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I had always felt so self-conscious because of my...

I had always felt so self-conscious because of my small monolid eyes so I underwent incisional double eyelid surgery 2 years ago with another plastic surgeon in the LA area (before I had heard about Dr. Kenneth). At first, I was satisfied with the results and just liked the fact that I had double eyelids. However, after about a couple months (after most of the swelling had subsided), I began to notice my double eyelids coming undone, as my eyelids were not folding in as they should have. Also, I had visible scars in the inner corners of both my eyes where my eyelids should have folded in. Thus, I was left with very faint double eyelids that didn’t allow me to open my eyes any larger than I had before I had gotten double eyelids.

Initially, I thought my eyes were just the problem, and not the technique that was used. I talked to my plastic surgeon and considered going back to him to get them fixed. However, I was hesitant because I did not want the same thing to happen again. Almost 2 years passed and my double eyelids were almost completely undone. That was when I heard about Dr. Kenneth and decided to go in for a consultation.

To be honest, when I had gone in for my consultation, I had half-expected Dr. Kenneth to tell me that there was nothing he could do about my eyes. Instead, however, he carefully examined my eyes and explained to me the procedures that would be performed to help correct my eyelids. He told me that he would be using the incisional technique, combined with ptosis repair. By undergoing ptosis repair, Dr. Kenneth explained that it would help strengthen my eyelid muscles so that I would be able to open my eyes a whole lot easier than before. It would also help fix my droopy eyes, which had made me look tired even when I was not. He would also get rid of all the scar tissue that remained after my previous surgery. I decided that it was worth giving a second try and scheduled my appointment for my surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I noticed two main differences between Dr. Kenneth and my first plastic surgeon- the first was how caring and considerate Dr. Kenneth was as a doctor. Dr. Kenneth made the effort to talk to me throughout the entire procedure, which my previous plastic surgeon had not done. It really helped me to relax and get my mind off the actual surgery. The second was how careful and attentive Dr. Kenneth was- he would repeatedly have me open my eyes to examine how my eyes were turning out, which my previous plastic surgeon had not even done once throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Kenneth took so much time and effort in making sure the absolute best results were obtained.

As I had expected from my first surgery, there was definitely some swelling after my surgery. However, I noticed that the critical swelling subsided a lot quicker than it had after my first surgery with the other plastic surgeon. I was also immediately able to feel the difference in my eyes- I was able to open my eyes a lot wider and easier than before, even with the stitches still in place. After one week, I went in to get my stitches removed and Dr. Kenneth decided that it would be good to check back after another week to see how my eyes looked after the swelling had gotten done a bit more. This, also, was another thing that my first plastic surgeon had never even suggested, and which I know most doctors will not do.

One week after I got my stitches removed, I went in again for my follow-up appointment. Dr. Kenneth carefully examined my eyes again and told me that he would just make some quick fixes to my left eyelid. The same techniques were used as before, but this time, the procedure was a lot quicker. I really appreciated this because this was not at all required or expected of him. Most doctors won’t even put in that extra time and effort unless it’s absolutely necessary. Through this, I could tell how dedicated and exceptional Dr. Kenneth was as a doctor.

I just went in again today to get my last stitches removed. I can already tell that my eyes look a lot better than it did before. It is now so much easier to open my eyes and I no longer have to raise my eyebrows and wrinkle my forehead!! I am so happy with the results and I am so thankful to have met Dr. Kenneth! I definitely recommend Dr. Kenneth to anyone who is considering getting double eyelid surgery. Not only was he able to fix my eyes to make it look and feel a lot better than i ever thought possible, but he also made this entire experience a very pleasant one, taking all my concerns into consideration.
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Dr. Kenneth was always so patient with me and made sure he addressed all my concerns. He was also super great in always making me feel so comfortable!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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I know that the price varies a lot depending on the case, but I was lucky enough to find someone who really took all my concerns into consideration without charging excessively on anything :) I really wish the best for you too!!
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This surgeon is top 10% in US. Dr Achih Chen does great work, but my eyes were so F it the first time so it's hard to fix. But he will continue to fix until it's perfect.
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I appreciate it.
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Also, does a second incision leaves two lines on your eyes? More scars?
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Nope, not at all!! I was actually worried about that too, but you can't even tell it was a second incision! (I think it's because he made sure to remove all the scar tissue??) There really is only one line on each eye, and I think this line is even a lot cleaner than the one before!!
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Did he make the incision on the same line or did it cut on a new spot? Bc if it's made on the old incision then I believe that would minimize you having two lines.
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I'm actually not too sure, but I think he made the second incision at a different spot. I can ask him and let you know what he says!
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So glad you found someone to help fix what that negligent doctor did to you.
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Aww thank you!! Same here!!! :) I know that my eyes in particular were a hard one to fix the first time, and even harder the second, so kudos to Dr. Kenneth for doing such an amazing job!!
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Do you have any pics? I am surprised your revision is so cheap. I just spent 6k on mine and not getting a desired result. Sigh.
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Aww I'm so sorry to hear that!! I think it's really important that you go to the right doctor. Some are just interested in the money, but there are doctors like Dr. Kenneth who not only have mad skills, but also genuinely care about the results! I can post pics soon if you want! (once the swelling subsides completely) I have another appointment with Dr. Kenneth in a few weeks so I can also post an update on what he says then, too!
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