Tomorrow is my Implant Removal Day : ) - Los Angeles, CA

Hi ladies, I would like to share my story. I got...

Hi ladies,

I would like to share my story.

I got my breast augmentation 1 year ago and I was regretting having them ever since. First, they are way too big considering that my height is 5"10 and weight is 119 pounds. I got silicone 350CC implants, my real size is around AA. The doctor was crazy, lied to me and put me big implants, which I never wanted. For one year I suffered pain, I had trouble exercising, my arms are still very weak.

Tomorrow is the day of my surgery and I am nervous and sooo EXCITED at the same time. Finally I will get lighter, and free!
Implants must make us more confident, well, It was opposite to me. I felt less confident, and I was so shy that I used to wear clothes that covers my breast, I was shy in the swimming pool, my body proportions just doesn't go right with implants, it looks so fake....

I was reading a lot of stories in this website, and it truly inspired me and actually made me finally to get rid of them. : )

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! 12 hours to go! : )


Finally I have a smile again on my face. My huge breast implants are out and I feel so light and so happy. I have some pain, but the smile doesn't get out of my face :)

My surgery was scheduled early in the morning at 7am. I had to be there by 6am to prepare for surgery.
The staff and people around were so friendly and nice, and they made me feel so comfortable. I was always scared of anesthesia, but anesthesiologist was really funny and friendly,and made me laugh until I was already sleeping. My two doctors who operated me were amazing. When I got mask put on, they told me to think about beautiful beach and some amazing time and after 30 seconds I was out, then I woke up and I have a smile ever since. After 15 minutes I got up and left home. I was so scared but there is nothing to worry about at all : ) Surgery took around 45minutes.
I also got drains put on, but they are almost empty, so I will call a doctor today and see if we can take them out. Other than that, I am feeling good, I feel only a little pain, I am resting a lot and I didn't take any pain medications yet because it doesn't hurt that much, so I don't need them, which is good.
I will upload my pictures once my drains are out : )

I want to tell all the women who consider having implant explantation not to be worried, because it's gonna be absolutely great !
This amazing feeling to feel natural! It's worth it! :)

A big thank you to all the women who shared their stories and feelings, I don't know if I would of done it without you!

Day 3 post op.

Today at day 3 finally I was able to sleep better and feel better, it's amazing to see my breast changing everyday but I have already over achieved the results, that I was expected at first place. : ) I went to many doctors before- and they told me what to expect, so I was ready for the worst, but I am so surprised and happy that they were wrong :) My breast is around 80 percent how it was before - at day 3 it's amazing and I couldn't be more happier :) - I started eating really healthy, keeping my metabolism strong so I can heal well.
The only thing that bothers me are drains. I just don't feel comfortable having them. I am a bit afraid to take them out. When I see them it makes me anxious, I don't know why I am so sensitive about them. But drains are ready to be out, but it's Saturday- so I have to wait until Monday and they will come out.
Sorry that I can't share after photos yet- I'm just waiting for drains to come out and I will share photos - starting from Day 5 post op : )

Take care all the ladies!!!! :)

3 day post op

Hi Ladies,

Took a quick photo, it's 3 day post OP. I am so happy : )

Tomorrow I'm taking drains out : )

All the best.

Drains are out :) 4 days post

Hello ladies, finally I just took the drains out! There was no pain, just little discomfort but I am feeling great, have no pain. I didn't even use pain killers . Everyday I'm getting stronger and ready to go back to normal life activities soon :) here is the photo that I just took :) I am very satisfied with results, couldn't expect any better I :))) take care, ladies!!

how my breast looked in bikini 1 week before explant

Hi ladies,

I added a few pictures of HUGE breast looking terrible in bikini one week before surgery. I was always so shy to wear bikini because people around used to stare all the time like I'm a porn star or something... What do you think girls? doesn't it look terrible? I love Implant free myself 1000000 times more

6 days after removal= happy as never before!

Quick update on my healing process. It's been 6 days post. I am feeling wonderful, have no pain at all, finally I can sleep well, and I don't have any breast sides pain, which i used to have before.
I have a question- do i need to use any specific oil or cream while my breasts started healing? I'm trying to find information , but no luck yet. : )

I also updated a few new pictures of day 6th. :)
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Beverly Hills plastic surgery group 2 doctors worked together and performed my surgery :) very happy
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Who performed your surgery .? You look great !
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I removed my breast implants without a lift. The doctors told me to just remove them and see how they will heal in a couple of months, and if it needs lift , it can be done anytime. And it was the best decision ever, because my breast is not saggy and almost came back to normal :))) Good luck girls!!! :)
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You look amazing... I am seeking a Dr to remove my implants. I have capsular contracture in both breast and in loads of pain while still breast feeding... not fun. Did yours mention that you would need a lift? Ive seen 2 drs and they both told me I needed a lift. Just wondering...
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Well my dr said she will give me a slight lift since my incision is through the top of the ariola ...
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Did they give you a lift or they are going to give you one at a later date?? and if they already did what kind did you get? Im being told I need to get the anchor lift... Im just so confused and dont want a lift at all but I got such large implants that I feel like Im going to have some flat saggy boobs after they remove all the scar tissue... You can see my photos to get a better visual on what Im talking about... thanks for your comment :)
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Mine too...good luck! :-)
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I went to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. this is their website: The nice thing is that there are 2 great doctors who work together. Pre surgery consultation they came together, during surgery and after. I felt much better when there are two professional doctors, it made me feel much better. They also did amazing job and I couldn't be more happier. Doctors were Dr. John Layke and and Dr. Payman Danielpour. My surgery cost 3,400USD including everything, it was really worth it. I would like to highly recommend them! I am getting stitches out on Monday and feeling stronger everyday, So Happy :) Good luck girls! Kristina
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You look fantastic! Who was your doctor? I live in L.A., too, and am trying to find someone to remove my saline implants. Your doc did a great job.
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Have you gone to any consults yet? Are you wanting a lift too? How old are your implants? Are they encapsulated? You came to the right place! This website helped me tremendously in the decision making process:)
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Hi mamakas6. My implants are 17 yrs old, I don't want a lift or replacement, and I had a consultation last week with a PS who said they could be removed easily under local anesthesia. They are not encapsulated and would not require removal of the capsules. But she's booked until January and I really want it done sooner. I've been wanting them out for years and don't want to put it off any longer. I'm beyond ready. I'm going to try to arrange more consultations to see if anyone can perform the surgery this month or next. If you can recommend any good explant doctors in the L.A. area, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Wow, you look amazing! You look like you have a dancer's body now - so light and elegant. Terrific results!! :)
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You look great!! Congrats :)
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Omg you are so beautiful! Don't use creams too early--let stuff heal first
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My dermatologist recommended Aquaphor while healing.  Your pictures are wonderful!  
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Mamakas6 - thank you so much for your help!
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You look amazing! I used calendula while the incisions were healing. It is awesome and very soothing. I have been using other oils, now that the incisions are healed. But, for the scars and continued healing, I have been using Frankincense, sandalwood, and lavender essential oils (by Young Living) along with coconut, emu, argan and vitamin E....I think they are all excellent oils ;-)
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You look amazing!
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wonderful result !
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You look awesome!! Congrats :)
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U look terrific now!! Much better without the implants. Wonderful results
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You look great without the bags!  Enjoy your natural self!!
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Great decision and fabulous outcome! You look amazing! Best wishes as you continue to heal. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Wow, I have been wanting to do the same thing but was very concern with the results after your positive experience I will remove mine too. thank you so much for sharing.
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