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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here....

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here. I have been reading review after reviews regarding Dr. Duran. However there are just a few questions and concerns I have, that never seem to come up on any of these reviews.

I've seen pictures of her work. So I'm to concerned about her skills. I do how ever would like to know a few other things

First off..
Why doesn't she have any pictures on her actual website. She has one picture of a BBL. ?

Does she speak English to where there will be no miscommunication on what I want .?

How is the doctor office? Clean? Do you actually see the other patients there who are getting a BBL as well?

Does she do in person consultation for those of us in LA.

How does this all work going out there? From where have you traveled to see her?
You pay do go and stay how many days? I've heard of ppl not getting procedures done when planned and being there longer?

What's the best way to come in contact with her..

Please please! I'm in desperate need of info . I'm a little on the scared side since I'm coming from Los Angeles , California.

My more personal intro..

Hello again everyone.
I'm writing this post to officially introduce myself. My first post was just questions. I didn't tell any one anything about my self or even post photos. However, I am been commenting to some of the woman on here and following their journeys. Also, so many of you have already been so helpful. Now that I feel a part of the group, and have taken my first to starting this journey, I felt it would more appropriate if everyone knew a little about me and had some pictures to go along with this journey.

Team Duran..Got my quote ! First step down!

Hello everyone. I've been doing so much research and following so many women on here and getting so much help from you all..

However, I haven't properly introduced my self.. Now that I've gotten my quote and am now officially on this journey: I feel I am now apart of the RS sisterhood :)

I am 24 years old, I have 3 kids , all boys. My youngest is 11 months.

I've always been really petite and not very shapely. Now however, after three kids, I've put on some weight but in all the ugliest places. I have that weird type of body that can gain weight up top but no where on bottom. I've realized no matter how much I work out or have many squats I do, my overall shape won't change. So that's when I decided this was for me.

Originally I came on RS to resaerch any doctors in LA. Which is where I'm from. An aunt of mine had the surgery done about 3 months ago; so I was researching her doctor as well. Everything id come on, I would basically just skim through the newsfeed, finding any stories in my area. And I would always see these "Duran Doll or YiYl Doll" captions, never ever paying any mind to them because I saw that it was in DR and that's just way to far.. It was like me seeing a story in CHina, I was just not interested, I mean why would I be, it's not like id ever go that far...

But one day, after seeing post after post about these "dolls" and almost nothing that applied to me, got this annoyed feeling, like "what the hell does this doll thing mean.." I was tired of seeing it. So out of curiosity I opened one up and read it.. And let me tell you.. I was sold. I could not stop researching .. Not only were these doctors results amazing but so many people were traveling from all over ..

Right away however, i already knew if I went it would be to Duran. I came across some negative reviews for Yiyl a lot sooner and more often than Duran.

I'm not going to go in to all the bad and good about either. Or about my fears or my concerns..
After reading so many reviews , us women who are going to the Duran are all pretty much mentally on the same level. Sacred, nervous, torn, confused etc..

So moving on, here's where I'm at how

Quote $3500 for March 25th 2014!!

So I sent Duran a message with my photos and wish pics. And she quoted me $3500 for BBL fat transfer. She got back to me within 2 weeks. I sent 2 messages. One on a random day and random time. But was advised by LeslieMosko of what days and time would be best, and sure enough, boom! I messaged her a second time first thing Monday morning and She replied literally within the hour. So thank you so much LeslieMosko , who I have also been following.. :)

I will say, her email was a little difficult to understand, she writes with an accent, if that makes sense. But over all I think I got the high points. I was really concerned Id have to gain more weight, especially since for some strange reason my pics actually did me justice, I look worse in real life lol.. but she didn't tell me if I did have to or not. I spoke to her assistant Elizabeth and she said if Dr Duran didn't say to then that's because she doesn't think I have to.. But I have been doing so anyways.

Wooooooo so now im officially on my journey! And I'm so thankful for RS and the women on here who are so honest and helpful. So many women were helping me out even before I ever even put info or pics of myself , and that I appreciated.

Now more than ever, however, I have so many more questions...I supposed I will save for a later post ..

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Lol i was reading your questions and i was like hey that's the same thing i went thru.. lo so im glad you got a date i am ready too can you please me know how you got a quote and did it take long. i feel like a stalker .. emailing and messaging and ..and...and. please help im a lil confused what my next step is and whats normal time to get a response .. thank u ...p.s i am soo excited for uuuu :)
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Congratulations on you getting your date for SX & if you have any questions for Duran you can always ask her on whatsapp she'll answer your questions quicker than email. And in her email with your quote she should have normally given you a time frame ex: 10 days that she recommends you stay post op. so get with a SX buddy & coordinate your RH stay. Make sure your hemo level is at 12 otherwise you will get turned down for SX. Good luck Hun.
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do they check for hiv?
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Hi, you can read haz_love blog, she was recently done by Dr. Duran.
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Omg! Thank you so much I just read this. It is so horrible and I feel so bad for her. Is this the only bad review you've come across. ( not saying that it's not enough ) but I would like to know of all her bad jobs..
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On RS yes, but I was never researching Duran, I was more researching Yili and overall surgeons in Dominican Republic as I have family there and it'd be cheaper since I have a place to stay and moral support. But once I learned of the dark history of the clinic which has had various deaths, I decided to look for surgeons who practice elsewhere. Cipla had 3 deaths in a month over the summer and was closed for investigation for 2 weeks in which authorities found out they didn't meet sanitation standards. So they reopened with a temp permit.
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You know,that's the only one I have heard,but that is it. Now,Yily has lots of bad reviews,but Duran doesn't have to many,which is why I chose Duran,even though now it seems Dra Baez may be the safest.
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I've read Duran speaks English,but some said either broken English or perfect English. Most said she speaks enough to understand. Dr yil doesn't speak English but her assistant does.
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Right ! i asked bacause I heard different things. Ok thank you
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Welcome Hun & Dr. Duran is very busy but email is the best way to get a quote from her. Send her front, side & back shots of yourself with height & weight & what procedures you're requesting along w/ any health issues you have. Her website is She has recreated her IG page bc it got shut down and that is Drhilarioduran & her twitter @drahilariod & Facebook also has Plenty of pictures of her work. Also RS is a Hugh forum of information search at top the terminology to get familiar & you can search Duran before & after pictures & all of her patients profiles will show up whom has pictures post op. just take some time, get acquainted, and I wish you well on your journey Hun. Also all of the comments below are excellent examples of information & advice.
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Thank you so much!
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Hi Priscilla! I've been reading a lot of Realself blogs and I can answer most of your questions based on what I've seen. First, she doesn't have any pictures on her website because is not that necessary. She has A LOT of clients and people already know her. Also, I've noticed latin countries haven't really stepped on their game with the internet (in most cases). I would go on her Instagram and see results, or type her name in and see progress on girls. Also google her name and go to images, and you can get an idea of her work. She doesn't speak English, but I believe one of her assistants does. I would make sure to show images of bodies that resemble yours, but are improved, and be very specific on the look you want. When you send an email, use very easy words to understand and don't elaborate. "This is what I want. This is my current body. I don't want this" easy words. I saw some pictures and it looked very modern and good to me! Actually bigger than the places I've visited here in the US. She does consultations in person, if you are willing to travel there. She will have you on priority list as you are from out of country. Otherwise, I would stick with email. When you email make sure to include all your contact info, your pre op pics (front view, side views and indicate left and right, back view…) Point out what you don't like and what you want to keep. Also include wish pics. Also give a range of dates for the surgery and mention that you will be willing to put a down payment as soon as the arrangements are made. that way she will know you are serious. Only one email please. She has made this 1 email request many times to her patients. I haven't done this procedure yet, but I am considering her, or Dr. Salama in miami. I am also from LA like you. Most people stay 14 days at retreats, but if you can afford, and have the time off to do it, I would take a month. I cannot imagine an airplane ride, sitting for hours, on a butt that has just been sculpted to perfection. I will be for sure staying a month. People don't get procedures done because they didn't followed procedures (having all the tests done in the US, not paying down payment when asked to do so, didn't quit smoking, took vitamins that cannot be taken…) I'm shocked I've seen people telling me the best way is through whatsapp. I don't know her number though. Is normal to be scared. I am also religiously thinking about this. The thought of going out of country on a place I've never been before petrifies me. I will be asking to pay for insurance for whatever the time I'm there, JUST IN CASE. She is definitely more affordable, and gives amazing results, but it feels very relieving to do work with Salama or Ghurani in Miami, because I feel more protected as I am still in the US. Still debating who to go to... Hope this helped a tad!
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By the way, I am coming from Cleveland, Ohio going to ATL, I have a layover for 58 minutes and then it's off to the D.R. which is closer than leaving out of New York City.
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Hello there! Everyone wants to be a Duran Doll or Yily Doll or a Baez Doll. You will learn that this site is very informative and you will gain a lot of knowledge from here. We are all grateful for this site like revamp me below said. I have had numerous consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in the United States and personally, they cannot sculpt the booty nor give you that hour glass figure like one deserves or is longing for. Yet, they charge you double and sometimes more. DrJCurves who is very popular and famous as he does some celebrities can give you that same effect, but he is the only one in the U.S. that I have come across who can perfect that type of look. Look him up on Instagram and take a look at his pics. However, he is very expensive as I received my first quote without him receiving pics and it was $9,800. The next quote was almost $15,000 which is krazy to me. Jimerson & Duran were on my top 3 list but like a lot of women on this site, you always have reservations about going to a third world country such as the Sojinican Republic. CIPLA, where those surgeons are located is nice, google that information and do your research, that is a must. After careful consideration and since Duran never got back with me after I had been chasing her for almost two months, I decided to go with Dr. Yily. My scheduled surgery date is January 31, 2014 as she is going on maternity leave in a few days, so I am hopeful that she will be afforded an opportunity to check a lot of her emails. Yily, Baez & Duran per all of the reviews that I have read are the most popular in the D.R. There are others that are good and you will have to google......"plastic surgeons in the dominican republic," and go from there. If you are considering the D.R. make sure that you first confirm your surgery date, obtain your passport (mine came back in 2 weeks-$135.00), select your recovery house because you only stay at the clinic overnight. Afterwards you will go to your Recovery House and depending on what procedures you have done, you will be there at least 15 days. I am staying for two weeks to ensure that I don't leave without any risk. You will have to take certain vitamins prior to surgery. I have registered with the Embassy of the United States, Dominican Republic in the S.T.E.P. Program (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)n which is a free enrollment program provided by the U.S. Government to U.S.Citizens who are traveling to or living in a foreign country. This program allows you to enter information about yout upcoming trip abroad so that the Dept. of State can better assist you in the event of an emergency. You can register on off of the information regarding all sorts of things that can happen in that country. Again, where you are will be safe so make sure that you pick a pretty good recovery house where they offer massages (which you will need daily, per your physician), meals, transportation to and from the airport as well as in the city to the mall, money exchange, etc. Make sure that it also includes a 24 hour nurse by your side because you will most likely need one like most of us. Everyday gets better after the surgery according to tons of reviews that I have read and you will be fine. You will have to purchase a tourist card which is about $10.00 once you land in the D.R. Do not expose your cell phone, money or anything of the sort as always have someone that will try and hustle you. Remember, they think Americans are rich and so for that reason, they will try and get you. Be safe, I am hoping that you do decide on one of the plastic surgeons in the D.R. Everything will be ok. I bought my ticket on, it was $440.00+$155.50 (tax)=$595.50USD. I was able to select my own seat, etc. I am flying on Delta Airlines. I know that this seems like a lot, but you have to do your homework and not let this journey stress you out!!! Good luck and I will be following your journey!
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My apologies for errors..."Dominican Republic"
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Thank you so much for all the information you provided. And good luck !!
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Hi, With what info I know I will try to share, with I received from other Rs'ers. Basically, You receive more knowledge by reading the other threads , seeing their personal private pictures posted , and you lead yourself from there...just like you would read reviews before buying anything in a store ,and you make your choice, all the girls on here give their heartfelt accounts of their positives, ups and downs, trial and errors , and experiences in hopes we can learn and make the right decisions for others. From this forum, It has helped me decide on which doctor im interested in, which recovery houses, etc... but in my opinion, these decisions are based on our individual preferences, and I am so grateful for this site for giving us a "light" in the underground railroad . Ciao !! Good luck!
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typo...right decisions for our own self .
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I know the other BBL girls will be here soon to welcome you and give you advice, but in the meantime, if you need any information on preparing for your BBL, we have some Great BBL Guides, which may be of use to you!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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