32 Yo Male Fraxel Repair Laser For Deep Acne Scarring- Awesome So Far!

Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am 2...

Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am 2 weeks post Fraxel Repair for deep acne scarring- I had had 6 Fraxel Restores in the past, but this was my first Repair- Still red of course but my face drastically was tightened in a great way, and much smoother- I know it's early days, but trust me if you've had Fraxel Restore in the past (just some mild tightening but no real permanent scar changes), this does a LOT more- it goes deep, actually evaporates unwanted skin, and tightens everything up nicely but naturally-

So again, Fraxel Repair is a LOT different- firstly, you are pretty much not aware of what's happening if you use my Dr anyway (I mean they sedate you nicely)! - Which is def a plus (it's not something you want to fondly remember), 2nd we went with the most powerful settings that are safe- 70mJ to go the deepest possible- you need that for deep acne scarring-

I found my Dr on the Internet - actually on Youtube, and then I saw videos of his where he had been interviewed by PBS and other high profile news organizations- This man is awesome and has a very caring and exceptional staff. He's Also one of the top commenters here on RealSelf, so he takes the time to really speak to you- I should know, I flew in from London to Los Angeles, just to undergo this procedure- Why? Because Fraxel Repair, especially at these highest settings, is not to be taken lightly, go with EXPERIENCE, even if it means paying slightly more or travelling- This is an extremely powerful laser, that has the potential for good or bad, so please go with experience and you won't be sorry!-

So, now its about 2 weeks, sure, I was red, crusty, and swollen a few days, now just red like I have a bad sunburn- but again we went the highest possible settings so that's to be expected to linger a while- My structure of my face looks like a much younger person now, I can tell you it tightened a lot- and much much smoother too- Of course we need to wait a few months to see the final result, but I am telling you if you go with my Dr. he will treat you like GOLD until you get the result you're after- I love this Dr and staff, honestly they care about you- you can feel it- it's real-

So even if you have to fly half way across the globe, if you're having a strong Fraxel Repair, make sure you go to someone who's done hundreds not 10 or 20- :)

Aftercare: I started on the standard vinegar washes and aquaphor, then moved over to cetaphil cleanser and creme- now I use neocutis creme and cetaphil in the healing phase-

I'll post another one in a few weeks or months time once I see how things are developing

I can post pics at that time-

thank you-

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Extreme Care, Honesty, Super Warm Environment, And One of the Most Experienced Fraxel Repair Physicians, Staff Like Your Sisters/Mom!

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thanks. so its seems to be interesting. i have tried exoderm (phenol peel), dermabrasion, fraxel restore, Laser Sma, and now dermaroller. none with significant success. with what you said i am thinking to try this fraxel repair for next winter. thank you!!
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Would love to see pictures. I just met with Dr. Persky, and if I do the repair like yourself, I'm going with him! By far the most informative Dr. I've met with and I've gone to 6 different places. Please post pictures of before and after when possible! Thanks!
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Hi Damian: How long did each treatment take? You said 3500 for the repair, but is this for all the treatments? How long does each treatment take to heal so you can be out in public? Do you think this is the best laser treatment? thanks
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I am sure that Dr Persky has told you that you will need multiple treatments. I have had Dermabrasion, regular Co2 and 3 Re:pairs @70mj - 60%. I may do a 4th Repair this spring. Re:pair is the only procedure that has given me any improvement, but it is a slow process. You still have a lot of microswelling, and as this subsides you will see much of the old scarring return, but with improvement. Most doctors offer multiple treatments at greatly reduced prices.
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How many REPAIR treatments are possible? and over what time frame? months? years? I have severe acne scarring on my neck and have had 4 RESTORE treatments and noticed next to nothing. Now that the REPAIR has been released onto the market I would like to try it. I will try anything that has a substantial improvement/ success rate!! Hope to hear some information and good luck to everybody!! Andrew...
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the same for me. I have tried laser restore with no success. I wonder if it is really worth this Laser Repair.
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I never recommend Re:store. Re:pair is the GOLD STANDARD. I have had 5 Re:pairs at max settings, and it was the best thing I ever did.
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5 repairs? so whats the frequency for that? once a year? i did not know it was possible to do so many
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Dermabrasion - Full Face CO2 Full Face 1996 Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% May 22, 2008 Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Jan 08, 2009 Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Oct 30,2009 Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Oct 08,2010 Fraxel Re:pair 70 mj - 60% Nov 04,2011
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