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Looking and Feeling Good 1 Day After TT-updated with 6 Week Pic

I've waited a long time to have my tummy tuck done...

I've waited a long time to have my tummy tuck done. I found a board certified plastic surgeon who was great. I would do it all over again. The scar is low and my stomach has never been so flat. I'm 35 years old and had 2 kids that stretched my belly skin. No matter how many situps I did my abs would never get any smaller I have one drain and so far it's not bothering me. I'm so thankful for this site. I've lurking here everyday up to the date of my surgery. Find a good surgeon and go for it!

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I think you look fantastic its been 6 days and I can't wait too see what my results are like I have not taken off my corset yet I go on Monday to get drain off so Im really excited!
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You look amazing! I live in Fishers, IN and am searching for a PS.
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I knew going into it that I would have a scar from hip to hip. My PS did a great job keeping it low and I'm extremely happy with the results. The scar will be covered with a swimsuit.
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It's been 5 days and I feel great. ...

It's been 5 days and I feel great.  I stopped the pain medication after the 2nd day except at night right before bed. My follow up appt is tomorrow and I think the drain will be removed. The output is supposed to be 30 cc's or less for the whole day and yesterday it was 40 cc's and it's only been 10 cc's today. Tomorrow will be the first time I get to see my new belly button without the gauze. I'm in love with my new body. For so long I hated what I saw in the mirror it's hard to get used to and I feel really vain because I keep looking.

Good luck to everyone counting down to their surgery.


I'm one of those ppl who opted to go with lipo, but honey I must say your results are impressive. Happy healing to you!
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You go girl!!!!!! you look fantabulossss....Huge differnce. Im having my TT in May of 09 and I cant wait...
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WOW! You look Fabulous!
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It's day 17 and I'm really starting to feel back...

It's day 17 and I'm really starting to feel back to normal now. I still try to get a quick nap in the day if I can. I had a few rough days feeling a bit depressed because of the swelling but then it started to subside. I was able to go back and look at my before and after pictures along with others and assure myself it was just swelling and not my old body coming back.

My first WOW moment came last night when I couldn't sleep. I started trying on clothes and tried on a little black dress that's a size smaller than I wear. Not only did it fit but it looked good. My old curves were the wrong curves but I definitely like the new ones. I also tried on a cute little night gown I bought several years ago to wear for my husband but it didn't look good and it looked amazing too.

My tummy tuck has been the new start that I've waited for a long time. I wasn't at my ideal weight when I had my TT but not too far, so I'm taking this opportunity to try to achieve that goal. So far since my TT on April 15 I'm down 10 lbs (3 1/2 was from the procedure).

To everyong considering this procedure, do your research, find a board certified PS that you click with, go for it, take care to prevent blood clots, take the necessary time to recover and enjoy your new fabulous body!


wow, that's great. I've never had surgery either. That's why I'm so afraid but your story makes me feel better. What is the dog ear tho?
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I don't think I have a high tolerance for pain but have never had surgery before. I have a fear of being dependent on any medicine so I wanted to stop taking them as soon a possible but realize I wasn't in pain just a little discomfort. I still have some discomfort especially now that I am massaging the scar. Will be talking to my PS about a revision to fix the dog ear on my right side. Anyone have that done? It will be 4 weeks on Wednesday and things are going ok so far...belly button has been a bit slow to heal and one part of the incision but I tried on and bought 3 bikinis today and didn't cry when I tried them on.
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You look AMAZING! I'm soooo scared to get the surgery but I want it so bad. Do you think that maybe you just have a high tolerance for pain? I know it's a weird question but i think that has alot to do with it. Congrats on your wonderful new figure!
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The swelling is finally starting to lessen. I felt...

The swelling is finally starting to lessen. I felt like it would never go away and went through the emotional roller coaster of wondering if I had a tummy tuck gone bad.

Be patient to see your results. I've been working out 3-5 days a week since the 3rd week that that probably doesn't help with the swelling. My belly button looks great but is slow to regain the proper pigment. I'm so thrilled with the results and glad I did something for me.


You look great & are an inspiration. I am booked for TT & lipo in 1 Dec & seem to be spending all my free time reading here & not letting myself chicken out.

Well done!
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I think you look Fabulous! I was wondering if you weighed over 165 when you went in for this? I am 200 pounds and 50 years old. I too want to get rid of this stretched tummy from my two pregnancies but I noticed that if you are heavier they charge more money? Please let us know the Name of Dr. and place because your scar looks healed up and you are what I want to look like!
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you look fabulous! I am hoping to see Dr Turkle in September for a FTT & MR and am very inspired by your before & after pics.
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Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

My PS has lots of experience and had great before and after pictures in her portfolio

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