My Journey begins!

Hello, I recently went in to LA center in...

Hello, I recently went in to LA center in Hollywood for a consultation. The doctor asked me a few questions, including more children (I already have 2) I told him I wasn't done having kids I want at least one more way later in life I'm 22! Lol He made me feel a little discouraged about the procedure. I don't want a mommy make over I went in just for the bbl. My question is, what can be expected if I get a bbl and have more kids in the future??

Im so nervous!

Ok so ive been on this site for a while now and i think ive made my decision. Im contacting dr Hughes for a consultation today! Most of my questions have been answered by this site. Im still a little confused about the time off work and things like that but for now im just hoping to get everything out of the way and on my way to my sx!

starting my piggy bank!

So I contacted Dr Hughes last week via email and he replied within an hour. We went back and forth and he said he would charge me $9500! This is a lot of money but I know it will be worth it! I told him my concern was that my butt will turn out square-ish because of the way it is now but he reassured me and said that he does his best to make sure his booties are round :) I'm so excited. I'm hoping to go see him the beginning of October when I have something to put down as a deposit! And the sx I hope to have done by November...Now to start saving!!


So today i received a call from Adam! I was so excited he sounds so nice :) o have an in person consultation for next Tuesday I'm so ready to meet Dr Hughes and I'm so ready to hear what he can do for me!

Gave my deposit!

I went to see Dr. Hughes last week on Wednesday. My experience was very pleasant! The ladies in the front were really nice, they made me feel comfortable which i was already expecting since reading a lot of reviews. I met the Doc and i have to say he was very professional and easy going. He asked me a few questions and then told me what he could do. I asked him to put the max back there since i know some dies down. Im super excited about this. I also met with adam and he too was very nice. They were ready to get me on the table on the weekend lol believe me im ready too, now im just waiting for my job to approve my time off and then ill be ready to go!

Ladies I Need Your Help!

My job is working out the details on my time off today! So that means i might be getting my booty sooner than expected! I want to go shopping for the things in gonna need for post op! What are the things i need??
Dr. Hughes

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