Less than two weeks post op and feeling boob greed!

Hello! I am 26 years of age and have wanted larger...

Hello! I am 26 years of age and have wanted larger breast as long as I can remember. I decided to join because I've had the opportunity to read other peoples stories and found them to be extremely beneficial in getting insight on what to expect myself. Over the tears, I have gained and lost weight several times. I have never had any children, however noticed a decrease on fullness from gaining and losing weight. I still have more weight to lose but would like to get my breast done first. I understand the effects pregnancy will have on them (either natural or implants). While I would eventually like to have children, I don't plan on having them for roughly 5 years from now. Even then, I'd probably wait till after two kids before getting them redone (crazy since I don't have them done yet) so I figured I'd have a good 7-8 years with the first surgery. I'm currently debating on size and shape. I am 5'1 at 115 pounds. I know everyone seems to wish they went bigger. I'm thinking a full C would be ideal, perhaps a small D? I don't want to look like I'll too over lol. As for shape, I'm not sure. Natural is always good but I also want to account for gravity. I do not want saggy boobs or rocks on my chest either. Suggestions anyway? Also I enjoy running, only 2-4 miles 4x a week and can't imagine sitting ideal for 1+ month (or the weight I'll gain, probably more than 5 pounds as that's how much I gained from eating all thanksgiving weekend).


You have chosen a very conservative PS. He has a lot of before and after photos and he is a modest type when it comes to BA. If you ask for his opinion I'm sure he will tell you what suits you the best. Looking at your before photos is almost like staring at myself. hahah. From experience, I am a couple inches taller and my first BA was 450 cc's salines. I run also 5 times a week and i have never had any problems with a feeling of heavy chest. I would always buy sports bras that had good support(nike). So in my opinion i would not go any bigger than that if you are concerned about running.
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Hi Cambel! That you for your response! I am so relieved that running hasn't been an issue for you! I see you up'd your CC's quite a bit! They look good on you and don't look overly large! You do not have the collar touching boobs look either. Haha Hopefully I have a natural result as well! How did you ultimately decide what shape/profile you wanted?
I did go 200 cc's more making me 650cc. Trust me the idea of hearing 650 scared me.lol. My PS actually had told me the salines I had which was 13 yrs old, had actually made my chest wall concave. The heaviness of them must of weighed on my breast bone for too long. So he suggested that 650cc would make me big enough to notice a change but not too big that it would inhibit my ability to workout/run. I also said I wanted projection since sometimes I like to wear no bra. So HP it was for me. Mod+ profile for me was too flat from side profile and I hated it from my first BA. But I don't know what your BWD is but I'm sure Dr. Kim will measure u at post op. and as for salines I had they deflated and rippled after having my 3 kids. And breast feeding took a toll on me. I lost so much breast tissue and b/c I worked out so much I was really lean. So in the end my PS, which by the way is amazing had decided for me sili's would be best. And since I already had a pocket , I never got the boob up to the collarbone look. And I actually like the more fake look as I don't care if ppl know. I hope it goes well for u. And I would suggest to bring in photos of what u want to look like.

I'm four days post op and I feel great! I can't...

I'm four days post op and I feel great! I can't jump around all crazy but I've been up and about since the second day. I was out of it the first day (I'm assuming my reaction to the anesthesia) but haven't needed the pain meds since. I ended up with 340 and 345 cc. I def need to drop but have been pleased thus far. My doctor told me to start messaging today (4 days) but others have told me they didn't start doing their massages until weeks after. Anybody have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!


One week post op today. I feel tightness in the...

One week post op today. I feel tightness in the morning but have been off pain medication since day 3. I feel fine once I'm up and moving. Also attached a photo 5 days post op. I started the massages and find them "relieved" of tightness once done.


You look great! I am loving your 5 day post op picture. Thanks for your post! It really helped in relieving my nervousness as my BA is scheduled for 2/15.
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congrats, you look great! we actually have very similar body types (height + weight) so your review was super helpful, thanks!
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Hey we had ours done on the same day!!!! Your looking good!
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I'm roughly a week and two days post op and I'm...

I'm roughly a week and two days post op and I'm already feeling boob greed! I know I have dropping to do but I would say most of the swelling is gone. I miss the fullness on top! Does everyone always shrink after swelling goes away or does the dropping and fluffing compensate for it?

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