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no way!! stay away from this stuff!! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Clinic Esthetica in Tijuana Mexico to...

I went to Clinic Esthetica in Tijuana Mexico to have this done and the results were great until 3 years after, then I started to get lumping and migration! Clinic Esthetica did nothing to help me or and of my 3 other friends that had this done with the same clinic! I would BEG everyone to stay away from this product REGARDLESS of where you get it done. I have had 2 extractions and my Dr was able to get a lot of the product out but I am still VERY lumpy (although no infection to date *fingers crosses*) going for another round of removal soon - wish me luck!


Anna Love

Not ethical in every way possible. After problems started they stopped returning my calls and emails. Although they were very quick to return my calls when they wanted my money!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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I first had Bio Alcamid injected into my cheeks, temples, jaw, forehead in 2007 in Tijuana Mexico at Clinic Estetica. I have had ZERO issues and it is the best thing that I could have done for myself. The product has not migrated. I wish I had before and after pics to show you what an amazing job the physician at the time did on my face. I just located him again at his new clinic and am lined up to go in for some touch ups. Im really excited. I think like anything, any foreign product you place into your body has chance of side affects. I also think this product should be injected ONLY by someone who has mastered the injecting technique and specializes only in this product. Sorry for those of you who have horror stories. I wish you all the best.
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Perhaps I was a little "gun happy" with my response and the moderator went and deleted my post so Im sure that made you and them happy, however my reasoning is justified due to the fact that I know of SEVERAL, not one or two but SEVERAL people who have been severely hurt by that clinic and by this product Bio-Alcamid, if you knew even half the stories of how many peoples lives this has ruined you would certainly think twice about ever going back to that place and never touching Bio Alcamid again. I have to let people know that dangers of what comes from this I just cannot remain silent. I am pissed off and your post set me off so I lashed out at you personally - I apologize for that sincerely.
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I'm not an idiot, obviously your a little to *opinionated and trigger happy, in my *opinion. have to defend my view from personal experience. Okay I admit that I know relatively nothing about Bio Aclamid, I didn't even when I went in and now I'm even more aware of just how little I know about it. However, I do think that this is what the doctor in Clinica Esthetica (?) however its spelled,that they did in fact use this substance on me, in me I was told that it's mainly made up of water with tiny sponge's in it too that are small enough to go through the eye of a needle along with whatever else I remember being told this about it.

What I thought and what I still think without taking the time to study more about this application is that seems to me to be such a great idea, why didn't I think of it? I mean think about it,, our bodies are made up of at least 80% or more of water and the more we drink the healthier we are etc. (*I think it's really self explainatory and I'd really rather not get into a shooting match about this or challenge your soverign opinion.) I mean really, how dare I share my experience when it's not identical to yours, I always wanted to be a carbon copy Barbie Doll too, complete with a twin sister that looked just like me so that our boyfriends wouldn't be able to tell us apart or any other women who dabbles in these arts for that matter! heck we could all be sisters, come to think about it, were already sisters are aren't we, but wait theres more, abandfonment issues, wills, being disowned, trading dates and places some other time, okay....Cmon we all know what time it is . . . . . and the winner is, another kodak moment picture perfect only not with out the photo shop....

Seriously though, I am truly sorry to hear that your experience wasn't as successful as mine was, tghis doesn't mean it won't be for someone else. I would say that my experience with both articol now artifil and bio aclamid? were more favorable than any other fillers I have tried since with the exception of gummy bear fragments.

I recently was told by a friend of a friend who has a friend whos a cross dresser who offered some rather intriguing insight into the world of gender benders as wellas a few really sweet tidbits pardon the pun,. He previously and she who chose to remain annoynomous claimed to utilize the merits and attibutes of a grass roots, down home, honest to goodness home cooked recipe which, aside from my beloved GBF proceedure seems quite at home alongside her home made recipe, the woman inventive, ingenious and quite possibly prettier than all of us put together. this other woman who is obviously more so than not and has been appealing to my senses as I hunger for intellegent, imaginative, creative, cutting edge ideas and this one's really sweet,.

Get this, a decadent flavor filled idea brimming with possibilities but we must remember to mind our table manners and wait at least until it's been approved by the FDA and some huge multi national corporation embraces, promotes & lets not forget the patent of course, or the gigantic monetary profit they stand to make as a direct result of being backed by the FDA no gifts or kickbacks all above board and so am I at least until I am forced into paying an absurd price say $5k for a regular $5 item almost all but forgotten and lost in antiquity if not for miss annoymous and her home made remedy.
Her anwser's remains insidethe box for her she claims it to be a real not brainer, although I havent met her yet, i just bet shes blonde. the real anwser is not her pec's but her Pectin? the same one grandma used to make jam or jellies with,

Since it is devoid of sugar although I seem to remember a product currently or relatively new & on the market that uses sugar as one of its main ingredients soley for the purpose of activating some sort of reaction for the benifit of tempting our body fat to eat before we do and once fat they become the compounds that inhibit future wrinkles and serve to plump up our facial wrinkles just like other fillers ( I just thought I'd mention this because I didn't want anyone to critisize my friends friends friends method by the way I don't reccomend trying it either, at least not until the FDA approves it. At least until that time we can continue taking it orally a perfectly legal substance we humans ingest made from the same ingreidients they use to make our good ol elmers glue correct me if I'm wrong and it's a safe bet to say you will, trivets and trivia and trivial imagine all of these inanimate objects behave just like women always jumping out of he frying pan and into the fire. I think I will try harddr to get a handle on that and rest assured I aint running away with the spoon. and fork you too for giving me something to really sink my teeth into, sweet and decadent as always, I remain an ardent admirerer for despite the bitterness there is also sweetness and well meaning in there somewhere. as long as you can stomache it and digest it and please don't toss it all back up and out there for everyone to decipher and figure out. anyway I think I'm going to shut this one down enough (ch)ranting for one day! I do believe that particular substnce containing sugar as a main element is Sculptra but I'm not positive or certain?, yes, that and gortex a very versital material everything from rainboots to anti wrinkle technologies what ever will they think of next? asta babie's!
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Dear kind Sir, I would beg to differ, I had the same thing done at least 12 years ago or more even at that very same clinic and I also do believe that this is what the clinic gave me ( Bio Aclimid ). I remember leaving the office ( with a friend who came along to support me ) a little swollen, however,the next day or so I was good to go and I didn't need anything else for many years! The price was reasonable and the office decent enough to feel relatively comfortable having this proceedure done, the doctor did a fabulous job in retrospect far better than most I've had work on me since that time. Since I am looking to get some work done in this capacity and had forgotten about this as a favorable option due to fhe fact that I just only one week ago had a vial of sculptra injected into the temple area and cheek hollows of my face ( which I cannot even see any noticable improvement on and I spent a whopping 1400.00 at that! Money I don't have to just haphazardly toss around as my income and financal situation doies not allow these extravagaances ) I can not detect any noticable improvement what so ever for the money I spent and this disturbs me deeply! Never mind the fact that I was quoted a lesser amount and went in on that premise. I cannot disagree enough with your thoughts on this matter. I am sorry your proceedure didn't go well for you but then again perhaps this particular substance isn't the right one for you, I'm sorry your going thru this situation, I hope you remedy it and find a viable option/solution that works well for you.

I would advise anyone to always consie=der the possible risks prior to jumping headfirst into any proceedures and to know what the risks are ( something I really didn't do back then because I wasn't computer literate back then to be able to look up and study about this substance ) I was fortunate, my results were exceptional and I was very pleased with my results. I must tell you that this proceedure far exceeded my expectations and also that I have tried a miraid of other fillers since that time, articol, rystaline, juvaderm, botox, dysport, sculptra and none of these worked as well except for maybe the articol now called artifil I believe, Note: I also went to mexico to recieve the articol it wasn't legal here at that time.

Lastly, I would like to voice my personal opinion on the matter of permenant fillers and how the FDA and Medical Communities opinions generally cast a dark shadow upon these types of proceedures or substances thereby frightening off most of the mainstream public and disuading them from getting these proceedures done via baasic scare tatics, etc. I find this quite disturbing when it seems rather obvious that these entities are creating all this discontent and instilling all this unneccasary fear about an alternative method which would essentially or quite possibly slow down business as usual. I just think it's really unfair to allow yourself to become a slave to propaganda and misuse of power via so called expert opinions which have a minimal gain and much to lose by inplementing these proceedures into their current practice. I feel this general overall attitude is unfair and unjust and that if a person goes along with these opinions handed out by doctors who also have profit, future profit in mind mind you, that we must take all of this into consideration before making any rash judgements.

I advise everyone to always do their homework thouroghly and to look at the big picture and from all possible angles. I mean I do, if I'm going to invest my hard earned hard won money on a proceedure that could end up being well spent and worth every penny, or at least I always hope so, I mean to say that I never just whimsically jump into anything ( except maybe the Bio Aclimed, and I already explained why I was younger and didn't have a persobnal computer to study on at the time, but I did happen to have a ps surgeon friend over here in the states that was in agreement with me on these matters in fact he also was pro silicone which he stated was inert and worked perfectly wonderful, with wonderful results that lasted! Now at that time I believe they were also illegal in our country *USA but this was his honest belief and I took take him at his word. Albiet there are those few individuals who may have an adverse reaction there are many more who won't its a personal body chemistry / alergy / reaction sort of thing it all depends on how well your body will tollerate and accept these different substances, how it reacts and responds is always going to be different and this also goes for how you personally like the results from them. )

Personally, if a particular application isn't legal here or FDA approved but it is or has been in Europe and other countries for a reasonable duration I personally disregard the stance of what ever the FDA and the like have to say or think on the matter and look into it myself instead. I mean just look at our governments current trackrecord when it comes to decision making we cannot help but take good things and turn them ugly, I'm refering to our current regime in regards to politics and my personal opinions on this subject shouldn't be expressed on this venue.

So peoples, I bid you a fond adieu and will simply press the little submit button with out re reading whatever I just went off on and hope you take whatever I had to say with a grain of salt and do with it whatever you will just be happy do good deeds and help others in need. know that you are loved, needed, and understood, at least a little. Time to feed the chickens their squaking! Some things never change. I saw a hawk flying off with a baby chick the other afternoon ( the baby chick who was chirpping incessantly in the hawks hungry talons obviously hadnt been very yard smart, an unfortunate and all too fatal mistake! ) I have since then learned that when they ( the mother hens ) make that noise I need to pay attention so as not to have that horrible scene repeat itself again. Take Care and Best Regards! ajhsan diego
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I can't believe what I just read................There are doctors al over the world that are absolutely horrified with the migration, infections, lumps.................List is endless..............You do not know what you are talking about when it comes to Bioalcamid...............The absolute worst filler that was ever put on the market.............I am currently having it removed in sessions..................It is horrendous...............You really should read all of the data that is out there now on this product......................It's scary..................Well good luck to you.......................Seana
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Hi Marky,
I send u an e mail. I don't know if u received it. Let me know.
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email me directly Patters ... marky****@gmail.com

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Hi Markey...............I am going to email you now...............I would like to know who the doctor was and how your face looks now...............I want this horrible stuff out of my face................Amen...........
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Hi Mark, I also went to Clinica Estetica and had the same problems. What doctor did u go for the removal of the product?
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No my face only- cheeks, temples and jaw
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well where did you get injected? not ur butt right
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It's very hard to find a "board certified clinic" in Mexico per-se since Mexico has their own certifications. It is easy to find procedures that are not approved in the United States there due to a very lax medical overview. I certainly learned my lesson though! I will say however that I have had some good PS in Mexico in the past so it just depends on where you go for medical services. I had a hair transplant there in Tijuana and the results were excelent so I cant say that as a whole that the medical community in Tijuana is bad.

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Good point Mark. Thanks for the updated. How's everything going today?


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Hi markychv,

Thanks for the review. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. Is the place that you went to in Tijuana a board certified clinic? Please keep us updated.



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