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June 5, CO2 laser, day 7 normal with peeling....

June 5, CO2 laser, day 7 normal with peeling. Then, June 12th, had radiesse (had before- no reaction)into cheeks,then Belotero (given to doc by sample rep).The belotero was injected around mouth lines, also lipline top and bottom, around sides of eyes, and brow lines. By 11pm, face completely swollen with welts around areas where belotero injected.Doc says because co2 laser being a week ago. I think complete allergic reaction to Belotero? Put me on Methylpred & Cetiriz.Still very swollen and miserable.

Very itchy, and the swelling coming down slowly on the steriods. I am wondering if anyone else has had this kind of reaction? Now I have a black eye in the area it was injected and a blood vessel burst in the lip area...lol...for all the downtime, I might as well had a surgical lift instead of all the fillers...
Same problem under my eye 7 weeks left eye is a bag......so upset!

I'm so sorry to hear you are having an allergic reaction. What a scary thing to have to go through. :(

Does it hurt, or itch or anything?


Took about 8 days to settle back down to normal. I...

Took about 8 days to settle back down to normal. I still maintain it was an allergic reaction to botelero. My advice, have a patch of skin tested with the product before you put it on your face. If in doubt, take another look at my picture.

Thank you for updating us. Did the area completely settle down, or is there still some raised skin/irritation that remained?


I had another severe reaction to hylaronic acid....

I had another severe reaction to hylaronic acid. Same picture as above. this time, I had hylaronic acid wiped over my face after needling.

My advice is INSIST on a TEST Page, unless you don't mind being home bound for 7 days with an unrecognizable face.
Wow that does look like an allergy . Of course I agree do a test area and use a different product
I don't know but i just went to a lecture by a dermatologist who said NOT to do c02 at the same time as a facelift and given the cautions about this, I would assume that you may be having some mixed reactions. From the amazing before/after I saw with c02, I would have waiting before having any fillers because it does so much to stimulate collegen in and of itself! How is your recovery from that and are you keeping your face wrapped as Dr. Roper says she does? Good luck and I'm sure it will all resolve itself with massage and some time.

I had a severe allergic reaction to belotaro myself and ended up going to the ER. My entire face and lips swelled so bad that I could barely talk. After 2 shots of benadryl, a steriod shot and epinephrine, the swelling started to go down. I'm on oral steriods now and after 4 days I'm starting to return to normal but will never do it again. I had Radiesse last year with no problems.

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