30 days post op

I have scheduled my tummy tuck for sept 28 and I...

I have scheduled my tummy tuck for sept 28 and I am so scared. I keep thinking the worst. My husband is very supportive and is behind me with what ever decision I make. I have two kids age 6 and 2 and I want to make sure I heal okay and can get back to being a fun mom. I also work full time and I need to be able to return to work in about two weeks so I am very nervous and not sure if I can be back to work in set time. I also can't seem to find much review on my doctor. Aside from the time I saw him in the news doing free work on a young burned patient and since that time I think he is perfect...if he can put that little girl back together..give her a second chance to live normal he is perfect for giving me a second chance to live without the jelly belly. I met him and he is just great and very nice . However, now as the time is getting close I am getting cold feet and myself.

i also was terrified and thinking the worst before my surgery. i am 3 days post op and its not as bad as i had imagined.
Thank you girls!!! I really need it. Sept 13 is my pre op appt.
Thank you so much for responding. I need a positive push. I am just like you looking for someone to talk me out of it but everyone I talked to is so for it and telling me to do it so I can be happy.

Put my paper in at work to take three weeks....

Put my paper in at work to take three weeks. Keeping my fingers cross that they don't give me a hard time. Now trying to see if I can get help with my kids for the day of the surgery. I asked my sister but she turned me down with a lame excuse. It's so hurtful that when she had her Lipo I was there for her, right by her side. She does not have kids, I do and I remember how hard it was for me to find help with the kids so I can be there for her but she is being such an ingrate specially when I am so nervous and need her support. I am so hurt, i somehow expected more understanding from her but very surprised at her cold shoulder attitude...anyway life goes on...i am keeping my chin up and am looking forward to my surgery and praying to God for help and to let everything work out just perfect.
WOW! I am so sorry about your sisters reaction. Do you have another course of action?

As the days are getting closer...I feel that I am...

As the days are getting closer...I feel that I am hooked on this site. I check it all the time and ready every post. It makes me feel so much better. It's like my drug and I need a fix when I am nervous , feel alone, or down.
Working at it. I may ask my friend but need to come up with a good reason since I did not tell anyone what I am doing.

Called my dr. So I can get a pre-op clearance and...

Called my dr. So I can get a pre-op clearance and they told me I have to pay out of pocket for the clearance such as blood work and so on. I am very upset. Did anyone else had to pay out of pocket or insurance took care of it?

I am now freaking out more, my HR dept has not yet...

I am now freaking out more, my HR dept has not yet responded to my request to take time. Should I look at this as a bad sign? My husband thinks it will all work out and that it's only my nerves.
Hey there! I just read your posts. I like the idea of getting nails and waxing done before the procedure, I will probably do all that on Thursday. I keep reading the post-op posts, and I haven't found a single person that wishes their belly was back to the way it was before surgery. You are going to look and feel amazing! Hang in there.
Thank you! And yes do your nail and waxing before so that's one less thing to worry about later.
I have mix feeling. One minute I am excited, next I am scared. I feel like I am on a emotional roller coaster. I go in tomorrow to finalize everything and meet my doc for the last time before the big day. I don't know what I will feel on that, cause just now thinking of it makes my belly hurt. As for HR I have not heard anything which is so bull, so I decided I will call out sick for a week and afterward use my vacation time for the rest one and half week (I hope it's enough time). I also did my nail, got a full body massage, trying to do anything to keep busy and find ways to comfort myself for after. Ohhh just got nervous again.

Okay so one more day, I feel like eeyore at the...

Okay so one more day, I feel like eeyore at the moment. On the other note, I realized new things about myself....usually when I am stressed I eat (I knew that) but now it's a new level of stress , instead of eating I end up in the bathroom...my husband calls it "scare dump " (TMI...lol).I am fine until I have any appointments and/ or start thinking about the surgery. I am worried I may need to wear my daughters diapers on the day of surgery. LOL. During my pre-op I was asking the doctor to sedate me now...lol

So I finally got everything together. Still many...

So I finally got everything together. Still many things not solved but they would have to wait. Now just hanging with my kids and drinking lots of water. I pray to god that I have many more days and years with my kids. Please God let everything go smooth and well, the surgery as well as the recovery and their after. Iam going in at 7:15 am.
Thank you. I just feel like crying. I am worried about not being able to return to work in three weeks and help support my family. I am worried about not being the lucky one that have a great result and heal fast.
Relax! It's OK! You will be in good, caring hands and God will always be with you. And yes take pics before surgery so you can see your results!
Thank you cherrybabi. You are wonderful

On my way......pray for me please

On my way......pray for me please
Still in lot of pain. Iam okay as long as I sit but the min I have to go use the bathroom..wow it hurts. I am also sleeping a lot, can't stay up so now my head hurts from sleeping a lot. Today I felt a little burning sensation on the left side of my belly (it comes and go) I am at the point were I am telling myself why did I do this. :(
How are you feeling today? Can you believe it's over?
I did it. In lot of pain. My son was very concerned to see me like thism(he is to young to understand but knows mommy is not feeling well). It was so good to see my babies. Thank you girls for the prayers.

4dqys post op and I am miserable....my butt hurts,...

4dqys post op and I am miserable....my butt hurts, My back hurts, it hurts to move and to sit...i just can't find a comfortable spot. I try to get and move around but I feel a great pain on my right side of the lower belly.. I hope that it is related to the drains and nothing else. Will be calling my PS soon to see if he needs me to come by today to take the pain pump out or wed which is my first post op check up. I so want this to be over....I want to be able to hug and hold my kids. They have been good about staying away and not bothering mommy. I miss being me.

Also...I still have not seen my belly and I am...

Also...I still have not seen my belly and I am afraid that when I do, I may disappointed...I hope not but it's just a crazy fear of mine.
You are going to be so excited when you look at your belly you'll forget all this pain! I'm 7 days post-op now and feel much better. I pulled the pain pump out myself Friday night, my PS said I could or wait for him. It didn't hurt at all. I was allowed to shower on day 3 so I was able to see my belly and took pics with my iPhone. Whenever I get bummed out I just look at that picture and I forget all the pain. My PS removed my left drain today, didn't hurt at all. I'm hoping to get the right one taken out Wed. along with my back stitches from the lipo. Each day gets better! Hang in there!!!

So I still have the pain pump on....the nurse...

So I still have the pain pump on....the nurse asked if I would like to pull it out my self and I said no way..so she said to leave it in until my first post op appointment. As for the drain I only need to empty it out once a day ...producing 25level for the day .. The nurse wants it below 20 for the day...oh I pray that tomorrow be a good day and that iam drain free. I am sicknof sititing around. I don't mind siting but my butt and back hurts soooo much...my butt is black and blue ....I don't know why since I didn't do anything to it. Iam getting really sad...I try to move around but a pain in my lower belly right side comes around that takes my breath away....I am praying each day that this pain goes away...otherwise it feels like i paid someone all my hard earned money just so they can beat me up. Also my stomach skin feels like its burning. Is this sensation normal?

Today is my first post op. I am so nervous. Pray...

Today is my first post op. I am so nervous. Pray all is well. Today will be the first time I will see my belly. I also want them to take the drains out. My husband put our kitchen stool in front of the bathroom sink so I can get ready.. I only lasted 5min and said F it...don't care how I look. I tried wetting my hair in the front only and try to blow dry to bring some life but it was hopeless...I have so much oil in my hair that I can fry a meal...my skin is full of pimples...somthing I never had even as a teen. All the waxing I did was pointless since all the little hair started growing super fast. The only thing that looks nice is my nails aside from that I look like hell. I am using my kids baby wipe all over to clean myself...cannot wait to shower and be human again. Also today will be the first day since my surgery that I will step foot outside in the day light hope I don't melt..lol.

It's been somtime since I posted...so thought I...

It's been somtime since I posted...so thought I would update. Got my drains removed on oct 10(14 days later) I was however told that I could shower while my drains were in right after my first post op visit. The dr changed my dressing to clear tape. At the time my drains were removed the dr also removed the gauze that was in my belly button..since that time I have notice my belly button shrinking...hope it is normal. I also returned to work 16 days post op...today was my second day. It is really hard since I still cannot walk stright...I have a office job so I sit all day which is not bad but it's the commute that is painful by the time I get to work I am ready for a nap and dreading the commute going back home. I am still hunched, my incision area hurts as if it will split open when I try to walk straight. Us women....we go thru so much...I am taking it one day at a time and not pushing myself so hard. Right now I am focused more on healing so by body is he boss. Happy healing everyone!!!

Yesterday going home I had no choice but to run to...

Yesterday going home I had no choice but to run to catch my train and by the time I got in the train I was shaking...I was in so much pain all night after....my incision are on the hips hurts so bad. I called out of work today....I dont know how I am going to go back to work and my normal life...I feel so upset.

4 weeks post. I cannot believe it. I still cannot...

4 weeks post. I cannot believe it. I still cannot walk straight...cannot walk for long and low energy level..oh and did I mention the swelling sucks. I don't feel flat but keep praying that this is just the healing process...oh but it's sooooo long and I am losing patience. I am happy somtime and sometime wonder why I did this( this is when the old pics come in handy). I get twinge and sharp pain here and there which is annoying .My belly button is small so not very happy about that ( hope this is also temporary) and the area around belly button is hard and hurts by the end of the day only. All in all it's been 4 weeks and it's better than day 1. Happy healing everyone.
Dr. kaveh Alizadeh

I saw him in the news. He performed surgery on a young burned victim.

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