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Crazy Excited and Nervous! Tummy Tuck/Lipo on Aug 27!

My Tummy Tuck is coming up on August 27 and my...

My Tummy Tuck is coming up on August 27 and my preop appointment is on the 23rd. I am very excited to finally get some help with my tummy. I am ready to lose most the stretchmarks, and able to accept the scar in place of a new tighter tummy. But I am feeling more nervous the closer I get and worried something might go wrong after reading bad reviews. Hopefully it will all work out beautifully though. I am at 163lbs right now and although I am close to a normal BMI and weight range for my heigth of 5'5" I am getting lipo on my "back fat" top (bra fat) and bottom (love handles). I actually heard about this site from another woman in my surgeons office. I was there on my consultation app and she was making a payment and said there was a site with lots of information and real people talking about their own procedures and giving advice. So I thought I'd check it out and here I am.

How are u doing chica? Praying all went well. Please let us know how ur doing.
Good luck tomorrow!
Hi girly, How are things going your day is coming right around the corner. I am set for the 31st!!! Lets keep in touch would love to know how things go for you.
Longview Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had surgery yet but will update later.

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