Breast Reduction & Lift - Los Angeles, CA

The pain in my back was gone the next day! ...

The pain in my back was gone the next day!  My posture is nearly as straight as I have had most of my life.

I am sorry I did not know about this site before I had surgery.  Thank you. This is an amazing website! Thank you to all the docs who took the time to answer my 2 questions!

Thank you

Here is a link to the Los Angeles doctors on RealSelf.  This will get you started. 

hi , i need help finding the perfect doctor in Los Angeles, I need a breast reduction, I'm 5'8'' size 6-8 on bottom and 10 -12 on top 34F or 32H, I am also thinking I need implants so i have some fullness on top, not just a straight slope and smaller breasts. Any suggestions??
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