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I would love to have a nice body. A nice back with...

I would love to have a nice body. A nice back with curves . I can't stand the way I look and it doesn't help to work around a bunch of bullies who ridicule ppl for having a flat ass . I always dreamed of wearing a body con dress . I have been fat and skinny never had a shape this is my time . I have one daughter.


So I told my mom I wanted to get plastic surgery and her response was why don't you get a house first. .yes she is right but who says I can't have both ? I have a good job and I already have a fund set up that I can use for on a down payment of a home. Secondly im not even in the state I want to live in so once I get my job transfer ill look at homes . Anyway I feel a booty and better bod is an excellent investment. People treat you better and give you bette r deals when you look great. Anyway im tired of being unhappy about my body just simple things like going to baby shower or to the store stress me out because I try to find clothes that don't emphasize my flat ass. Even at work I wrap a sweater with a hood around my ass to give me some fullness and its even worse cause im a big girl.
. Right now its all about getting my money up for this booty lol . And my baby girl of course

A question for all BbL ladies post op

So after you have your surgery what are the reactions you get from co workers??? I feel like I can't win sometimes . I heard them talking about fake ass I don't want to be picked on . Heck being flat is messed up cause ppl be like oh she got a flat ass then watch when I get a bbl thay say oh shes fake... im kinda at the point where im like screw them . Im definitely working overtime n saving for this surgery

I am OD stalking this site lol

I have been on this stop nonstop for like two weeks straight . I don't even go on fb anymore. Im just reading reviews and weighing my options I really am liking Salama .. kinda scared to go to DR. Ive been looking at booties lol and looking at all the clothes im finally gonna get to wear and look good in . Im so hyped !!!

weight loss question

So dr Advised me to lose 15 lbs prior to bbl. I lost 4 pounds overnight. Yesterday I did 20 min on elliptical, 15min treadmill , 20 min stairclimber and some light weights . I really want to lose 25 lbs because my upper body is huge. Is it ok to lose more than dr suggest or just lose what he says ?? Opinion s??

No point in wearing butt pads ugggg...

So I went on a date with a guy and the first date I wore but pads and I wore a puffy ski. To create added fullness. He was so I love with me and he kept saying how hot I was and to tell my mom hes her future son in law..... so after that he came to my place to chill a couple of times and I didnt wear any butt pads just in case he felt up on me. But basically im sure he seen my flat ass n no hips and then he started acting different and after like all this time he says im not his girl ... and he made comments about this girl n that girl who has a phat ass. Anyway as of now we don't speak and im sure its because of my ass. I wish I could find someone to love me now ... im still planning on surgery tho .but im just saying. ... butt pads are good for first couple of dates but after that u need the real deal ugggg.

HELP BBL sisters! !!!! anybody whos butt wasnt jiggly pre op please respond

So ladies I been on this sight non stop... im really worried now cause im reading that if ur butt isn't jiggly or stretchy it can't hold a lot of ccs... I already have my heart set on Salama im just worried that ill end up still flat after surgery my butt is not jiggly on top it has a little I mean very little meat jiggle on the bottom. Im tall I need a lot of ccs for a decent size booty. Im gonna post a pic uggg how do u make ur booty more jiggly n plus he wants me to lose 15 lbs

can my little butt get 1200 ccs or better

I Need a dr who can CONTOUR not just give me a big booty

Through my extensive research and reading other reviews I can stress enough that I need a doctor who gives me realistic expectations and great results . I want a smaller waist and hips and projection . I also eant to know if my skin can stretch to get these results.

wish pics

I know her frame is smaller than mine but I basically want the same contour she has .

another wish pic

wish hips

Love her hips !!! I need hips like these!

have to put things on hold

The infamous baby father drama that im sure some of u ladies know a lil something about ..... I have to now put this surgery planning etc on hold. Have to relocate and transfer my job ..... regardless I am hoping I can still get this surgery next year .... where there is a will there definitely is a way ....

Really need to focus on this surgery

So since I last updated I moved out of state and had a few setbacks but now its really time to buckle down and try to get this bbl before May next year . Being pretty isn't good enough anymore !!! I want my confidence back I been thru so much 2013 its time for a new me !!!

getting this done soon !!!

Spoke to patient coordinator today. Only issue is getting time off work . I will persist my job and try my best to get this done no later than April. 2014 is my year to be happy and confident in my own skin . Im too prettyNot to have a bangin body once I get this bodyyy its a WRAP!

im just trying to get some abs and a booty lol

why dont all the top docs have recovery houses

I dont understand with all the money that these surgeon charge along with the constant flow of business why is it all of them dont have a recovery house or even a list of caregivers in the area whom they are affiliated with who can help out of town patients . Not everyone has a family member or a friend to go with them . This whole issue is pretty much gonna make or break my decision. .. im highly annoyed that I made several calls trying to find a caregiver with no luck because they not located near facility etc...... these doctors need to stepĀ it up they getting the big bucks they should at least make it a little easy for out of towners


I booked with Dr Cortes today. I need to edit my location. I live in PA but I more than likely will fly out from NY. I AM so EXCITED! . Kinda wish I was going a little earlier before summer starts but nonetheless I am extremely happy to be on this journey !

is there any hope for my body

Im gonna post more pics , but right now my main concern is I need my upper body slim out , my arms and stomach and back and I need a butt and hips. Ahhh the struggle lol


Went to the doctor for a checkup . Was told that I was obese n my bmi is 34 and to lower it. Dr Cortes office advised me not to lose weight. Right now im obese with no booty -----ahhh the struggle !!! Cant wait til July. In my opinion I could probably eat healthier and excercise more but I don't wanna lose weight n ruin my chance of good results.
Dr Cortes

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I'm scheduled with Cortes on July 17, I will be flying from Columbus Ohio, how long are you staying in Houston?
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I was told I was clinically over weight as well but I was told not to loose weight, I don't look like how much I actually so I'm not letting it bother me!
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Hi hun. didn't u get a date for April??
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No. I wanted April initially but when I called back they were all booked
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Good luck, I have surgery with him on June 26. Very excited :)
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Thanks mama !!! Good luck on your surgery too !!! Yes its very exciting time !
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Good luck hun
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Thank you sweetie !
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Hey sweetie. .so I was doing some research. .check out bruno..
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Oh ok gonna check it out mama
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Go look at what salama did to cinna_bunz 1800CCS each side and flat stomach she looks amazing
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I just saw her! Her body is banging ! Salama is the TRUTH
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Welcome back. 2014 is a new beginning!
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Yes indeed!
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Gurl... if you want da creame de la creame for sculpting wise, campos takes the cake. Check out cali's angel, he murdered her shape(in a good way that is) and so many other girls on here but i cant really remember their names. He does not give a big booty though.
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But I want a big booty tho lol !! I will check those pages out to see what's up
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Salama changed my life
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I been following your story , you look AMAZING! !
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Try dr. Campos he is on point
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When's ur date hon?
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Im still trying to see whos best for me . I don't have one yet
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You staying State side or goin to DR?
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I like a lot of ppl results who went to Dr im just scared as hell to go so I more than likely will stay in the states im looking to get this done mar 2014 and im narrowing between Salama n Schulman possibly ghurani. Dr has good prices im just so scared
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I was tha same scared to death! That wen I started to do research and gound this site there's girls on here that helped my decision to go to DR a much easier one, questions r answered, results are showing and stories r told and descussed! But wa make me makes mind up anout leaving Canada and goin down there is that tha Dr's down there kno wa a woman's body is pose to be sculpted! No pun intended on tha Dr's in America Canada or anywheres else me myself jus feels a warmths with someone there performing my sx!
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I feel you on that yea the dominican drs give some nice hips n very natural
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