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I got sample from my derm. for the highest...

I got sample from my derm. for the highest strength Retin A Micro Gel, a years worth, for hyperpigmentation on my face. After 9 months, hyperpigmentation has resolved. In addition to this, my pores on my nose and forehead are a lot smaller, and my skin is extremely smooth.

You MUST wear SUNBLOCK at ALL TIMES when in the sun, or you will burn, and, also, will reverse what the Retin A has achieved. I used a little more than a pea (chick pea) sized amount for my entire face, avoiding the under eye area, as my derm said NOT to use it there.

Yes, I peeled in the beginning. A lot. But during the daytime, I used a very good moisturizer, let it settle in, then used light foundation. I still peel now when I use the Retin A Micro, but nothing compared to the first 3 months. My skin is brighter, smoother, and a little thicker. People notice.

Another pro: My skin actually feels TIGHTER.

Stick with it, it is worth it.

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Derm is close friend who gave me samples, so I don't know that I should name him. Sorry. But I will say that Retin A is really worth it for those who have to pay for it.

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Thanks for all the tips! Very much appreciated! Im using the Retin A micro gel and have only been using it for a week now. Well actually only twice i have applied it at night. Derm said dont start using it every night and should work my way up to every night slowly. Im so hoping this works! With all my other face issues..somethings gota give right? lol. Are you soley using this for hyperpigentation or using this for acne and anti aging benefits as well?
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HI! You're so welcome.

Ah, you're only using it a week, so definitely follow the doctor's orders!

Yes, I am using it for hyperpigmentation, and, it's totally GONE :) I never really had an acne problem, but when I started to use the Retin A, I did get a few little white heads, but that's because it sloughed off the skin and revealed them....but they would only last a day and now, no more.

Also using for the anti-aging and to maintain a nice, even skin tone. Make up goes on easy when needed, and now I only really need a cream blush to give me some color.

It really is wonderful stuff. I love it!

P.S. Definitely take before and after photos for yourself, so you can chart your progress. You'll be amazed with each week, each month, the changes that you will see. It truly is remarkable stuff.

What other face issues have you got?

I used to have bad eczema that would come and go, and that doesn't happen anymore. Not sure if Retin A had anything to do with that, though. :)
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Also, for under the eyes, I use MaryKay Timewise Age fighting eye cream.

I put that on in the a.m. after I cleanse my face, then I put on the moisturizer :)

I meant to share that with you before.
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another p.s.

if you need a real nice foundation, that is non-acnegenic, get Estee Lauder's "country mist" foundation.

comes in 2 shades:

Country Beige
Vanilla Beige
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Sorry im just getting back to you..but yes only have been using it for a week. Still need to take a before photo so i can see the difference. Hoping i can see some nice changes! Im so happy to hear that your hyperpigmentation is totally gone! Thats excelent!

As far as other face issues..i have discoloration..hyper and hypopigmentation. Along with acne scars from excessive picking :( i have been doing some juvederm injections for my depressed scar i have and it seems to help but searching for more long term improvement :( seems like a never ending battle. I wish i can have my old face back but thats never gona happen. Its so hard to find a good doc in the WI area that specializes in scar improvement.

You mentioned the Mary Kay eye cream?? I use that as well and im very happy with it!

Thanks for all your suggestions. You must be a pro on skin care! LOL.

Congrats on all your improvements to your skin!!
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I'm sorry to hear that you also have hyper and hypo pigmentation, but I think you are really going to be pleased with the Retin A.

How long does the Juvederm last?

Cool, you use the MaryKay eye cream, it really is amazing. It's diminished my little under eye wrinkles quite a bit. I still have some, but they are not so bad anymore!!

What part of WI are you in? (Go Green Bay..I rooted for them in the superbowl!!)

LOL@"pro in skin care". I wish! But when I find something that might help someone, I always share :)

Stay in touch. Let me know how you progess :) I know you're going to get great results...I've seen so many people who've havd great results with acne and the pigmentation issues.

:) sis in law lived in Mineral Point, and then Steven's Point.
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Can i ask you what moiturizer your using for the daytime. Just started using Retin A myself and curious what moituirzer you like. Thanks!
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I use Mary Kay's "Enriched Moisturizer Formula 1" for DRY SKIN.

In the a.m, after I wash my face, I apply the moisturizer to my face and neck. I do NOT rub it in hard, but rather glide it on and allow my skin to drink it in. About half hour later, I apply foundation or just blush.

Are you using the highest strength or lowest, just curious, and...good luck:)

It really is wonderful stuff. I'd bathe in it if I could.
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Thank you so much for the suggestion! Ill have to try out that moisturizer asap! Right now im on the lowest strength cuz of my sensitive skin. We'll see how that works and hopefully the derm will perscribe me a higher strength as time goes on. I guess it depends how well my skin handles the retin a. I have acne scarring too so im dealing with that as well. Not fun but just trying to be hopeful about everything and sticking with it! Hope it continues to work well for you!!
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you're very welcome!

I also have extremely dry, sensitive skin, and when I first tried the Retin A at night, there was a lot of flaking and some peeling.

I can tell you that the right moisturizer is key, especially during the daytime, when you have to "show your face" and do not want the flaking/dryness that comes with the early use of Retin A to be noticeable to the world :)

Retin A is a great product, because it literally exfoliates your skin at a faster rate, and when you start to notice the changes in your skin, (after the first few weeks), you are going to really be amazed.

The texture of your skin will be so soft. Sometimes I don't even wear foundation unless I'm going to an event. I can now get by with just a hint of cream blush on my cheeks:)

Are you on the Retin A Micro Gel?

(From what I understand, there is regular Retin A, then there is Renova, and then there is Retin A Micro Gel).

How long have you been using it? Whatever you do, do not give up. It really is wonderful stuff if you give it a chance! All the best!

You can find Mary Kay online, and find someone in your area that sells it. If no one sells it in your area, you can just order it online. It really is the best moisturizer I've ever used.

In summer, make sure to use sunscreeen so you don't burn. I apply mine over the moisturizer after it's settled in.

MK also makes a great one -Timewise Day solution with spf25. That is what I use. (and no..I don't sell MK..LOL)
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