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I am having a problem with belotero and the...

I am having a problem with belotero and the subsequent treatment with hyaluronidase. I had Belotero under my eyes. I do not believe they were overfilled but apparently Belotero can draw water. It's a benefit to most but for some, especially if you have thin skin, it creates puffy bags under your eyes. When it didn't go down on its own, I had a small amount of hyaluronidase injected. The puffiness went down a bit but the skin looked terrible, doughy and crepey. After a week or so I had puff directly under my eye and then a valley like a coma along my orbital ridge (think that's what it's called) so my PS injected a bit more hyaluronidase. Again my skin looks terrible, doughy, crepey, like deflated bags or an old lady's skin. My eyes were not like this just 5 weeks ago. I have had Restylane under my eyes before with no negative effect so this whole thing came as a total surprise to me. Does anyone know whether this will ever resolve? I think what is the oddest thing to me is that almost every doctor on the Internet says that hyaluronidase has no long term negative effects...but admits they use it sparingly. What the heck? I'm so confused and have no idea what to do. My PS wants to follow this course and then add restylane when all the belotero is gone. I'm scared but the current situation is not okay. I'm totally self-conscious and feel like I've aged 10 years in a month.
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I'm so sorry you had this experience! I've read many posts from people who have noticed their skin improving over time with hyaluronidase. I'll try to find them and send you the links. I know what its like to feel like your skin is hopeless post-procedure, and I think it helps to hear steps others have taken to achieve progress. My understanding is that hyaluronidase has been used in ocular surgery for over 25 years, with no negative side affects. This is why plastic surgeons feel so confident in the results. However, in science, everything can change when something new is introduced to the environment. There has been no significant research on the effects of hyalurondiase with fillers. I did find one research paper on the internet, but the focus was on impacts to health (vs. cosmetic). Most plastic surgeons are not research-minded, and they buy into the drug company promises until they are presented with research findings that tell them otherwise. I'm sure there are quality plastic surgeons out there who take the time to investigate claims from their patients, but most just repeat the party-line claims they hear from the drug companies. Don't feel bad, many of us on this site have fallen victim to the confident promises of plastic surgeons. I even spent 2 months 'thoroughly' researching the risks before my procedure. However, the drug companies have of course manipulated Google search so its difficult to get to 'truth' unless you know the right websites to visit. My advice is give it a little more time and find some good products to help the delicate skin under your eyes. I had fillers injected in my tear trough area and thought I was going to lose my mind, I was so upset. I ended up not using hyaluronidase. I lost faith in the PS industry. My eyes look a little better then they did 8 months ago, but not great. That being said, I'm not distressed about it any more. Every once in a while it bothers me, sure. However, I was so fixated on eyes previously, my imagination was getting carried away and I did not look as bad as I thought. I wish you peace with whichever decision you choose to make and a great outcome. Please keep us posted!
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