Had a Tummy Tuck Two Months Ago

I am 37 years old and have had three children. I...

I am 37 years old and have had three children. I am 5'2 and weigh 113 pounds. I was very happy with my body except for my adbomen. I had very loose skin and my belly button was herniated.

I decided to have a full tummy tuck even though I am a size 2 and very athletic. It was to only way to get rid of the excess skin.

I now have a flat stomach but I have a big scar all the way across my lower abdomen. My belly button no longer sticks out but it's still healing and looks flat and round.

The recovery was extremely painful and I still wear my compression garmet. I still have to convince myself it was worth it. My Dr., who was excellent, tells me the scar will fade and I will be very happy.

When I first saw the scar I started to cry uncontrolably. But atleast I don't have to look at the droopy skin and the belly button that stuck out. People thought I was still pregnant. Not anymore though.

I'm 3 days out from my surgery. Feeling great! This truly feels like a gift.
In the first picture my skin was darker. As the weeks went by my skin and the scar got lighter. I would invest in a wedge pillow, it's what I used for the first few weeks. Also make your food ahead of time and freeze it, that way you won't have to cook. I also ate very healthy hoping it would help me heal. Food like organic chicken, fresh fruit and veggies. I had a hard time sleeping so I asked the Dr. for sleeping pills. I also heard benadryl helps. Buy magazines & books beforehand. I read the whole "Twilight" series & loved it. Buy your scar creams and ice packs. Lastly, invest in two compression garments. That way you can change it when it gets dirty. Good luck, be patient. A TT really is a life changer. I'll be happy to post another picture of the TT scar next week.
Thanks for your candid story, also for the pictures- although hard to look at first pic, good to have a dose of reality before having my surgery- two weeks from tomorrow! My dr. keeps me overnight in his office with a 24 hr. nurse- just for me. But after that, I am home to be cared for by my husband- any advice on how I can make those first days more manageable? Thanks!! Can't wait to see more updated pics.

Photo Update

could you please send me the address and the name of your Dr. I would really appreicate it. Have been looking for someone that good and fair.
Wow, that's great! I still felt terrible after 3 days. It's now been 4 months for me. I added a picture of my scar that I took this week.
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Choose a very reputable Doctor with a lot of experience.

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