Had DeepFX and Active FX on Tuesday February 15 - Long Island, NY

I am into m fourth day of recovery. My face is...

I am into m fourth day of recovery. My face is still swollen, brown and red. I just started skin shedding yesterday. I had both my entire Face and neck treated.

I was given general anesthesia for the procedure which lasted well over an hour. Most of my pain occurred on the first day. My skin felt very hot and sensitive to touch for at least three days. Swelling was very apparent on the second day. I kept cold compresses on and stayed away from caffeine to keep the swelling at a minimum.
I cant shave for at least six days. This makes it difficult to wash properly as the Aquaphor petroleum product just sits on the beard.

I have been taking lots of vitamin C, Collagen Tablets and whey Protein drinks.
I feel a lot better today and hopefully I will see improvement soon. I expect to go to work next Thursday. I still have the brown grid marks on most of my face and neck however I noticed that I am slowly loosing old skin each time I wash. I will update this everyday and will provide pictures.

Day 5- I started to itch last night from the skin...

Day 5- I started to itch last night from the skin shedding. I woke up this morning and a lot of the old skin had fallen off. I am still very red and swollen. There is no pain whatsoever. I washed and showered this morning and applied the Aquaphor. Not being able to shave until next Tuesday is problematic. The gel get caught up in the hair growth and gets kind of messy. My neck is still red and has not started to peel. My doctor used a lighter setting on the neck because the skin is rather thin. I must say that there are dramatic changes from day to day. Hopefully I will post some photos today.

Day 6- just about all scaling is gone. I finally...

Day 6- just about all scaling is gone. I finally shaved with an electric razor. My face is still red and the swelling is subsiding. I still need to keep Aquaphor on my face until next Tuesday 2/22.
I haven't been outside of the house in six days. It's amazing how quickly all of this heals. My wife had a full face CO 2 treatment about six years ago. Her face and skin is still beautiful and I remember that her recovery was a lot more difficult and longer.

After Six weeks I am still rather red. I find that...

After Six weeks I am still rather red. I find that using moisterzers etc on face only makes the matter worse so I just out a little around my eyes twice a day. I found that Mario Badescu products are the only ones that help with the redness. http://www.mariobadescu.com/Rosacea-Treatment
The worse thing you could do is start using Retin A based products early on. Be Back Soon.....

I have Posted a new photos taken yesterday 4.23.11...

I have Posted a new photos taken yesterday 4.23.11 a little over two months after. Face is still really red but healing well. One Photo shows the date (in my hands) so there is further issue with photo and a crop of the same photo. The healing is real slow but the progress is amazing.

Dr. Robert Guida. New York City, NY

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I will submit a new photo in a few weeks. It seems to be improving for the better with time. Good luck.
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I thought so! Great results... Thank you for your response.
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Hi Carlo, the results look amazing. Was it rhe Co2 Fraxel you had or the Restore?

Thank you

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It was CO 2 Deep Fraxel. Dr. Robert Guida in Manhattan.
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@bowman9.....thank you. Here is the regimen of products
I use Mario Badescu cleansers and moisturizers each day. I find these products effective and less costly than higher touted products like Clarins etc.
I clense my face using Mario Badesu Enzyme cleanser. I use a Clarisonic Mia to help clean my pores (this has made a huge difference)
I use Mario Badescu. Glycolic eye cream around my eyes in the morning and evening ( sometimes thoughout the day) and I use Kheils midnight oil drops all over my face in the morning and before bed. All this combined with the deep FX has made a huge difference. I will post more photos at the six month mark.

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Msfitcity...I am nearing the 6 month mark and have no complaints. People are wondering what I did to my face and I receive many compliments on my skin. I am using great products and a Clarisonic cleansing machine. It has made a world of difference. I will post more photos after six months. I am so glad for you. My wife had full CO 2 laser done 7 years ago and she still looks amazing.
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Carlo, you look great. I had ablative Fraxel and got the same results. I look ten your younger just like you. It was 3 yrs ago and my skin still looks amazing. Use a great skin care regimen and sun protection and your results will last.
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If not immediately, you will definitely see the damage a year later.

The long term damage and side effects haven't been studied.

I also looked great and was ecstatic for all of 2 months before the damage started.

I wish you the best.
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I hope not. I must tell you that my wife had full face CO2 done about six years ago and her skin is still amazing. My skin is improving each day. I have been taking collagen supplements and using great topical creams and oils and thatvalll has made a difference. I believe my wives processors was much more aggressive than my own. Her skin is near flawless.
I am so sorry for all your troubles. Please hang in there and I hope things improve. I pray that I will be alright. So far so great Carl
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As I said before, you look amazing!! I am very happy for you!! Do you mind sharing your skin regime?

Most people complain about their bad experience, the ones with great results go on with their lives......you'll be fine!!
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I think you look great! Thank you for the updates on your new look. I think the Dr. did a great job and you look so much younger! Wow be grateful. Mine is healing on my Fraxel I am in the 3rd day but it is already showing improvement as I also had the fat transfer toI my face for plumping up my cheeks and other areas. I love what asenteing Dr. Kim did the best procedure in Atlanta and I cannot be more pleased! I am very picky and he did the best and every day I am happier over what he has done!
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I am happy to hear about our good results. I I am over three months later and my skin is improving every week for the better. The redness is almost gone at this stage. I will be posting more pictures soon. It was well worth the wait and selection of a competent doctor. Good Luck and keep us all informed of your progress.
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im glad you had a good experience, they absolutely destroyed me. i guess they are reviewing my post, my story to come. i really do wish i would die. it created more problems then it solved
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To lootylou...oh no!! Please don't be discouraged. Most things in this world that can usually be fixed. Maybe a really outstanding facial PC a bit of time. I researched for months before I chose a Doctor. The healing is taking it's sweet time however. They warned me right from the beginning. Don't fret...please be OK.
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it really does bring tears to my eyes, that you cared enough to right an encouraging response.im hoping they put my review up soon, i have attached pictures, you will see what i am talking about, i am having problems confirming my original post.
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Thank you Lori. I started using a lightening mask this week and it seems to be working on the redness. It is improving every week just as predicted by the doctor.
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You look Amazing! So glad this procedure gave you such wonderful results. Thank you for sharing! Greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for posting the new pic and adding the update. Will you be having any follow up fraxel treatments? You look amazing in the photos! You must be very pleased with the results so far.

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Thank you Donna! I had a Deep Fraxel proceedure with general Anesthesia etc. No furthur treatment is necessary. The doctor is very pleased and he said the redness is normal but it will fade away with time. He recommended an Arnica based facial cream and that has helped a lot.
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Hi litschi25,

While the community appreciates your involvement judgment especially of those who feel comfortable enough to post pictures is not what RealSelf is about. RealSelf is a place for community members to come and share their experiences, to help others, find support and information. So please do not judge other community members.



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Sorry i do not believe the pic is a after pic, it is fake, that is you 10 years ago...look at the neck detail..texture, color and sagging...why your neck look younger as well while during healing it looked kind of old.....please do not mislead people and try to sell products!!!
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Both face and neck were completed and I don't give a rats behind about those products and could care less if anyone buys them. You on the other hand can't even post a photograph of yourself.

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cveroleyva So grateful for your post. I truly understand your thinking. I realize these treatments can go either way depending on the Doctor, patient, proceedure and post surgery recovery rate. I will keep posting a photo at least once a month. So far so good...
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Wo wo I didn't say anything bad about your results Carlo look great to me. I'm just worried about everyones long term effects of this machine. I'm only 32 years old was always considered attractive and now I have jowls and my face droops down due to loss of muscle tone. None of this was visible at first that's all I meant. I think it was the other person suggesting you were promoting products or something. Hope you continue to look fabulous.
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Oh gosh, please don't be scared. You do look great. Some of us have had negative experiences that we weren't informed about prior to selecting these treatments. Hopefully you went to a great doctor and this shouldn't be of any concern. But do keep a pic of yourself at least once a month for the year out, and you can update us. The more knowledge and information people have with both negative and positive experiences, the better it helps the next person making a decision on ipls or laser treatments.
But you do look great!
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