Tummy Tuck Scheduled for July 23rd. So Nervous and Scared.

Well I am doing it. Going for that tummy tuck this...

Well I am doing it. Going for that tummy tuck this Friday (July 23rd). I am so scared. This site is helping me cope with the nerves since most are saying it was worth it. I think what makes me nervous more is the drain tubes being on so long. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work on Wednesday (July 28th). Oh boy!! The results of the tummy tucks seem so great!! I was actually going to get the smart lipo but seeing the difference with the tummy tuck made me decide with that. Okay so only 4 days to go.

I will post before and after pics. Maybe I will be able to get into my bikini before winter comes :-)

I went back to work at 10 days to do some paperwork, then at 17 days I had to stand outside, drive and walk for 8 hours!...It was awful, I was swollen, stiff and my back hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. Trust me, if you can take off 2-3 weeks, you'll do so much better!
I hope you are doing well but please reconsider taking more time off, you shouldn't even be driving for 2 weeks let along going to work. Please don't compromise your health, and tell your boss this is a "real surgery" it is considered major surgery. I hope your boss comes to her senses and lets you have more time off, maybe some of your co-workers can help out? I wish you all the best and please keep us updated because we are concerned about you!!!

Good luck today! Please let us know how you're doing and healing.


Well I had the tummy tuck yesterday (July 23rd)...

Well I had the tummy tuck yesterday (July 23rd) and not as bad as I thought. Maybe because the Vicodin is working quite well. I have not pain pump just two suction tubes to drain. The surgery was at 11:00 am and by 8:00 PM I was actually answering work emails (hopefully they made sense...LOL). I actually ate last night since I was starving. I had a very bland dish of broiled chicken and rice. The recliner was much of help yesterday. Sleeping in bed on an incline was okay but not as nearly as nice being in the recliner. I was up all night urinating which I guess is a good thing. Today I am feeling quite sore and stiff. My back hurts from being huntched over when walking. When climbing up my stairs I look like a spider going up. Well I am going to take a nap since I really have not slept and so tired but can't go to sleep. I wonder if this is because of the vicodin. I have not yet seen my stomach so this is the part that is making me nervous. Hopefully at my follow up appt on Monday I will. I will post the before pics soon with the after pics to follow.

Okay I had my surgery over a week ago and have one...

Okay I had my surgery over a week ago and have one drain removed and the next one removed on Friday. I did go back to work last Wednesday and big mistake. I decided to stay home for the rest of the week but half to go back tomorrow (Monday). I can totally see a difference with my stomach. I wish I would of liposuction the side where my butt starts. I can't wait for the second drain to come out. It has not been that easy for the past week. Pain has gotten so much better but just really swollen. I am so anxious to see the results so hopefully soon.

Well went back to work today (5 days post TT) and bad move. I felt so great even after surgery, but need more time to rest. I had taken the rest of the week off but have no choice but to go back tomorrow. I have a very impatient boss. At least i only have to put in a 1/2 day for the week. Hoping I don't get sick again. Anyone having the surgery...please make sure you get a few weeks off from work before scheduling the surgery.
Oh my goodness you poor woman! That sounds terrible. When I was 5 days post OP I was still totally hunched over and crying in pain from being constipated. You rest now and take it easy.
I must be a huge baby!! I stayed off work for 7 weeks, I did not go back until after my 6 week post op appt. I really felt run down for the first 4 weeks, and really wanted to feel normal when I went back to work, and the first week back was rough, I was tired, sore and swollen after sitting and standing all day. I am now 10 weeks post op and I do feel really good, I still feel some pulling around my naval, but for the most part I feel good. I wish you well with your recovery and hope that you get enough rest and don't over do it, you only get once chance to heal!!

OMG!! Can't take the drain anymore. This...

OMG!! Can't take the drain anymore. This Friday is another check up and day 14 after the surgery. I am hoping this drain comes out. It is becoming very uncomfortable. I can't believe I had the TT two weeks ago!! Time flies. Now I want to get smart lipo on my buttocks and thighs, but better wait a bit...LOL. Anyway, I have been feeling really down and I am assuming it is the post operative blues since seeing some of the results but still wearing the belly brace 24/7 and have a drain still connected. I feel so restricted with this drain. I am hoping my spirts will lift by next week if finally freed from the drain. Has anyone else gone through the blues after their tummy tuck?

I am feeling so much better. Today is day 15 after...

I am feeling so much better. Today is day 15 after the TT and my blues are starting to lift. My drain was taken off yesterday and today I was able to take a shower free of the drains. It felt so good taking a shower without all that stuff attached. My swelling is going down each day. Drinking lots and lots of water. I am going to continue wearing the belly brace during work hours for the next few weeks(even though I don't have too) since it does help with the swelling. Today I even laid outside to get some sun. I had my bikini top on but wore my sweat shorts since I did not want my scars or majority of my belly area to exposed to the sun. I was pretty impressed with how I looked. I couldn't believe it! I can not believe how flat I am and this is even with some swelling!! I wish I had "before" photos but will take some "now" photos shortly. I am heading back to the gym on Monday but will work closely with my trainer to work my arms and legs without using the abs. I am so glad that I went with the TT instead of Smart Lipo. I only was going to do the Smart Lipo because of the quick recovery, but the delay recovery of a TT (and all the yuckiness that went with it) was so much more worth it. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

I agree, I was not at 80% even at 5 days. I hope you are doing okay now!
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