3 Days to Go, and Been Sick for over a Week, but Anxious to Do This - Long Island, NY

I am a young 55 yo, 5ft4in, although I weigh...

I am a young 55 yo, 5ft4in, although I weigh 185lbs, I am a size 12, as I work out with weights, although my breast size is a like a 40G, I have always shoved them into 40 DDD's, lol, the things we do! I am schedueled for my reduction in 3 days. I have found this site helpful to me, as making me more comfortable with the expectations, and anxiety leading up to surgery, and I will post my progress in the hopes I may be of help to someone else. My insurance is paying entire cost.

no go

My surgery was canceled, too risky due to the congestion I have in lungs. They wanted to reschedule for 3 weeks, however, I have decided to wait until the end of summer. Major dissapointment. >_
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