Scared That Only About 3 Pounds Was Removed... - Long Island, NY

I had my smart lipo done on my flanks, stomach and...

I had my smart lipo done on my flanks, stomach and outer thighs today. I had been contemplating smart lipo for a number of years and finally decided to take the plunge. Im 40 years old 5'6" and weigh around 138. I wasn't really that nervous until I got to the office. I took a valume as prescribed 30 minutes before, but I felt it did nothing so I took another and it seemed to help a bit more. My doctor came in and marked me up. I will be honest the numbing stuff was really quite painful, but the actual Laser part just feels like a weird pressure and the suction part kinda burns. Having said that I'm still very glad I chose to stay awake. The procedure took about 2 hours and they removed 1500 ccs. I was very excited until I googled it and found out that is only around 3 pounds. :-( But im trying not judge before I see my result. I did a lot of reading on this sight and I got lots of great tips; #1 was get two compression garments because first 48 hours u can leak from incision and need an extra while washing the other. #2 is wear warm socks its cold in operating room! Right now I feel pretty sore but nothing unbearable . Tomorrow I will post some pictures right now I'm extremely bloated and swollen.

Day one post op

Well, I cant get the damn ink off but feel pretty good just sore but able to cook, shower and walk around the house with minimal pain. Didn't even bother taking asprin. Drinking lots of water. Im pretty swollen and have some bruising which I expect will get worse before it gets better. Ive been taking the arnica montana tablets. Ive decided to post the after pics tomorrow because I Don't want to be out of my garment for any length of time and its such a pain to put on and off. Ive also been told the more u wear the garment the better the results. I was told by a PA that after her smart lipo procedure she wore the garment for 3 months! I was dreading 6 weeks ... still upset over the 3 pounds honestly I thought that they would take a MINIMUM of 5.... but like I said not going to jump to any conclusions.

2 days post op

Not seeing any difference at all and my measurements are actually bigger. Here are the pics. Praying that this is just swelling :-(

18 days post op

Well the upside is that the discomfort is almost gone now only have it at night while sleeping. The downside is that I don't see any results. None. I actually think my stomach looks worse. My doctor says swelling. But I just don't see how there is going to be that dramatic of a change when swelling is gone. Trying to be patient but right now I feel like I completely wasted almost 6 grand. And I'm so sick of this garment I could scream. Ok rant # 3 over. :-/

One Month Post today

Well still no result. At least I'm no longer larger than I was...I'm seriously considering beating my doctor with a large stick or demanding my money back. Either or....
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