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Hello, I recently went in to LA center in...

Hello, I recently went in to LA center in Hollywood for a consultation. The doctor asked me a few questions, including more children (I already have 2) I told him I wasn't done having kids I want at least one more way later in life I'm 22! Lol He made me feel a little discouraged about the procedure. I don't want a mommy make over I went in just for the bbl. My question is, what can be expected if I get a bbl and have more kids in the future??

Im so nervous!

Ok so ive been on this site for a while now and i think ive made my decision. Im contacting dr Hughes for a consultation today! Most of my questions have been answered by this site. Im still a little confused about the time off work and things like that but for now im just hoping to get everything out of the way and on my way to my sx!
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Welcome to RS! I can understand the doctors point of view how ever at the end of the day it's your choice! I was done w my child bearing years when I had my surgery but a bbl and lipo shldnt affect it too bad but it will stretch your skin out of shape after the lipo hoping u bounce rt bck to your enhanced shape? Now if you sd TT then that's another story! The thought alone of all that SOARENESS , we go thru but I've hear other ladies bounce rt bck! So go for it!
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Hi thanks for answering, I guess I'm just scared if I go for the bbl it'll go away because of the weight gain and drop.
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