Going for BBL :) - Los Angeles, CA

So I have finally decided that I will definitely...

So I have finally decided that I will definitely be getting the procedure done :) I am a bit nervous but extremely excited. After research I have decided to get the procedure done in Tijuana. I would like some advice in my doctor.

I have contacted several and this is my feeling overall.

Dr. Campos $3800
Includes: lip of abdomen, waist and lower back, fat grafting, girdle, post op meds and 2 massages
Thoughts: His message was just a cut and paste of what he sends to everyone (I have seen the exact message in previous post) but his work seems to be the best by far!

Dr. Pantoja:$3500
Includes: lipo upper/lower back, waist, abdomen, inner thighs and upper arms, fat grafting, 1 night stay, girdle, lab work pre surgery
Thoughts: His email was the most thorough and felt like it was the most in depth. Weird but I felt more comfortable on a personal level. Erika was just very attentive and prompt but I haven't seen too many pictures of his post op work.

Dr. Cardenas: $4000
Included: This includes lipo (upper/lower back, flank, waist and inner thighs), fat grafting, and overnight stay
Thoughts: I was really taken back by her. She told me I needed a tummy tuck due to saggy skin and loose abdominal muscle. I have trouble with this because all the other doctors have told me the opposite! I went to one in los angeles and he told me that he would not recommend a tummy tuck, and Dr. pantoja said that I did not have loose skin. Her entire message seemed to be more geared towards convincing me about the tummy tuck which I am highly against (don't want the scar and don't care whether I could hide it or not..I don't want it!) She is also the most expensive and includes the least amount of items. I also haven't seen enough of her post op pictures.

I had also written to Dr. Sanchez with the other Doctors but still haven't received a response.

I am also considering doing the procedure in December but am wondering if that would be best. I am flying to Mexico on the 21st (1 week after I plan on surgery) and am nervous about the flight but it is also the best situation because I have a 3 week vacation from work...

Any thoughts would be great :)

Any update
have you chcked out Dr. Salama? He is in high demand right now and is booked until Feb 2013 but does amazing results..u should check out the results on here just type in "dr. salama" and theres a ton of ladies with out of this world results..GL with your search baby!
Thank you! I decided to go with Campos. I really didn't want the tummy tuck and I really don't feel I need it.

I am waiting to find out the available dates. I am hoping to get it done in December,
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