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Botox Never Again - Los Angeles, CA

This was my 4th time having Botox done for my...

This was my 4th time having Botox done for my crows feet, yet with a new Doctor. I read yelp reviews & she had 5 stars & was highly recommended for "natural" results. Unfortunately, turned out NOT to be the case for me.

In late March, I turned 38. I felt the most beautiful, vibrant & healthy that I've ever felt in my life. In search of some sense of absolute "perfection", I went and had Botox for my lil' Crows Feet. Bad decision. I had 7 units on each side of my eyes. It knocked out my crows completely YET gave me NEW, never before seen WRINKLES UNDER MY EYES when I smile! :( :( :( Shocking. Scary. Aging 10 years in a week is very unsettling. So, I've spent this last month NOT smiling, which is depressing and not my nature at all. It's been difficult to smile anyway with frozen tundra effect in my cheeks. I also had waves of anxiety & nausea. Needless to say, not much fun. Total buzz kill when life was going along SOOO nicely. I've rearranged my life and plans.

Three or four months feels like an eternity when you're dealing with a face that doesn't look like your own anymore. So botox seekers BEWARE. It's really not worth it. You're beautiful as you are.

Can't wait for the Botox to be out of my system. My smile lines show how much JOY has been in my life.... I'm praying the lines under my eyes eventually disappear & will definitely be CELEBRATING the Crows as they reappear!

Big thumbs down on Botox and all cosmetic procedures from me. It's all fun and games, until something unexpectedly goes wrong.

i recieved 2 botox injections so far within a period of 10 month apart.i have for my age what iam thankful for great skin without deep lines.the 2 shots i recieved for lifting my eyebrows and a little bit on my side of eyes felt great and looked great.it lasts 10 month each on me.iamm 50 years of age.i would do botox any time again,the right amount,the right person,no worries.
Thanks for that Lynelle.
That is a common "side effect" when injecing the obicularis oculi muscle. I always warn people that the crows feet injections may make the under eye area look worse because the zygomatic muscles will still push your cheeks up and that "pleating" will happen under the eye. Of course the severity varies and is different from person to person. If you were my client I would say it is a trial and error process and either do not treat the eye area again or just place one injection at the corner of the eye. I have over 11 years experience. LO
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