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I had breast implants at the young age of 19 from...

I had breast implants at the young age of 19 from these picture perfect 34B breasts,that I loved but just wanted to be *bigger*,so I opted for a FULL C/D.At first they were heavenly! At about 6 months,the right side developed stage 3 CC(some may argue stage 2). I assume this was because I chain smoked cigarettes and did NOT massage as instructed,also was picking up my then fiance's 3 yr old child who was well over the max weight I was instructed to avoid during recovery months! Luckily the CC has never seemed to pose a real vanity long as I take steps to,how shall i put this....*adjust my breasts* to mask it as much as possible. My problems are this: when I went back for follow ups and showed my surgeon, who could obviously tell by look and def. by touch (like a rock on 1 side and soft on the other!),instead of EVER offering up the info. that i could have a revision or other possible options to treat it,he told me since it was causing my nipples to not be aligned and that was something i was hugely bothered by,he asked me to follow him into the other room where he was very suspicious and nervous like,shutting multiple doors and locking them behind us,sat me in a dental exam like chair,had me pop a 500mg vicodin and proceeded to slice open the top of my areola on the affected breast,pull it up higher till my areola was now 2x the size it was originally post-op,till the nipple was not quite,but close to being aligned,and then stitched it back into place-right then and there!!! with me shrieking and convulsing in pain! Now,not only am i freaking traumatized at this point,but my areola is like a freaking silver dollar and bigger then the left one,as well as my nipples still not being exactly aligned,as they were pre-op.OH-MY-GOD!! What just happened!!?? I have lived with this for 9 years,always having to adjust one bra strap lower then the other so as to not have that super round rock pushing up and becoming obvious,i avoid hugs because i can always feel the rock on the one side pressing onto peoples bodies and its embarrassing, having the bedroom be as dark as possible,even at a certain point in my life only becoming intimate with my significant other after a few cocktails due to nerves and lack of self esteem. I cry when I see myself in the mirror and I cry when I (constantly) fidget with my breasts remembering dr.jekyll that butchered me wide awake in secrecy. Now, that doctor had flown town shortly after this happened,so where he is now,i have no idea.So it seems I am left to find a new surgeon, pay full price and hope they save my breasts! I am a full time stay at home mom- my fiance works but we barely make ends meet. I have no idea how in the world I will EVER afford a revision and I am devastated as the ONE TIME in my life I had the ability to ( my now deceased mother paid for the procedure as a nice gesture for being absent in my life even though it put her in debt ) is long gone and was intended to be perfect (i did my research believe me!) with no worry about revision in the *near future. Am I doomed to be stuck with a rock in my chest and a silver dollar center next to my beautiful left breast,while i hide in the dark and avoid intimacy and physical happiness and love for the rest of my life??? :'( This has destroyed me, I have gained weight out of depression and started losing my hair from years of stress and trauma. I once was a young,fit girl just wanting to feel like a woman, and I am now a blob with a bobble on my most noticeable womanly feature and a self hate and disgust for my body. This has ruined me. I'm lost on what is going to happen.

*** The following pictures are detailed and show both the CC as well as the deformed areola and much worse and extra incision scars ***


I am so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. This must be so frustrating and sad for you. Even though you're unable to pay for a revision right now, maybe you could get some doctor opinions on what can be done to repair your breast in the future. Perhaps a long term goal will give you more hope. Try to treat yourself to getting back in shape and playing with your little one while you can. This may sound cliché, but my 3 are growing up so fast. Hugs to you! Keep us posted!

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Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope you are able to find a doctor that can help you at a reasonable price. It sounds like it would help you a lot just to go get some consults from some doctors and get an idea of how much it will cost to fix. Whatever you end up doing, just remember that you are beautiful no matter what and I'm sure your fiance loves you just the way you are!
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thank you for your kind words-sadly that jerk stopped finding himself attracted to me with my "botched" breast and then especially with the weight gain and left me for a thin perfect breasted younger girl! you can imagine my self esteem levels dropping from this and i even more so want and need to find a doctor who can make the correct revisions and not have it cost through the roof! i have a 10 month old daughter on my own and take care of her full time.shes the love of my life,but even SHE whines when she tries to rest her head on that side of my chest cos its so uncomfortable for her so i gotta move her to the other side every time to chill her out.constant reminders everywhere it seems. :'(

Did great work ... until the reality of his secrecy of mistakes and horrible ethics and post-care and bed side manner became relevant.

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