Removal After 13 Years on 3/20/3013 at Kaiser Los Angeles

As a way of paying it forward and thanking the...

As a way of paying it forward and thanking the women who have posted, here is my story for future women. I have had saline implants done by Dr. Stuart Linder for 13 years(which I loved) but have had 3 severe bouts of capsular contracture that just keeps coming back, despite multiple revisions and replacements, so the implants are coming out! No lift yet, as I want more kids first.

I was a 36AA-A prior to full 36C implants with 360ccs. For reference, I am 5'9" and 150 pounds with a very broad upper body. I had the implants removed by Dr. DJ Lee at Kaiser in Los Angeles. The whole procedure took about 2 hrs as I had thick capsules on both breasts and contracture of the right breast. I have drains in now and feel pretty good for only 24 hrs out. My breasts don't look very pretty, as the nipple has puckered and inverted, but my doctor says it should take care of itself in time...fingers crossed. Here are some pics of the cc and the post-op boobies! (Note: I have a large scar on my left upper chest from a childhood burn)

I can definitely see the improvement already. Hang in there!

That's a big change from day 1 to day 4, congrats you are looking great!!!
Polojess, Thanks for your pics. I came across this website after I had my explant surgery so I didnt post any pics. All what you describe, is what I went through on Feb.4. And your pics are very similar to what I looked like. I had less excess skin only becoz am very small. Was 34B. but I can see the significant improvement in your pics and this has also been my own experience. Improvement in how my breast look happens everyday/week. Thank you again for sharing your experience and helpful pics. Your post is very validating. best to you!

Two weeks post-op: I had the drains removed on...

Two weeks post-op:

I had the drains removed on the 6th day after surgery. It was pretty painless, just an odd feeling to have 12 inches of tube uncoiled from each breast! I immediately went home and tried on a bunch of shirts which was a huge mistake because I was SO sore and in pain the next day from overusing the muscles. I actually had to stay home from work because of the pain and soreness, so be careful. The drains were good for me because during that week I drained probably 500-750ml of liquid from each breast...that's like a bottle of wine worth of liquid from each boob! At my two week post-op appt they also drained out another 23ml from my left breast(the one with the scar) as it has been more swollen. You can tell it has more fluid in it because it's a bit fuller and perkier than the right breast. The right breast skin was also more stretched out due to the cc, and you can tell it's going to take some time to firm up. Overall, pain is getting better and I am still wearing soft bras with pads. Not super loving how they look yet, but I suppose they are slowly healing up. I tried going for a run today and the jiggling was pretty uncomfortable, so I may wait a little longer before I resume full on workouts. Also, I am a skincare fanatic, so I have been applying a firming serum called Firmalift to my breasts twice a day along with CeraVe nighttime moisturizer...It can't hurt right? Here's to fast healing!
Wow, pj, your boobs have really tightened up! I'm not sure your nips could get any perkier! I do wonder why the drains are so long when they are so close to the boobs? I really don't understand why they put so much tubing in there! But than goodness you had them because that's a crazy amount of fluid! Hope your discomfort gets better- brave girl to try going for a run so early!
You look great - thank you for sharing, it all helps. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.
I can't get over how perky your boobs are! They definitely moved up after explant! You look great!!!

Quick update for the 4 week anniversary! Pain and...

Quick update for the 4 week anniversary! Pain and swelling has gone down a lot, though still some soreness in the sides of my breasts about 6 inches below my armpits, when I raise my arms over my head...maybe muscle just still reattaching? Went for a couple runs with no pain, however, went bra and bathing suit shopping which was very painful! I love not having the implants, but man am I flat chested! 36A is not an easy size to find. Not to mention the stretched out skin on the tops and sides of my breasts do not look great in a bikini top, but hopefully it will tighten up by summer, eeks! Still having some nipple pulling but trying to massage as much as possible. Also still waiting on the fluff fairy, but seeing as they just keep getting smaller and smaller, I may be waiting awhile! I'm okay with it though, just happy the huge hard implants are out forever!
Your boobs look great - you definitely did not need a lift. $1,600 is an excellent price.
Thank you, good luck with yours!
Just a thought for you - I have been more comfortable going down 1 band size and up 1 cup size since I explanted. I was always wearing a 36 band size before, but post-explant I have been wearing 34C (I can also fit 36B). My measurements put me on the border of a 34/36 and going down the band size / up cup size has helped me with fitting and finding bras.

4.5 months

Still peeking up a bit I think. I am SO happy still to have them out, no regrets at all. Not crazy about the scars, but I just started with some scar strips so we'll see how those do.
Looking great! How are you doing now? So glad you shared! XOXO
Hi, just came across your site. You look great! Kaiser just did an ultrasound of my right breast last week because they saw the leak on my ct scan. Anyway, was your Kaiser doctor willing to do a lift if you hadwanted it? Thank you!
Unfortunately, if Kaiser is paying to have the implants removed for medical reasons, they will do nothing cosmetic at the time of the removal. Kaiser LA does have a plastic surgery department where you can pay out of pocket for cosmetic procedures like lifts and reimplanting.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is part of my Kaiser insurance plan. They will cover the cost of removal if you are having pain or distortion of the breast from capsular contracture. total cost is about $8,00 of which I have to pay 20% copay or $1,600.

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