said afterwards that my arms and core looked so much more athletic, despite it being my chest and not my muscles that got bigger. I certainly felt stronger looking at myself, and I didn't look as delicate either which I love.

I got blood drawn yesterday, and I'm feeling good! (The nurse asked me if I was okay with needles, then saw that I have some pretty extensive tattoos and redacted the question, ha.) I've been vegetarian for a little over four years, so the only thing that might be off is my iron levels, but even that should be fine. I used to be super anemic and would wake up with bruises on my legs but I've gotten better with my diet so I think I'll be fine. Fellow vegheads: apparently we "ooze" a little more during surgery, haha. Nothing to cause alarm, but funny that we're a little extra leaky since we don't have any meat blocking us up :)
Me too!! :) :)
It feels great! I have never been able to go into store and to be able to buy almost any top. It is completely new experience for me. You will enjoy it! Since you are so tiny like me, where do you buy clothes?

Trust Yourself

The biggest mistake I see from women on this site is that they get so caught up with cc's and how they look on OTHER women, not themselves.

After going through the research process myself, I would say the absolute best thing obviously is to try on in your doctor's office, and the next best thing and really the only thing you should do is to look for pictures of women with a similar body type - as opposed to looking for women with a certain cc amount. It can drive you crazy to see how 300cc might look huge on one woman, insignificant on another, super wide on yet another, etc. I don't even like that there is a cc search feature on this site because the number isn't as important as the aesthetics.

So: now, as always, just TRUST YOURSELF. Trust what your eyes like naturally, and stick with it


Waiting for my day of surgery is driving me insane!!

Today I ordered some front close bras, since I'll only be getting one from my surgeon the day-of and I get grossed out thinking about not being able to wash it and having post-surgery ooze sitting on my skin and getting sacked up into the fabric. They're the Fruit of the Loom style that a lot of women seem to buy for BA, and luckily there was a style that's a little more scooped than the super high-cut style I've seen before.

I also had to get a retainer for my navel piercing because I know I will have neither the ambition nor the fine motor skills to put my piercing back in after surgery.

I was feeling good till I realized I would be starting my period the day before surgery, HOORAY. I use a menstrual cup but I have to go stock up on pads now since I won't be able to maneuver around enough to use my cup. I am going to look SO ATTRACTIVE with my granny bra and diaper butt :)
Congrats!! Your surgery is the day after mine!! It's getting so close!!
Congrats to you too, I'm so excited for you!! Keep us posted!
Your so right about looking at the girls who are your same stats. I searched the internet for days and I only found 1 girl close to my size/height etc who got close to what I did. i bought some front closure bras off ebay but they made me feel like a grandma. After the first day recovery I was able to put my arms over my ead so I just got a pull over bra.


My boyfriend talked to his mom on the phone yesterday and when she asked how I was doing, he told her about my surgery coming up. She said she had something to confess and said that she got her breasts done in 1987, since her body changed so much after breastfeeding him and his older sister. She said his dad is the only other person who knows - well, obviously now my boyfriend knows too, it just took 30 years to find out :) She is super supportive of my surgery and said she is so grateful she did it for herself all those years ago.

I think a lot of us get so freaked out with thoughts of "what will people think?" "what if they look fake?" without realizing there are so many women out there who have had BA and we would never know. I live in LA so I expect there to be a lot living here - it is Hollywood, after all - but so many of them look so "normal" that no one would ever be able to tell. The people closest to us will know of course but soon the novelty and initial shock will wear off, and they won't even see them as being foreign or different anymore.

I'm probably the complete opposite of the average patient, though. Pretty much everyone at work knows I'll be getting it done: partly because of the nature of my work (I'm always running around like a madman starting all sorts of projects so it will be obvious something is up if I'm laying low for 6 weeks), partly because the change will be so obvious from "nothing" to "something" - but mainly because wanting to do something positive for yourself is nothing to be ashamed about.

Do what makes you happy!
Great story about your boyfriends mom! It's so nice that she's supportive of your choice, I'm sure it make the whole process that much easier!
It was nice to hear that from her and have something in common. My parents are both deceased and my boyfriend's mom is more like a mother to me than mine ever was, so it feels good to know she's on my side, considering my mom would probably be totally against it yet continue to make fun of my cheerio boobs. It just goes to show that it's not a big deal, we won't always have a "Fake Boobs" sign above our heads, we won't automatically be "that girl with the fake tits" when we meet people because they can be every bit as normal as if we had grown them ourselves.
Yeah ...omg you are getting 300cc ...and you have a little more then me to start'll probably really be looking the same size as me since ...I had less and got 325cc ... A tablespoon difference ! I am sooo happy with mine and if I want them to look bigger ....I can always put a push up ....but other then that , I'm not sure why I would want bigger ....I really love the size I've got ! Good luck girly's coming fast !

Bra sizing for implants

I found this super-helpful chart on that should make it a little easier to guesstimate bra size once I get the okay to move on from the surgical bra. Augmented breasts fit bras so differently compared to natural, and this will help the ladies have a better idea of where to start, instead of blindly picking up a million bra sizes :) Let me know how this chart works for you!
Can't wait to see your next post! I think you made a good choice. As far as I know, HP implants have a smaller chance of rippling, so it is bonus for you since you are slender. I wish you good luck!!! Keep us posted!

Feeling prepared!

Ahhhh, my surgery is next week!!!

I'm feeling pretty much prepared for it. I already ordered my spare front-close bras, and I have a wedge pillow, retainer for my navel piercing, senna tea and prunes (I want to stay away from chemical laxatives), and baby wipes for the days I won't be able to shower (boo). I also made my own cold packs with plastic baggies (double-bagged) filled with rubbing alcohol and water in a 1:3 ratio. The alcohol keeps the water from freezing, so the packs stay liquid and will be easier to hold against my breasts since they won't be frozen into hard shapes. Science!

I've also been massaging my breasts, concentrating on the lower half which will need to stretch the most, with Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil, which is a mix of cocoa butter and vitamin E, among other things. (Kind of funny that the first ingredient is canola oil; it makes me feel like a vegetable saute.) I have no idea if I'm prone to stretch marks since my weight hasn't really changed since puberty but I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep the area moisturized and supple.

The only thing left is cleaning, but I did a crazy spring clean last week and I usually clean twice a week so I guess that's not really a big deal either.

Can't believe it's almost here!!
You got it all. I would add, but you probably know this, that you should put some extra cloth (towel for example) under ice packs. Ice is great for swelling, but when applied close to skin, it can cause burning and redness. Wear super comfy pants and underwear right after surgery, so it is easier for your arms to pull them up. I would suggest you to prepare all meals. I wrote all my meals on a piece of paper, so my husband knew exactly what I needed. I wrote my meals for 5 days. Don't forget to drink. Not just after surgery, but right now! It will help you with flushing medicines and anesthesia out of your system. Now it is the right time to get hydrated. Add some low cal sports drinks. Again, good luck!!!

Only 7 more nights!

I can't believe it's so close!!

I finally got the front-close bras I ordered, and the size discrepancy between the three is pretty ridiculous. You get what you pay for. At least I have one that fits very loose in the band now, that I can wear comfortably while I'm still swollen, because the other two feel like they'll be a little too tight in the beginning.


Hello! we have the same stats! I'm also going for 300cc HP, but I'm a little afraid of going too big since i have a small frame! did you get some 3D-pictures? i got, and they look huge...

Bye, tiny bras

Yesterday I threw out all my bras except the ones I wear all the time, which are wireless triangles which will still fit after my BA I think. So close!
Hey! Totally thought of you this morning thinking today was your surgery day. But now that I look, it's tomorrow! How are those butterflies? Fluttering? Hehe. You're going to look amazing and they will compliment that rockin bod of yours. Sending good vibes your way!
You know, everyone is asking if I'm nervous, and honestly I'm just excited for it to be over! The way I look at it, all I have to do is show up and I'll wake up with boobs :) thanks for the good vibes! I will update once I'm relatively coherent!
My doctor doesn't really agree with the 3-D imaging, because his process during size consultation makes the imaging kind of redundant. I can't say this enough: just stop worrying about cc's and go with what you and your doctor feel look right.

I survived!

So I had my surgery yesterday! I'm still feeling super lazy so this will be a really short writeup for now...

I'm really tight and sore right now, and I have an ace wrap for the next few days which is driving me absolutely bananas. I'm totally against taking narcotic painkillers because of my experience with someone very close to me in my past, and I was without any pain medication at all till today, when my boyfriend was able to get me some Tylenol. I'm still sore and tight with it, but the edge is definitely taken off and it's a lot more tolerable when I have to get up.

I'm SO ITCHY between my boobs right now, it's driving me crazy! I can't wait to see them but I have to wait till noon tomorrow to unwrap and shower.

All marked up!

Congrats!! Tylenol! Wow, girl you are tough!!! Happy recovery!

Ew. Has anyone else been contacted by potential creepers?

Today I got a PM from a guy who just joined this sie a few months ago who just seems to be a lurker. Has anyone else had this happen? He didn't say anything too weird yet but I'm getting the heeby-jeebies because he has no traceable history, ie no visible comments or posts, he probably just sends PMs after looking at profiles on this site. Ewww I'm so grossed out.


By months I meant to write weeks. There's no info on this guy which means he probably just sits and lurks this site in secret.

I hate this

I hate this feeling on my chest, I hate feeling bloated and heavy (I don't look very different, but I feel stuffed up), I hate not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, I hate sleeping on my back and having a backache from the incline, I hate feeling like these are foreign and like I have bricks strapped to my body, I hate lying around doing nothing.
I hated everything until a few days ago too. I'm one week today and loving it now! I went against pain meds too and have a high tolerance to pain. Still got constipated but all is fine now. The first few days suck and I felt like a freak. I kept on looking in the mirror and saying 'what have I done'! over and over. Hang in there, you will be great! What did you end up getting?
They still feel so alien and I'm mostly frustrated by the fact that I can't do ANYTHING for myself. My constipation only lasted a day but it felt like FOREIGN to me since I wasn't doing anything except lying around feeling unlike myself. I know it will all be better soon but this transition SUCKS.
By foreign I meant forever...


I had 2 BMs today, finally. I also measured my size briefly against the chart for augmented bra size thay I posted a while ago, and at my swollen size I'm about a C cup, which means hopefully I'll settle down into a full B once I'm not as puffy.

I'm still super uncomfortable and this stupid band is driving me insane, but I have the OK to shower today and I'm sure that will help me feel better. My ribs are still really sore, especially directly below my incision sites.

I just hate feeling helpless and having to restrict myself from doing pretty much everything.

I will post pics later today after I shower. Maybe that will get me more excited about the healing.
First 2 weeks were the worst for me too. Just be patient. It will get better for sure. I'm almost 2 months post op, and I still feel them in the morning like some bricks sitting on my chest. As soon as I start to move, it gets better. I'm glad you went #2. That is great!

So amazing to finally shower!

I woke up from a catnap this afternoon and was finally okay to take a shower (my PS said after 48 hours). What a strange feeling! I have to figure out how to stand up without hunching over so far, because it's killing my back but when I stand up straight I feel like my boobs are going to pop open!

They are super stiff and the muscles are very, very tight, but I have to keep reminding myself this is only the second full day after surgery so of course things are still going to be weird. It felt amazing to take off the strap for a while though and I ended up standing in the shower longer than I planned just so I could spend some more time away from the strap...

I started giggling when I saw the water running over my breasts because it only ever went straight down, but it still hurts to laugh! It was also so strange when I washed my face, because my inner arms touched the sides of my breasts and I've NEVER had a feeling like that before!

Looking down, I feel like they look enormous, but they don't look as big in my photos. I'm eager for them to start dropping (still super high, I feel like they're almost to my clavicle!) and squishing together more, just because I have anxiety that they will heal with that artifical spaced-apart look and I'll feel much more secure once I start seeing some more progress.
I'm paranoid that I've been moving a little too much these past few days so I'm trying to be good and lie a little more still - which makes the girls a lot tighter-feeling. I'll see how I feel tomorrow, maybe it will feel safer to move a little more! Just trying to listen to what my body is telling me...

Feel like I'm ready to pop

Luckily I have no pain, just some soreness around my ribs underneath my incisions as well as nipple sensitivity, but my boobs feel tight as hell. I know this is normal and to be expected but I can't help getting freaked out because of how tight everything feels. I was super small with super tight muscles, and no previous stretching from children, etc. so I understand that my tissues are being stretched literally to their limits, but MAN this freaks me out.

I was able to sleep 4 hours in a row last night, up from 3 hours the night before and every other hour the night before that. I'm still taking it easy when it comes to lifting and to getting up and down - my lovely boyfriend insists on doing everything for me, and he even uses his hand to guide my back when I'm leaning back on the couch. What a sweetie! A girl could get used to this :)

How long did it take for the overwhelming tightness to go away? I know it's different for everyone but I'd feel better getting a ballpark estimate of when I'll feel less like a swollen grape.

Boob shelf

I'm over this. Can you two please calm down and start settling, please? I have to start work again tomorrow and everything I wear makes you both look enormous.
Have you tried the ice packs? It helps when you sleep on your back to put a pillow under your knees and roll up a small towel and put it at the small of your back for lumbar support
I actually don't have any pain anymore, not even in my back, I just have extreme tightness across my chest because I'm thin with very tight muscles, and I've never fluctuated in size or had my skin stretch. I've been icing lazily when I think about it, but I feel like it just tightens up my muscles more. My back is pretty alright now too, I was able to sleep over 8 hours straight last night and I haven't had to take any Tylenol for days now.
I know there isn't really much I can do about the chest tightness other than wait. My post-op is on Tuesday and my PS doesn't want me massaging, etc. without his okay first. I think once I'm able to massage, I'll be able to get some relief, no?

Dear Skinny Girls:

BA will help your body look stronger, not faker. You will no longer look frail and delicate, and you can be seen as the strong, athletic woman you really are.

My breasts look smaller in this photo than they look in real life right now, and certainly smaller than they feel (ouch, muscles still stretching!), but even this little bit of size means the difference between looking weak and looking fit. Before BA, I was stronger than I looked, but once I heal there will be a more complete, balanced package, and it will be more "your body is so tight" rather than "ohmygod you're so skinny."
You look absolutely wonderful!! My BA surgery is scheduled for Wednesday 5/21 and I have been scouring the internet and this particular site to see what CC size other's similar to my height and build have decided to go with. Your posts have been so very helpful. I am 5'8" weighing 115lbs measuring a 34AA. Because of my height and my broad shoulders my PS has recommended 371cc silicone implants. I'm a tad nervous that they will be too big but my breast will measure just below 7.5 which would put me around a B/C cup (which is what I want). I'm active just like you and don't want them to get in the way of my active lifelstyle (plus I have 3 kids ages 1,3 and 5). Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all your posts. Aside from the tightness you are experiencing, I hope your recovery continues to go well.
Thank you! I'm glad to be of any help :) Without knowing your BWD measurements and the profile types for the sizes you're going between, I would say trust your surgeon and go for the 371. I have a very narrow build, about 27 inch ribcage and under 10.8 BWD, so my body can not accommodate anything much larger. Since you have broad shoulders and a wider ribcage, your body will take more cc's much better than mine, even though we are both slim/athletic build. Your surgeon's reluctance for going too small is that the smaller sizes might look too wide-set and possibly not sit properly for your nipples, natural crease, etc. 300cc is a fairly small implant and 371 is still pretty modest as well, considering your proportions. Also, if you are getting them under the muscle, you may lose a few cc's of volume so 371 may not look as intimidating once you heal as they do now against your bare skin.
They look really good! Even they are HP, they look great. Not that I want to scare you, but I have been told that tightness can last up to nine months. I'm 2 months post op, and I still feel them on a regular basis. If I use hands more than I'm able to use, then I feel sore. It is a long process, I know. You can try some Magnesium supplement for tightness/soreness, but time is the best medicine once you got BA. Happy healing!

First day back to work

Today the twins were starting to feel just a hair softer than they did yesterday (hooray!), but I went into work for about 6 hours today and can DEFINITELY feel the difference. I tried to take it easier than usual, but even basic tasks at work put a strain on my muscles and I could feel my breasts storing up more and more tension as the hours went on. Luckily I have my post-op appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping my PS will let me start doing massages or will have other words of wisdom for loosening things up a bit, because I am in desperate need of relieving this tightness.

The girls at work think I got a great size so far - even though they're swollen, I managed to minimize the look a little by strategic wardrobing. I found out tonight too that a former co-worker (also an Asian woman, who used to be tinytinytiny like me) also had her breasts done. Welcome to Hollywood!
Thanks! I really needed to hear this (even though my PS has told me this over and over). My ribcage measures slightly over 29 inches and my BWD is 11.5 so my PS says he recommends the 371cc to avoid and folds that could happen due to extra skin if I go any smaller. I know it will compress a bit once it's implanted (under the muscle....I have a very very small amount of breast tissue but apparently enough for 371cc) so it will be slightly smaller that what it looks like when I try on the sizers. I can't believe my surgery is only 8 days away! Reading your posts are getting me excited (and a bit nervous but I know the pain/swelling/tightness is only temporary. Good luck at work this week!
Trust your surgeon! You felt good enough about him to choose him for this very important step of your life, so don't get too caught up in numbers because it will drive you insane. You will want to divert your energy toward getting totally pumped and excited for your surgery, not second-guessing things and taking the fun out of the process :) Good luck, surgery day will be here before you know it! Keep us posted!
I wish my husband was as supportive and uplifting and as effective with his communication as you are! Thanks again!


Looking a lot better compared to last week!

I went to my first post-op yesterday, and my surgeon removed my steri-strips and checked for hematoma, etc. All is good so far, but I'm still to wear the strap (booooo) for as close to 24/7 as I can bear. I told him that I started work again and it's not possible to hide it under my work clothes, which he didn't like, but he told me to try to wear it as much as possible, and most importantly at night. The jury's divided on how useful the strap is, so I'll wear it at home and definitely at night, but I won't freak out for not wearing it to work. I still can't start massages, possibly it will be an option after my next post-op.

The overwhelming tightness has calmed down a LOT, and although I have a lot of tension that builds up through the day at work, it's pretty tolerable and I barely even notice it before. The first couple days was pretty debilitating and at the end of my shift I felt like I had just woken up, but now it only gets slightly uncomfortable for a few moments and it passes. I'm not 100% obviously, and it's still a struggle to reach high places and lift things in a certain way, but I'm taking it slow and listening to my body. Throughout the day I also gently spread my shoulders to open up my spine a little, since I can't do any yoga for a while to really stretch out (boo).

I tried on a GORGEOUS runway gown today with sheer panels that absolutely needs to be worn bra-less, which I would have been self-conscious about before (ribs don't have the same effect as side boob), and I had EPIC side boob and it felt amazing. My breasts are still sitting wide and high (what an odd sensation to hold the phone to my ear and feel something on the inside of my arm!) but I'm pleased with my progress so far.

Today I got some faux Coobie bras since I feel comfortable enough to pull things over my head now (slowly). It's just in time because LA is going through another heat wave this week and I am NOT spending one more day sweating tk death on my way to work in that stupid front-close bra!
You look awesome!! I haven't been on here for a little more than a week and missed all the updates. The achey tightness btw went away for me by week two. But even now at a little over three weeks the incision areas are painful. As they get softer they will feel less constraining. Maybe it's the strap that's making it feel too tight too? Glad they are already softening though. Gosh you should post pics with the gown on!!
I hate the strap so much. My PS is adamant about it but honestly it isn't making a difference for me, and I find the natural progression of time is the real reason why they're dropping. I won't tell him this at my next post-op because I don't think it's a big deal, especially considering what I've read about the strap from both patients and doctors, and especially because I didn't go too big to start with. Your girls are looking great in your latest pictures too!


So my PS doesn't want me to engage in any sexual activity for 2 weeks post-op. I... didn't really follow that advice.

I understand his reasoning, but I've read up on other patients' experiences and other doctors' advice and I'm finding that the 2 week window is more precautionary, in order to protect the doctors in case something happens (hematoma, etc.) in that 2 week time period. The most common advice I'm finding is to stay in tune with your body, and be careful not to push too much - and that applies to everything, not just sex :)

Can I just say - I have had a HUGE boost in sexual confidence already. My boyfriend and I have been together for a really long time and are practically married, so we're comfortable with each other when we're intimate - but there was always this little thing that held me back from feeling 100% like a sex goddess, and it had to do with how I felt about my breasts.

Obviously it's not a "quick fix" and it's not like getting boobs is making my life amazing and perfect, but it was the last step I needed to finally feel confident enough to act like the woman I know I am deep inside. So corny, I know. But for me at least, it's easier now to feel like a sex kitten, when before I would only feel that way on a lucky day, or if I had spent a long time building up that idea in my head.

So, so far - TOTALLY worth it for me. I'm so glad I did this for myself!
I too often felt less confident in the bedroom because of my lack of breasts. I would always be very insecure when a guy would insist on taking off my top as I preferred to leave it on and hide my small can't wait to show them off to the right guy lol.
O gotte tell love awesome girl! and I totally appreciate the "TMI" update lol b/c if were all being honest...a boob job + sex usually have SOME connection least it does for me! we've been together for 10 years now...married for 5 and I STILLLL do not feel 100% secure with my body, mostly b/c my boobs have never been pretty to look at OR Play with ( haha my DH just wants to have um "boob sex" when theyre big enough to do so....uh..who!) its a sad thing but so me for me, a boost in the intimacy department is always welcome :) I would love to feel like a sex kitten at least lmao!! thx for the updates!!

Almost 2 wk PO, feeling amazing!

Today I had my 2 week PO appointment, and I had the okay to ditch the strap and start massages! Yay! (I also got the go-ahead for sex and lower body exercise, which I've already been doing anyway - the sex started last week, and the exercise started because of all the walking I do at work.)

I don't see changes day-to-day like when I was first healing, but there's a definite difference in how my breasts look and feel from week to week. They have already dropped enough to eliminate the worst of the "boob shelf" right underneath my clavicle, although I do still feel like they're sitting in my armpits, and I'm glad I can start massages to help ease them into each other.

Today my boyfriend and I went for a hike to celebrate having a beautiful day to spend together. The trail was a little tricky in some spots and one time I lost my balance and instinctively threw my arm back, which tweaked my muscle a little because I've been so careful with how I move. It was uncomfortable and tight for a few moments, but it loosened back up again and I'm just glad I didn't end up hurting myself. (My doctor had a patient develop a hematoma from slamming a door, and I thought of that immediately and had a mini heart-attack.)

I did some quick shopping yesterday before work, just picking up a few things in my pre-BA size to try on when I came home after work. Luckily everything still fits, and one dress I picked makes my cleavage look pretty bomb which I'm so excited about. I bought a few knit dresses and crop tops that I plan on wearing without bras - how liberating! I finally am happy enough with my shape to not have to rely on bras anymore! (I will have to pick up some nipple covers tomorrow, though, because - damn, those things just won't quit!

I also tried on a bra that I had pre-BA which used to just sit on my flat sternum and make me sad. It would just sit there, all saggy and sad and full of air. But now - it's so magical!

I'm pretty obsessed. I can't stop looking down.
So happy for you! Girl, you have the most smoothest recovery I have ever read on here. Congrats! Keep us posted with your progress.

So I've been wearing the wrong bra size

I just measured myself and realized I've been wearing the wrong band size my entire life. My ribcage is 26.5" (oops, thought it was 27 before) and I'm supposed to be wearing a 30 band, not a 32... whoops.

It doesn't really matter right now because I'm still wearing soft cup bras and my front-close cotton bras for lounging around the house, but I still want to feel prepared for a few weeks from now when I can start looking for real bras again :)

OK, still confused. Also, a history lesson:

So I'm apparently either a 30 or 28 band, and still a C cup right now because of the fact that augmented breasts fit bras differently than non-augmented - although my current measurements yield a bra size anywhere between 30C and 28D/DD, depending on the site/calculator. Eff that, maybe I'll never wear a "real" bra ever again, and just stick with bralettes! I just tried looking for bras in those sizes, and man is it hard/expensive!

Apparently the common practice of adding anywhere from 3-5 inches to the underbust measurement for band size is antiquated, since it started in the early 1900s when women migrated from corsets into NON-ELASTIC bras - hence, the original band measurement needed to be fluffed a little so that women wouldn't be suffocating in too-tight, non-stretch bras. The band should be supporting about 80% of the weight of the breasts, and since modern bras have stretch from elastics, there's no reason to add inches anymore since we are already relying on the elasticity of the band to conform to our bodies.

How much difficulty are you ladies having with finding your bra size post-BA? This is an entirely new world for me since I never had enough up top anyway to get fitted, and after high school I stopped caring about faking the look of boobs so I just started running around in flimsy little bralettes and such.
I totally understand. I have the same problem as you, but opposite because I have a large rib cage and had no breasts. I was never measured either. I'm not allowed to wear a bra for a few months so I haven't thought about that yet, but I hope I can find cute bras!! Good luck with bra hunting and the bralettes are super cute!!

Almost 4 weeks PO

Still feeling great! I had a mini-scare last week after my boyfriend and I were "intimate" and not taking it easy like we were before. I ended up straining a muscle by the edge of my left breast. I wasn't too concerned about it because I was familiar with the feeling from past sports injuries, and I was also monitoring for swelling, bruising, etc. after I started experiencing pain, but I still emailed my doctor's office anyway for a second opinion. Turns out that's all it was, and it took a few days to work itself out but it's all good now.

I got the okay to do lower body exercise, but I am DYING to do some deep stretching and yoga which I can't do for another couple weeks :(

Lefty continues to be the more cooperative breast, and it's softer and has a better shape already than Righty. I'm not worried because I'm right-handed and I expected my right side to settle more slowly anyway. The odd thing is that the uneven dropping really accentuates my slight scoliosis - my back twists slightly up to the left, which turns my left breast (which was also the larger one pre-BA) and makes it look a lot larger than the right, when combined with the difference in shape between both sides.

Oh, and don't mind those things on my boobs in my pictures. I'm still wearing my front-close bras when I'm lounging around, in hopes of gently coaxing them together a little more, so I get those gnarly lines from the gathers on the bra :)

The one thing I'm most impatient about is how slow my progress seems to be now. The difference between week 1 and week 2, and even between week 2 and week 3, was so marked, and it seems to have slowed to a crawl now that I'm past 3 weeks. Even with massages, my breasts still sit (yes, sit, no hanging yet) about two-fingers-width apart from each other when sitting or standing (although they do hang when I lie on my side, but still more than one-finger-width). They are much softer than before, but still more firm than I wanted and expected at this point. I'm sure it's because of how tight my muscles were, and how athletic I was pre-BA.

I started wearing silicone scar strips after my 3 week PO appointment, and the incisions are healing pretty well. They are still bumpy but I'm not worried.

I don't get nearly as many nerve zingers as I did in weeks past, compared to some other women, but maybe it's because I didn't lose much sensation right after surgery? Fewer connections to re-forge? My nipples are still weird sometimes and I can't wait for them to go back to normal. Unless they've been stimulated or I've been wearing a bra for a while, the areolas get super puffy and add to the "torpedo" effect of my unsettled boobs...

Still crooked

Just snapped this picture to see progress. Somehow I feel it's easier to see the changes and assess the shapes in a photo instead of head-on in the mirror. You can see how much of a difference there is between my left and right breasts - my left is looking much more natural and the nipple sits more "perky" on my breast because of the weight of the implant shifting downwards, while my right still has more upper pole fullness and the nipple is still pointing down a little because of how the implant still sits high and round in the pocket. It's funny in the picture though because the asymmetry in my nipples is way more pronounced than in real life and makes it look like I have a lazy nipple...

Someone asked me earlier today what kind of implants I have, since she has a similar frame and is thinking about gummy bear. I've never been too fond of the feel of gummy bear vs standard silicone, and of course I was worried about the possibility of the teardrops rotating (and I hated the price jump, too) - and although my surgeon recommended them for me because they would "look more natural" I can tell I will still be pleased with the look of my standard silicone implants because of how the left one is settling so far.

First yoga since BA, so upset :(

My 6 week post-op appointment is on Tuesday and my body was telling me that it was safe to start getting back into my yoga practice. I wanted to cry today... I have lost so much strength in the past 6 weeks. I'm barely able to hold poses that were so easy for me before, and I've lost so much strength and stability not only in my arms but throughout my core and my legs too. My flexibility will be relatively easy to get back but strength is another issue. I had to modify chatarunga, upward facing dog, etc. so as not to stress my pectorals but I still felt so weak going through the rest of the poses.

I haven't even started other exercise yet because I was doing HIIT before surgery and I want to wait to get clearance from my surgeon before starting back up again - and from seeing how weak I am with yoga, I can tell it's probably going to be rough getting back into HIIT as well since I'm used to doing so many workouts with weights, body weight, etc. I'm so discouraged because I just want to feel normal and I'm tired of feeling helpless and weak.

My implants are also feeling the same as the past couple weeks. They've moved together slightly, about 1.5 finger widths apart now, but still rather firm and still appearing to just "sit" on my chest.

Measured myself again today, I guess the swelling is gone because the measurements haven't changed (except for human error during my previous measurements). I straightened out my tape better this time and found my ribcage to be 25.5-26, so there goes any hope of finding bras with my proper band size. My cup is still hitting around the D-DD area (they look like C's on me though since my band is so small), sometimes DDD/E depending on the fitting chart. I haven't even bothered going to get fitted anywhere because I know no one in the US carried 26- or 28-band bras so I can't even try them on before purchase anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad I went through with this, but I'm just floored by how much athletic progress I lost in 6 weeks after practicing for a few years. I feel like I'm back to square 1 and it doesn't feel good at all.

Sports bras for small frame?

Any fellow petite-build ladies having luck finding sports bras that fit properly after BA? My ribcage is so small that I need XXS/XS in order to have a properly supportive band, but obviously the girlfriends get so squashed that I need S but then the band starts sliding around and gives absolutely no support.

I bought a couple low-impact bras for hiking and yoga in size S but my breasts won't be moving around too much during those activities so I'm not concerned. Once I get the all-clear from my surgeon, though, I'll be getting back into HIIT, which involves a LOT more bouncing around and I'll definitely need to strap myself down a little better.
Hello! I'm asian too and I'm scheduled for my surgery in September. Your reviews have even really helpful! Can't wait for mine :)
Glad to be of any help :) Feel free to ask me any questions!
congrats. U look great!

So I'm a 28DD now

Or at least I will be once the girlfriends drop a little more! (28DD has the same cup volume as a 30D/32C.)

I bought a Cleo by Panache bra from because I paid way too much money to be sitting around in the wrong size bra, and online is the only place I can find 28 band bras. For everyday I'll probably stick to my soft bras, but sometimes duty calls for a "real" bra and I wanted to be prepared since there's a lot more happening on my chest now than before, and I can't just use pasties and boob tape and call it a day anymore (not that I'm complaining!). This one is a basic t-shirt bra style and I'm glad it isn't too full-coverage, since most DD+ bras seem to be cut super full, which I'm not too crazy about.

The bra fits okay, although there's he tiniest bit of gapping at the top but once my breasts drop more I'm sure they'll fit in the cup much better and the weight will pull the top of the cup flush to my skin. I can get rid of the gapping now by tightening the straps a little though. I just can't believe my boobs fill this thing out - I took it out of the box, saw the size of the cups, and was like hell no, I'll never fill those things up... but I do!

It will take some getting used to though, since I so rarely wore real bras pre-BA and never got used to the feeling of underwires and whatnot.
Im dying for an update! Im getting my ba on December and i love the size u got!
Hi, how are the scars healing up? I've read a lot that scarring on Asians are the worst?! Kindly do share!
You look amazing, that is exactly what I want. How many cc's did you end up with? Sorry if I missed it in your story, but I couldn't find it!

5 months post!

Omg, it's been so long since I updated... The thing is, my breasts feel like such a part of me now that I don't really think of them as being implants so much anymore.

I still have a while to go as far as looking more natural; I feel like in the beginning of my recovery I was changing so much so quickly, and now progress seems to have slowed down so much. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still only 5 months out and I need to give myself another 7 before I see how things will settle.

I'm still getting used to the fact that my scoliosis will make my breasts look uneven no matter what. For some reason the asymmetry looks way crazier in photos than in person: this photo makes it seem like one implant is a completely different shape than the other, but obviously it isn't - the light is just playing funky tricks.

They feel much squishier than they did before, and after they've been massaged or played with they get even softer and more natural-feeling. I'm still fighting against my body's natural tightness and I still think my tissues will always be just barely too tight for my implants to ever feel real, but that's okay. Sometimes also when I'm stretching or reaching up with no shirt on my implants stick out A LOT as being implants - the half-basketball look - but I knew this going in, considering my low body fat, and the majority of the time they look fine so I'm not too worried about the few times they don't.

Overall: still SO happy I did this for myself. I'm cosplaying as Catwoman in a few weeks and I'm so excited to be able to fill out my bodysuit with no assistance :)
Good luck with your surgery! Your day will be here before you know it!
Honestly I'm probably the worst to ask because I've been really lazy about taking care of my scars... I was pretty vigilant for the first couple months but then during the summer I just kept them off because I would get so frustrated with them peeling off from the heat. They're still pretty dark but that's my own fault; I'm starting up with the scar sheets again and if I don't make any progress after a few months I'll try out some Mederna or something analogous.
Dr. M. Ryan Khosravi

I could not have asked for a better surgeon! Dr. Khosravi is attentive and clearly very knowledgeable, yet gentle and personable. My procedure went perfectly and the healing process was about as painless (physically and emotionally) as possible. From the moment I met him in consultation to the time I spent with him in post-op check-ups, I completely trusted Dr. K and knew he would do the right thing for me. His office staffers Lizeth and Crystal are friendly as well, and they are always more than happy to answer any questions. I will highly recommend Dr. K to any and all of my friends seeking procedures, even the ones who want something other than breast augmentation, because I trust his expertise and artistic vision so much!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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